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Water gardens are a wonderful way to bring a sense of nature’s beauty and mystery to a patio, deck or any other outdoor space. And, much like other types of gardens grown in pots and planters or various and sundry repurposed vessels, a mix of plants in different colors, shapes and textures will make your aquatic gardens more striking. They’re also relatively easy to create and maintain.

If you would like to take some time to reflect on the many ways you could arrange a water garden for your home, we invite you to take in the rest of this post.


Water Gardens In Containers


Combine different aquatic varietals to create a veritable garden of delights in whatever container your choose. True aquatics prefer to remain completely submerged in water (like parrot’s feather), while semiaquatics are varietals whose roots are wholly or partly underwater (like umbrella palm). Floaters such as water lilies or hyacinth rest delicately on the water’s surface.

Repurposed Water Gardens

Images of Ideas for Repurposed Water Gardens

Images via Midwest Living (clockwise from left), Evamini, Living Home Grown, Pinterest and Dear Gladys


Let’s make a list of all the things that could possibly be reclaimed for water garden purposes. We found vintage infant tubs and old bread boxes, light bulbs, tree stumps, and even rusty miniature tubs being used to make aquatic gardens. Let us know your suggestions!


Tabletop Water Gardens

Images of tabletop water gardens

Images via Indulgy (clockwise from top left), Rad Megan, Dragonfly Aquatics and Martha Stewart


Whether floating in a glass or vase with goldfish, submerged in bowls, or minimally arranged in a colorful earthen planter, when you need to retreat to that calm and tranquil place where you can relax and regain your focus, your water garden can be a welcomed sight.


If you have aspirations to construct a larger, more permanent in-ground water garden, please refer to our water gardens buying guide. You may also want to review the water garden pumps guide for information on pond pumps and accessories that will help to keep your in-ground aquatic garden free from algae and insects.

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  1. Cool outdoor decorative ideas! What a way to make your outdoor space look good with splashes of color and imagination. The tea light candles in a crystal bowl, especially, add a dreamy and romantic atmosphere wherever you put it. Combined with low lighting during intimate dinner parties with friends and family, it’s sure to make everyone relax and enjoy. It would also be fun to put rain chains instead of a downspout in one side of the house, then put a water garden beneath it, so when the water goes down it would be like a cascading waterfall.

  2. mary says:

    NO! NO! NO! Do not put a goldfish in a vase. Small goldfish need AT LEAST 10 gallons of water plus filtration and aeration. As the goldfish grows you need to get a bigger pond or tank. Remember goldfish create a lot of amonia so your pretty vase/goldfish floral arrangement is going to smell like poo and have a dead goldfish floating in it pretty quickly.
    A betta fish might be a better choice but remember they are living animals not decorations.