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Dutch door in Country Home

via Country Home


If you’re a fan of traditional European architecture or even an art lover, you’re no doubt familiar with the charming Dutch door or stable door. It’s simply a door that is split in half so that the top portion and bottom portion can be opened and closed separately. The bottom door is normally left shut, to keep farm animals out and little exploring children in. While the bottom portion is closed, the top portion can be left open to let in light and fresh air. And though few of us these days have to worry about keeping the cows out, Dutch doors evoke the charm of a country cottage and a time gone by.

Aside from the Dutch door in the photo above, there are several elements in this space that together create the country chic feel of this backdoor and mudroom. A striped skirt hides the laundry machines, oil rubbed bronze metal finishes add a vintage feel, and beaded board paneling lends texture to the walls. While the traditional cottage feel of a Dutch door might work for many older homes, this design can look at home in a more modern space as well.

We found quite a few ways to make a Dutch door part of just about any style of decor.


Green Dutch door from Country Living

via Country Living


While this stylish homeowner incorporates a Dutch door into her space, she does it with a modern flair by adding a vibrant green color! With a more modern frame than you find in Dutch doors of long ago and simpler hardware, it feels whimsical and perfectly suited to this California home.


Dutch Door, design by Miles Redd, in Architectural Digest

via Architectural Digest


Many entryways use drama to create a lasting first impression– think two-story foyers and over-scale chandeliers. In the entryway above, designer Miles Redd takes an even more modern approach to the Dutch door by going two-tone! Redd’s use of color is quite unexpected, not only on the door but in the hallway itself, and the yellow-and-navy door definitely brings that entryway drama.


Dutch door in the playroom


While most Dutch doors are seen in entryways, mudrooms, or off the kitchen, there are times when this perfectly placed design element can completely change the look and feel of a room. The children’s playroom in the photo above proves that, while unconventional, a Dutch door can invite the outdoors into your space and create a laid back vibe that celebrates some of Mother Nature’s best-loved qualities.

Take a look at The Home Depot’s Doors and Windows page for just about any kind of door you’d want, including Dutch doors.

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  1. April Skelton says:

    I am looking for an interior Dutch door to replace the door between my master bedroom and master bath. Reason being – I have 4 cats and their litter box, food and water are in the master bath. In addition, I have two small dogs that are great at jumping or crawling over the typical baby gates to get to the cat’s litter box, food and water. With a shelf on top of the lower door and the top door left open, the cats can jump up on the shelf and then jump down. The shelf will also ensure that they don’t go jumping over the lower door and land on the dogs waiting below. Any directions as where to find such a door?

    • Craig Allen says:


      A lot depends on the measurements of your door frame, how much you want to spend and other factors. I’d suggest you talk to an associate in the Door Department at your local Home Depot store. He or she will be able to give you advice based on the measurements of your door frame, etc.

      Thanks for writing.

      -Craig, from The Home Depot

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  3. Daniel G. says:

    Wow, certainly this Dutch door should not be missed by those who are into home improvement stuffs today. I am not familiar with this door so I was kinda stunned when I saw the pics which made me read this post many times. This door is quite cool when used within the house as a sort of division twist.

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