Real Stories, Real Doing: A Log Cabin School Project Made from Cork

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A miniature log cabin made from cork as a school project


We love to hear stories about how The Home Depot helps people do more. It might be about a fellow running his own business custom building beds, how a good price on pumpkins inspired a Halloween display, or a family’s fond memories of our Kids’ Workshops. We have another such story, this time about a clever use of materials for a girl’s school project.

Tabatha Cassell, who lives in southern Arkansas, left a comment on a blog post here on the Apron about the many uses of cork. She was proud of her 14-year-old daughter Sydnee for coming up with the brilliant idea of using cork to build a miniature log cabin.

“We first visited the Home Depot website to research material and found the cork floor molding. She loved it for her project,” Tabatha wrote. “That following Saturday we visited our local Home Depot store in El Dorado [store #8537] and got assistance from one of the associates to order the materials. She used the 94 in. long, 3/4 in. wide cork floor molding, and had it cut into various length sticks.”

Tabatha says she helped with cutting the cork into the right lengths for the logs, but Sydnee did absolutely everything else on this project by herself.


Two views of a log cabin school project made of cork


Sydnee told us that using cork for this craft project was her second idea. “I had thought of using long candle sticks, but i thought maybe there was a chance someone else would do that because candle sticks are at Wal-Mart. Then I looked up at my teacher’s board where he had posted the flyer for this assignment, and I saw that the bulletin board was made from cork. So I thought I could make the cabin out of the corks you get out of wine bottles.”

That might have taken quite a few wine bottle corks, so her mom suggested using long cork to fashion the logs.

“Before ordering the cork, I made a diagram based on the size my teacher said he wanted. After figuring out my wall lengths, I figured out how long my roof needed to be. Then I figured out that my door size  should be,” Sydnee explained.

Once the cork moldings arrived, Mom cut the logs to Sydnee’s specifications. Sydnee used Liquid Nails purchased at The Home Depot to glue everything together.

We are very pleased to report that Sydnee got an A on her school project.

Congratulations, Sydnee! And thank you, Tabatha, for telling us about your daughter’s log cabin project– and sending us the photos.

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  1. Henry says:

    Well . this is a great achievement for a student. She did her project wisely. I think her project will help lots of people

  2. Bathroom Sink says:

    Found this idea of using cork for school project amazing. your child is very creative she did great work with cork

  3. Beautiful work, you’ve deserved your A! Reading this I think about how sometimes it needs just something simple to achieve excellent results.

  4. Sydnee Cassell says:

    Wow seeing the article about my log cabin make me feel proud!
    Thank you sooo much mr.allen for talking to me about my cabin!

    • Craig Allen says:

      I’m glad you like the article, Sydnee. I was hoping you would.

      Thank you for helping me write it, and thanks to your mom for bringing your log cabin project to our attention.

      -Craig, from The Home Depot