Roll Back Energy Costs With Solar Panels

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A worker installs solar panels on the roof of a residential home.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have your own power plant, one capable of generating an endless supply of clean, renewable energy? With the ever-rising costs of energy and growing concerns over the environment, this would be a great way to both help reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and save money – right?

Well, while we can’t promise to get you completely off the grid, if you’ve been thinking about ways you can live greener and lower your energy costs, installing a home solar panel system is now easier and more affordable than ever.

For as little as $0 down, The Home Depot, along with trusted partners at SolarCity® and SunRun®, offers solar lease and purchase options on professionally installed solar panels custom designed to fit your home and your family’s energy needs.

And when calculate the savings on your electricity bill with cost of the lease payment, the total is typically less than you were paying before you added the solar panels. It’s even possible you’ll see your electric meter spin backwards as you generate more energy than you can actually use, and get to sell the surplus electricity back to your local energy company. Plus, you’ll enjoy start-to-finish project management by solar panel installation professionals, and The Home Depot backs all the work.

We’re dedicated to leaving a better planet to future generations, from our commitment to “green” products that help customers lessen their impact on the environment, to the implementation of sustainable practices to save energy in our stores and corporate facilities. In fact, we offer more than 4,000 environmentally friendly products through our Eco Options program. Visit our Eco-Options web page to learn how to save green and live green.

Solar panel lease/purchase offers are available in select states.

For more info:

Residents of Arizona, California, Colorado, Maryland, Oregon or Washington, DC, visit SolarCity for more details.

Residents of  Massachusetts, New Jersey, or Pennsylvania, visit Sun Run for more details.

To learn more about our alternative energy products sold online visit  The Home Depot’s Alternative Energy web page.



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