This Front Door Replacement Made a Huge Impact on Curb Appeal

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 This Front Door Replacement Made a Huge Impact on Curb Appeal

One way to have a big impact on your home’s curb appeal is to replace your front door. The good news is that front door replacement can be easy and even fun. 

That’s the takeaway from Emily Clark’s door replacement story. She writes about low-stress decorating on her blog Emily A. Clark: design. simplified, so we invited her to contribute to our Style Challenge series with this Curb Appeal Challenge. Here, she walks us through how she chose a new front door, had it installed and then painted it.

Take a look at how her new front door had a big impact on the whole look of her home.

When I found that our front door was beginning to crack down the middle a few months ago, at first, I was bummed that front door replacement was just another project to add to our t0-do list. Then, I started thinking about the possibilities of changing the look of our traditional home and adding a little color. And, suddenly, I found myself at The Home Depot shopping for doors and picking up paint swatches.

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Pergola Ideas from The Home Depot’s Patio Style Challenge

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Pergola Ideas: A gorgeous pergola styled by Lesley W. Graham

In our popular Patio Style Challenge series, we saw a few particular trends pop up in our guest bloggers’ spaces. One of those trends: pergolas! Here’s a round up the terrific pergola ideas from our talented guest contributors. 

Above, Lesley Graham added a sleek and slim pergola to her renovated modern farmhouse home. We love the two-tone look she created by pairing stained wood boards with white horizontal ones. Plus, the gold joist hangers are a fancy detail.

Pergola Ideas: Lindsay Jackman's patio makeover

Lindsay, of  The White Buffalo Styling Co., created a bohemian oasis with a gorgeous pergola, all from a very blank slate. Granted, Lindsay and her husband have been renovating their cottage bit by bit over the past year and a half, but this backyard transformation is quite impressive.

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Give a Gift Card This Mother’s Day

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Image of Home Depot gift card attached to a stake inside a planter


Here’s a clever Mother’s Day idea: Give her a Home Depot gift card on a plant stake.

Include one with a plant from your local Home Depot store. A living plant can symbolize the nurturing and care that a mother provides, so it makes a particularly apt gift for Mother’s Day. Choose a flowering plant that blooms in your mother’s favorite color to make a big impact.

And add the Home Depot gift card to make your Mother’s Day gift do double duty. The plant serves as a personal expression of your gratitude, and because it lets her choose a gift for herself, the gift card ensures that your mother will find something specific to her interests.

No matter if your mother loves gardening, home improvement, interior design or landscaping, she will find something to love at The Home Depot. The Home Depot Gift Card has no monthly fees and never expires, so Mom can take her time to find exactly the right piece for her project.

This Mother’s Day, give the mother in your life a gift you know she’ll not only appreciate, but also use.


The Home Depot has plants to hold up a gift card stake, you know. Check out the Flowers, Plants & Trees at the Garden Center. Or stop by your local Home Depot store

For more great Mother’s Day gift ideas, take a look at our helpful guide at the Home Depot Gift Center.

Tips and Ideas on How To Build a Floating Deck

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Tips and Ideas on How To Build a Floating Deck

Perhaps the most striking feature of Kristin Jackson’s recent backyard makeover is the island deck– or floating deck– she and her husband built. It’s a pleasant, shady spot in her backyard that incorporates the trees in its design. Kristin is an interior designer and author of the design and DIY blog The Hunted Interior, so it’s no wonder the deck not only looks wonderful, but it’s also so well constructed.

Kristin kindly offered to share her how-to for her deck… or maybe it’s more of a how-it-was-done. Either way, she offers some good ideas on how to build a floating deck similar to hers in your backyard, as well as some building and planning tips that come from her experience with this project. 

Wanting to add some functionality and much needed curb appeal to our backyard, we decided to build an island (or floating) deck in between our existing trees. The landscape, or lack there of, provided a blank slate to create a backyard oasis to relax on.

Our original plan was to build the one-level, step-up deck in between the four trees, but after trying to maneuver around the exposed roots, we learned our best solution was to shift the deck over and have the deck encompass one of our existing trees. This made our original straight forward square deck a little more complicated, but not too much.

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How to Build a Bocce Ball Court

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Kristin Jackson Patio Style Challenge 8

In her recent backyard makeover, Kristin Jackson had the brilliant idea of adding a bocce ball court to her yard. She’s well known for the great decor tutorials on her blog The Hunted Interior, so we‘re pleased that she offered to show us how she built her bocce court. 

Incorporating a bocce ball court into our backyard makeover was one of our wildest ideas and had our family and friends saying “a what?!!” We simply knew we wanted to have an unexpected element that the whole family could enjoy. After throwing around some ideas, we landed on a bocce court, and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome.

Wanting to create a more appealing backdrop and some privacy, we started this project with a new vinyl lattice fence. Go to your local Home Depot to order it. There are too many parts and pieces to order on your own. The associates at the store will be able to walk you through the process and save you a few delivery/missing piece/we ordered the wrong parts headaches. #personalexperience.

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A Gorgeous Backyard Makeover With an Interior Designer’s Touch

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Gorgeous Backyard Makeover by Kristin Jackson of The Hunted Interior

What happens when an interior designer turns her creative attention outdoors? You get a gorgeous backyard makeover that raises the bar on backyard redesigns everywhere.

We’re talking about the amazing work of designer Kristin Jackson, who’s the author of the very popular blog The Hunted Interior. We were thrilled that she agreed to take part in her second Patio Style Challenge

In her previous Patio Style Challenge, she focused on the deck on her house. This time, she transforms her whole backyard into a big, beautifully decorated outdoor living room. There’s so much to love–the tree-hugging deck, the ingenious use for a tree stump… and the glam flamingos. 

Get ready to take notes. This backyard makeover is amazing.

After completing last year’s Patio Style Challenge, I had no idea what we were going to do this year. There was no way I was going to redo all the hard work we put into last year’s project, so I proposed a brand new outdoor space to utilize our completely under used plot of land in our backyard. After living in our home for six years and doing nothing with the landscape under four large trees, we made a plan to create an outdoor oasis to entertain, play and enjoy.

As you can see below, not much playing has been going on here folks.This was our before. Granted this was taken in January, so the view definitely improves with some grass, leaves and beauty that spring brings, but let’s just be honest… there is zero curb appeal here.

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This is the Coolest Apartment Balcony in Chicago

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the Coolest Apartment Balcony in Chicago

Ryan Lange and Emily Belden were, by their own admission, “the weird, artsy kids” when they were growing up. Things haven’t changed so much judging from how they decorated their small apartment balcony.

Emily is a writer and doer of creative things. Her husband Ryan does creative things, too, often with a welding torch or a computer-controlled gizmo that cuts stuff. They pretty much earn their living just making very cool stuff. Check out Handmade America to see what we mean. 

We wanted to find out what they could do to amp up the teeny-tiny balcony attached to their Chicago apartment. So we signed them up for our Patio Style Challenge. We sent them a patio set and a Home Depot gift card and got out of their way while they did their thing.

All we can say is, wow. We never would have thought of using a skate board deck as raw material for a patio makeover, or that we’d see an airplane motif in outdoor decor. That’s what you get with Ryan and Emily, though. And it’s awesome.

Here now, the coolest apartment balcony in Chicago… 


When The Home Depot asked us to be a part of their Patio Style Challenge, we couldn’t believe it. Mostly because it forced us to imagine a time where there wouldn’t be snow on the ground. C’est la vie when living in Chicago, right?

So what exactly did the project include? A sturdy patio set (we selected the color) and some Home Depot gift cards. Other than that, there were no rules. So we went no-holds-barred.

We had one handicap: space. We weren’t outfitting a backyard deck or patio; we were working with our small city balcony.

Even so, we were able to completely transform our tiny balcony and create a very sweet outdoor space.

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This Renter’s Backyard Makeover Took Only Two Weekends

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Renter's Backyard Makeover

Caitlin Moran’s home was in dire need of a backyard makeover. But since she and her husband hope to move soon, the makeover needed to be quick and easy and as portable as possible.

A quick and easy backyard makeover is exactly what we have from Caitlin, who writes the popular lifestyle and decor blog Style Within Reach. It’s her addition to our Patio Style Challenge–we send talented bloggers a patio set from The Home Depot, and they use it to show off their outdoor decorating ideas. 

Read on to see the simple ways she solved some common backyard problems to make her patio ready for outdoor entertaining. 

It’s always been a priority to make my rental homes feel like me. I go all out with painting and decorating so I have a cozy, comfortable place to spend my days. At the same time it’s hard to put too much effort into a house that is only yours temporarily.

However, we have a huge backyard and big flat concrete patio that we’d love to utilize more this summer! We just needed to make a few easy changes to the yard. It only took two weekends. We also built a portable bar that can go with us to our next home.

I’ve been living outside ever since!

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4 Smart DIYs Make This Colorful Patio Makeover Unique

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Colorful Patio Makeover

Michelle Hinckley never met a room she couldn’t DIY into something special. That’s why DIY ideas take center stage in her bright and colorful patio makeover.

We’ve been fans of her DIY blog 4 Men 1 Lady for some time now, so we were excited when she agreed to take part in our Patio Style Challenge. We sent her a patio set from The Home Depot and let her creativity run free. 

As you’ll see, her new, improved patio is full of bright colors and bold patterns. Plus, she shares her clever DIY touches that make her patio one-of-a-kind. 

We are so lucky to have a really spacious outdoor patio right off our great room. But during the winter it becomes a huge, ugly eye sore where miscellaneous stuff gets thrown and stored. It feels like more of a junk yard then a beautiful outdoor oasis I’d rather it be.

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Try These Simple Decorating Ideas for an Awesome Small Patio Makeover

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Try These Simple Decorating Ideas for an Awesome Small Patio Makeover


Decorating a small apartment balcony comes with its challenges. But Amber Kemp-Gerstel, the creative mind behind Damask Love has the small patio decorating ideas needed to make her tiny outdoor space beautiful, comfortable and great for entertaining.

This is Amber’s contribution to our Patio Style Challenge series. We send terrific design and DIY bloggers patio sets from The Home Depot, and they come up with amazing patio decor and easy solutions to some of the problems we all face with out outdoor spaces.

Amber truly made the most of every inch of her Miami apartment balcony. We love the coral and turquoise color scheme she used. She also offers up some very simple decorating ideas that would work on any patio, including a darling framed chalkboard vertical garden. And the grass is so inviting!

Yes. Grass. On an apartment balcony. 

Ringing in at a whopping 60 sq ft., our balcony is small but mighty.

Well…I take that back.

Before the Home Depot Style Challenge, the balcony was small and sad. So very very sad. It housed a dead lemon tree, a pair of dirty sneakers and a plastic Adirondack chair that my husband loved – but I wanted no part of.  Basically, it was 60 sq. ft of concrete dying for some attention. Home Depot came in to save the day.

The goal with this makeover was to extend our living room room and design an outdoor entertaining area that can hold even more guests this Spring. Mission accomplished.

My first assignment was to gather up some inspiration for color…and the Behr paint sample wall gave me all the inspiration I needed.

Simple Decorating Ideas for an Awesome Small Patio Makeover: Color Inspiration

Next up – replace the Adirondack chair…with something a little less reminiscent of a prison yard…although they probably don’t have Adirondack chairs in prison. But you know what I mean.

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