Pumpkins for Your Fall Decorating

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Pumpkins are pretty much essential to fall decorating and Halloween displays. The Home Depot is a great place to pick up fresh pumpkins of all sizes for carving jack o’ lanterns or creating pumpkin cachepots to hold fall flower arrangements.

It’s quite a job growing thousands of pumpkins, from preparing the soil by growing ryegrass, to the massive job of harvesting the pumpkins. And then there’s the complicated task of delivering them to Home Depot stores across the country.

Take a short ride in this video with Home Depot associate Grow2girl through the pumpkin patches of Bottomley Evergreens in North Carolina, where The Home Depot’s pumpkins are produced. She shows us how pumpkins are grown and the fascinating role bees play in the cross-pollination process that helps to produce prize-winning pumpkins for The Home Depot. We also see behind the scenes as the pumpkins are sorted, then loaded onto trucks for delivery.

From fields and farms to your home just in time for harvest season, watch the whole operation unfold in this short instructive video brought to you by The Home Depot How-To Community.

We have more videos here on the Home Depot blog and on The Home Depot’s YouTube channel.

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