DIY Outdoor Games: Kids’ Sprinkler Limbo Made from PVC Pipe

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DIY Outdoor Games: Kids' Sprinkler Limbo Made from PVC Pipe

Kimber Matherne, the The Pinning Mama, obviously knows how to generate family fun. That’s quite obvious looking at the photos of her kids playing in her awesome DIY kids’ sprinkler game. 

This is one of the fun DIY outdoor games in our Outdoor Games Style Challenge in which we invited some of our favorite design bloggers to come up with an outdoor game using a specific assigned material. In Kimber’s case, it was PVC pipe.

Her sprinkler limbo set is great for getting the kids (and adults!) active outside on a hot day. Who could resist the fun of doing the limbo with splashing water to keep you cool? 


With two little ones, my family is always looking for fun family-friendly activities that we can all enjoy together. During the spring we often played with this DIY Yard Yahtzee game we made, but since we live in Las Vegas where we have small yards and triple digit temps as early as May, it can sometimes be challenging to be outside once summer hits. When we do play outside, it must involve water! When I was invited to be a part of the Outdoor Games Style Challenge and was given PVC as my challenge material my mind started spinning on how we could turn this into a fun family game perfect for our space.


DIY Outdoor Games: Kids' Sprinkler Limbo Made from PVC Pipe

Before we get started, here’s some Chubby Checker…

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DIY Backyard Games: How to Make a Yard Pong Set

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DIY Backyard Games: How to Make a Yard Pong Set

Beth Barden of designPOST interiors has come up with one of the simplest DIY backyard games ever. It’s her contribution to our Outdoor Games Style Challenge. We’ve asked some of our favorite design bloggers to create, or re-imagine fun games that you can play in your backyard at a tailgate party, and that you can make yourself. 

Beth’s version of yard pong cleverly makes use of regular PVC pipe and some spray paint. You’ll see how she made it just below.

But Beth didn’t stop at creating the outdoor game. She also came up with an ingenious way of turning a slightly mysterious concrete box in her backyard into a sweet outdoor sitting area with a storage area below. And she shows us some of her ace outdoor decorating ideas, too. 

(And if you get only one message from Beth’s story it’s this: never, ever be afraid to stroll the aisles of Home Depot! Read on to see what we mean.)

But first, the backyard game… 


When I got the invitation to participate in Home Depot’s latest Style Challenge I couldn’t say “YES!” fast enough. As a long-time fan of their various style challenges, I knew this was going to be a blast! But, after quickly accepting I had to begin brainstorming ideas for an outdoor game. I don’t have a lot of patience when it comes to DIY projects, so I knew that I would have to keep it simple. I also have a really hard time sticking to just one project at a time so I knew immediately that I would also be working on more than just a game!

My main goal for creating my outdoor game was to come up with something that would work for all skill levels. With my three young kids home all summer I knew I wanted something that they could play and my husband and I also like to have friends over to grill out as often as we can, so I wanted it to be a new game we could all enjoy as well.

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DIY Outdoor Games: PVC Bowling Pins, Chalkboard Scoreboard

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DIY Outdoor Game: PVC Bowling Pins

DIY Outdoor Game: PVC Bowling Pins

Here’s a great outdoor game that practically anyone in the family can play. It’s backyard bowling with cute PVC bowling pins that are easy to make.  

We’ve asked some of our favorite design bloggers to create DIY outdoor games for our  Outdoor Games Style Challenge series here on The Home Depot Blog. This is the contribution by Katrina Sullivan, the blogger behind Chic Little House. She added a DIY chalkboard to keep score to make this project even better.

Take a look at this fun, easy DIY project that will have the whole family having a ball in the backyard.  

One of the many things we love about living in Northern California, is the amazing outdoor weather we have most of the year. Our home has a smaller footprint, and one of out goals is to truly utilize our backyard and make it a fun spot to cook, lounge and most of all play! I totally jumped at the chance to to participate in the Home Depot Outdoor Games Style Challenge. Our challenge material was creating a game with PVC. I have lots of experience working with PVC, most recently installing irritation in our raised garden beds. I quickly started brain storming fun creative ways to transform the material into a fun outdoor game our family and friends would enjoying playing.

Since our oldest just turned 14 and our youngest recently turned 3 (yup, huge age gap!), having an outdoor game they would both enjoy was a must. One of the family activities we enjoy is bowling, so why not make transform PVC pipes into bowling pins and do backyard bowling? I gathered some inspiration for the design, and along with spray paint, washi tape and mustache stickers, I created colorful whimsical bowling pins.

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DIY Backyard Quidditch Game for Little Muggles

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DIY Backyard Quidditch Game

What’s the greatest game ever invented that involves flying brooms? Of course, it’s Quidditch, the game we muggles first learned of in the Harry Potter books and movies. (And before we hear shouting from the curling crowd, note that curling brooms generally aren’t supposed to fly.) Of course, if you’re a muggle, you’re best to use non-flying brooms for backyard Quidditch.  

Blogger Summer Hagan of Simple Stylings {for the semi-creative mind} has invented a lovely game for her little boy based on Quidditch in a stripped down way. There are brooms, but they only fly in the imagination. This is her addition to our Outdoor Games Style Challenge here on The Home Depot Blog. 

The best part might be the copper circular goals, like the goals in the Harry Potter game. Summer’s goals look pretty cool… and might have a second life in her yard after her little muggle has hung up his broom. Read on to see how Summer created this DIY backyard Quidditch game.

I recently finished up a huge back deck project, and I’m so happy to be spending these long summer days outside. When I got the invitation from The Home Depot to participate in one of its Style Challenges I was over-the-moon excited! Then I found out the theme was outdoor games, and I was even more stoked; this was right up our alley.

Then reality set in and I was at a loss.

There are so many classic backyard games that have been done a million times. Pinterest is flooded with images of DIY backyard games. I wanted our game to be unique and creative, but also something we could play together as a family. I spent hours researching and brainstorming before I came up with a solid idea that I was excited about.

I decided on a simplified version of the game Quidditch from the Harry Potter books.

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A Backyard Makeover with a DIY Outdoor Game and a Place to Put Your Drink

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Backyard Makeover With a DIY Outdoor Game Idea

Ryan Lange and Emily Belden think of everything. We asked this Chicago couple if they’d like to come up with a DIY for a fun outdoor game for our Outdoor Games Style Challenge. They’re known for being makers of amazing things, as you can see on the Handmade America website. 

They invented a whole new backyard game that’s a fun addition to the bean bag toss genre of outdoor competition. But they also realized an outdoor game isn’t much if you don’t have a handy spot to put your drink down… or a place for chips and dip. And they’d never have fun in the yard if their favorite furry friends were locked up indoors!

This is practically a whole backyard makeover. Take a look a these clever ideas for making a backyard a great spot for outdoor fun, be you human or beast.  



Backyard Makeover With a DIY Outdoor Game Idea


On June 13, we traded skyscrapers for surf shops and headed to our summer home in South Haven, Michigan. Even though we are just a block from the beach and a 10-minute pedal bike ride into town, we wanted to have a little fun in our own backyard, so we took The Home Depot up on their summer Outdoor Games Style Challenge.

Using a little PVC pipe and a lot of elbow grease, we created a game we are calling: “Seven & Seven”.

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DIY Pipe Sprinkler for Kids: Sturdier and Easier to Make

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DIY Pipe Sprinkler for Kids

DIY Pipe Sprinkler for Kids

When the weather’s hot, kids (and kids at heart) just love playing in the backyard sprinkler. You’ve probably even seen plans for a DIY pipe sprinkler made of PVC last time you browsed Pinterest. But we have a pretty significant improvement on these types of DIY outdoor toys. Alix Adams of the design blog A Ruffled Life had the ingenious idea of making her kids’ sprinkler toy out of galvanized pipe instead of PVC.  

Some of our favorite design bloggers are inventing clever ways to DIY outdoor games for our Outdoor Games Style Challenge. This homemade kid wash, as she calls it, is Alix’s contribution. 

As Alix will explain in this tutorial, using metal pipe to make a kids sprinkler has a lot of advantages. 

I live in Utah, where the summer heat hits you like a ton of bricks just as you round the corner from May to June. It kind of felt like I went to bed on May 31st thinking, whew it’s a little chilly, and woke up to the blazing heat of a dessert summer on June 1st.

With limited shade in my backyard and a house full of restless nephews I knew I needed to come up with a backyard water game and fast. I headed off to The Home Depot to see what my options were, and with the help of an associate named Walt (who makes his own hot sauce on the side), I decided to make a kid wash water toy.

My initial idea was to use PVC pipe to recreate my version of other kid wash water toys floating around the internet, but I quickly realized that 10 wild boys running around my backyard might result in a PVC graveyard. A kid wash made of galvanized steel, however, would put up more of a fight. Assembling my steel kid wash water toy turned out to be SO much easier with steel piping because every piece just simply screwed together! No glue, no mess, no fuss!

I think it’s time you make a kid wash of your own, right?!

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DIY Backyard Games: How to Make a Kubb Game Set

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DIY Backyard Games: How to Make a Kubb Game Set


Kubb (“koob”) is game that’s been described as a combination of bowling and chess, which makes it one of the more interesting lawn games we can think of. The object is to throw short dowels– batons– at your opponent’s pieces to knock them over. This Swedish game has fans all over the world, and you might be the next new fan once you see this cool kubb game set you can make yourself.

Mandy Pellegin of Fabric Paper Glue came up with this tutorial for our Outdoor Games Style ChallengeSome of our favorite design bloggers are inventing clever ways to DIY backyard games for this series.

This kubb game set is easy to make, and Mandy designed it to be unusually attractive, combining wood, copper and paint. She included links to official rules, too, so you can put your new kubb set to the test. 


After overhauling our backyard living space earlier this spring, I jumped at the chance to bring even more fun to our space with a homemade lawn game. We’ve checked all the biggies off our list over the years, so I knew immediately that I wanted to tackle kubb – a game also known as “Viking Chess” that I was introduced to several years ago.

Traditionally, the game is made entirely of very simple cuts and shapes of wood– including 10 kubb pieces, one king, six batons, and four to six boundary stakes– but when The Home Depot challenged me to incorporate metal into my creation, I turned to the beauty that is copper to create a completely one-of-a-kind kubb set.

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Backyard Game DIY: A New Way to Play Cornhole

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DIY Cornhole Board and a New Way to Play


Here we have not only a cool DIY cornhole board tutorial, but we even have a fun new way to play this favorite summertime and tailgating game.

Liz Marie from the Liz Marie Blog came up with these new takes on cornhole for our Outdoor Games Style Challenge. Some of our favorite design bloggers are inventing clever ways to DIY outdoor games for summer fun for this series, and this is Liz’s contribution.

You’ll also love the photos of Liz’s lovely little brick courtyard attached to her one-hundred-year-old home. It’s a pretty nice place to toss bean bags, for sure. 

When I was asked by Home Depot to make a backyard game, my mind instantly came up with 1,456 ideas. I knew I had to narrow that number down, so I started to think of my husband and I and what we like to do when we hang out with friends. We are very laid back people who like to relax and have a chill evening with good food while we spend time with our favorites. I wanted our game to be fairly easy to play, and also have multiple ways to play it depending on what everyone was in the mood for.

So we invented this little game called Simon Says Cornhole that is a lovely little spinoff of the ever so popular game of cornhole.

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Outdoor Game DIY: A Wonderfully Whimsical Croquet Set

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Outdoor Game DIY: A Wonderfully Whimsical Croquet Set


Some of our favorite design bloggers are inventing clever ways to DIY outdoor games for summer fun in our Outdoor Games Style Challenge. Camille Simmons of Planning Pretty came up with this wonderfully whimsical take on the game of croquet using some unexpected materials. It’s easy to pack up and store, too. 

It’s cute, colorful and provides a lovely way to spend a summer afternoon. 


Sometimes when you’re a renter, you can feel little left out not having a personal backyard space. But, there are so many ways to make a community space feel like your own! Setting up a fun outdoor game is the perfect way to enjoy the summer sun.

My husband and I took over our Oakland apartment roof for an afternoon of croquet. After DIYing our croquet set and course, we played a few rounds on the rooftop lawn! All the pieces were easy to pack up once we finished. Now that’s on the go entertainment!

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Make Your Own Alice in Wonderland Croquet Set

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Make Your Own Alice in Wonderland Croquet Set

Croquet is a fun outdoor game. But it’s even more fun if you play the game with flamingos as mallets, just the way Alice in Wonderland did. 

Amber Kemp-Gerstel of Damask Love came up with this terrific do-it-yourself Alice in Wonderland croquet set for our Outdoor Games Style Challenge. Some of our favorite design bloggers are inventing clever ways to DIY outdoor games for summer fun for this series, and this is Amber’s contribution. 

Maybe you’re planning an Alice-themed party, maybe you just want to make your croquet match a bit more whimsical than usual, or perhaps you’re looking for a fun summer DIY project… then Amber’s tutorial is for you.


There was a lot of discussion in our house about what outdoor game to create for the Home Depot Outdoor Games Style Challenge.

Let me rephrase.

My husband had a lot of ideas. Among his best were:

  • A Jousting Set using wooden dowels from the Home Depot lumber department.
  • A Ninja Star Throwing Competition with circular saw blades from the power tool section.
  • And then there was that time he suggested that I design our own personal Hunger Games.

I think we can all agree that these ideas…while hugely creative and ambitious, were not so, uh…feasible. So here’s what I’m came up with. While it’s not as exhilarating as ninja stars, there will most definitely be fewer trips to the emergency room.

Considering we live in the heart of Miami, it only made sense to incorporate a few flamingos into our outdoor game. And when it comes to flamingos and games, there is really only one option: croquet.

Turns out that The Home Depot carries everything you need for an Alice in Wonderland croquet set, with flamingos for mallets, even right down to the topiaries scattered with red roses.

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