How to Refinish Kitchen Cabinets With a White Faux Finish

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Refinishing Cabinets with a Faux White Finish

From Home Re-Design Kaleidoscope

White cabinets were among the hot kitchen design trends of 2011. This trend shows signs of continuing well into 2012 as more modern and simplistic kitchen décor becomes the norm. Forum community member NancyL18 is among those who’ve added refinishing cabinets to their project lists. Her project hit a snag and store associate PatInPaint stepped in with the solution.

NancyL18 wanted cabinets that looked almost white with a little of the wood grain showing through. She spent hours de-glossing and sanding, taking her time so she wouldn’t have to repeat the process. When she’d finished the glazing process, she was excited to see her cabinet doors and drawers turned out perfect. However, her excitement quickly turned to disappointment and frustration when her kitchen cabinets turned out a dirty gray … definitely not how she planned it!

She turned to the forum for advice on what she needed to do to fix the problem in her thread Help with Rust-Oleum Cabinet Transformations. Did she need to start over? Could she whitewash the bonding coat to make the cabinets look cleaner? Would she have to paint the kitchen cabinets again?

PatInPaint chimed in like a doctor diagnosing a patient. He immediately knew that the bonding coat did not have enough time to dry. If NancyL18 wanted to avoid a muddy look, she had to start over.

“Backing up on a project is never fun, but in your current situation that is very likely the simplest way you’ll return your cabinets to the color you want,” Pat advised. “Lightly sand and recoat with the bonding layer, allow it to dry and then apply a very light coat of glaze, wiping off the glaze in a much shorter time.”

PatInPaint also provided a link to his video How to Apply a Faux Finish to Kitchen Cabinets. It provides step-by-step instruction on applying paint coats, glaze and creating the finish.

Are you refinishing cabinets? Do you plan on following the trend to paint kitchen cabinets white?

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