Chemical Storage Safety Tips

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This time of year outdoor projects seem to multiply. There’s the last pressure washing session to clean up after summer and get ready for winter, cleaning off the deck and storing the lawn furniture, and fertilizing the lawn (if the grass type allows). It’s also time to close up the pool and spray down the weeds. And last but not least, let’s not forget all those gas-powered outdoor projects: blowing, sawing, trimming, cutting, edging, lopping and pruning!

Many of us store these necessary chemicals and supplies in the garage or outdoor shed.  All of these products are excellent in their own right, but frankly they do not play well together. Things can quickly get hazardous, poisonous or even deadly. Be sure to thoroughly read the labels on the back of the package. Product Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are available online for more detailed information.

First and foremost, have sufficient space to store these properly labeled items in a clean, dry area with adequate ventilation.

When tackling those weekend and weeknight outdoor jobs: please think UP and AWAY.  Keep the products UP out of reach of children and pets and AWAY from each other (at least several feet).

Wear proper protective equipment when using the products and follow manufacturer use and disposal instructions.

Properly clean out reservoirs, lines, supplies, hoses, and tanks used to apply these chemicals so no chemical reactions can occur on the next project.

If possible, make sure to have specially labeled containers for bleach products since they can produce deadly gases when in contact with other chemicals.

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