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Image of the Shed of the Year Winner 2011

Image via Reader Sheds


History does not recall when or where early man constructed the first single family home. But what is fairly certain, whoever this first Homo sapiens home owner was, he built the first backyard shed shortly after moving in. Mankind has been building sheds in one form or another ever since to store and organize the stuff that we need to live civilized lives.

For many of us, they are the spooky wooden shacks that haunted the back corners of Grandpa’s yard, filled with cobwebs and old paint cans. While for others, the shed was a favorite hiding place, or the place they watched and learned how to make and repair things with a parent or relative. Nowadays, sheds can fill so many different functions, are easy to construct, and can be an enhancement to the home, not only functionally, but also aesthetically.

Take a look at the many different converted sheds we found –  like the one above from the UK site Reader Sheds– the prize-winning pick for Shed of the Year 2011– to the creative shed redo’s that give outdoor living spaces new life.

Never thought you’d need or want a shed in your backyard? Just take a look …

Home Office shed image

Image from House To Home via Apartment Therapy


Here’s an inspiring reason from House To Home to clean out your garden shed and convert it from shabby shack to rustic chic office space. Being able to work from home is cool … but working from home outdoors is twice as nice.  If you still need a place to store the tools and stuff, we’ve got sheds in a variety of styles and sizes to store the things you decide to keep.


Shed Hen house image

Image via Backyard Chickens


Thinking about an urban chicken coop for your backyard? This shed turned hen house shows how easy it would be to create a comfy roost for your little cluckers.




Cabana Red Cedar Garden Shed image


Cabana sheds also makes a great little pool house … Who knew?  With so many different types of sheds available today, including wood, metal and plastic sheds in an array of styles, it’s easy to find the right one for your recreational or storage needs.


Photos of converted sheds

Images: Photos by John Granen (left) and Thomas J.Story (right) via Sunset


We loved these two examples of shed conversions from Sunset. On the left, what was an old shed became an idyllic “summer living room.” Reinvent your your own outdoor living space by converting that old shed in the back yard.

The converted shed on the right was considered a “teardown” at first glance by the owners. But, after a makeover that included the addition of inviting french doors and an eye-catching paint job, this once dilapidated shack was transformed into a charming guest house. See before and after pictures and read of the story here.

Browse our complete selection of sheds and outdoor storage solutions, including  woodmetal and plastic sheds in a wide range of sizes and styles to fit your storage needs, or to match the your ambitious shed conversion plans. Check out our sheds buying guide to learn more about the many different styles and options available, and if you need help putting your shed up, let out shed installation pros do it for you.





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  1. buffy atherton says:

    My wooden shed was purchased about 20 years ago. The previous owner moved it from one part of the yard to another. When we acquired it, it was not raised off the ground, but had gravel around it. Pavers were in front of it.

    My husband died and I didn’t know how to maintain it. For two months, there were plants planted right up against it and I removed the gravel. I painted it and ordered a new roof. There were some rotten decorative boards on it and the roofer will replace these for me.

    A neighbor called my attention to the fact that dirt and mulch up against the bottom of it — the “lip” under the shed… could cause it to rot.

    I dug all of the dirt that I could away from it and will order gravel next week. I don’t know how much ….

    What else should I do … I don’t think I harmed it yet, but am grateful someone called my attention to the problem.

    I cannot have it “lifted” up. It wasn’t lifted when I acquired it….I don’t think it would withstand being “hoisted” again….welcome all advice….


    • Craig Allen says:

      Hi, Buffy.

      I think there are plenty of ways you can insure your shed lasts a good long time.

      I posted your question over on The Home Depot’s online How-To Community Forums. Our home improvement experts offer advice there on exactly this kind of situation.

      Click here to go to your posted question on the Forums. You’ll be getting a response there shortly.

      Thanks for the question.

      -Craig from The Home Depot

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  4. Amy says:

    What a great transformation done by Sunset with those sheds! I personally love on what they did on the right shed shown above. Great Job!

  5. Joe Oliver says:

    What a great idea! I never would have thought of this. We have a run down shed in our back yard and instead of letting it become an eye sore this is the perfect solution.
    Thanks for posting this.

    • Jae Warren says:

      Hey Joe,

      We’d love to see the before and after pictures when you’re done with your shed conversion. Thanks for your comments and I’m glad you enjoyed the post.


  6. Steve says:

    I have been thinking about finally getting around to building a cabana shed. Very inspiring post. I love that sunset shed.