Home Depot’s Christmas Light Trade-In Event 2014

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Home Depot Christmas Light Trade In


The 2014 Christmas Light Trade-In Has Ended 

Thanks for participating!




It’s time to switch to LED Christmas lights, and The Home Depot wants to make that easy to do. That’s why The Home Depot is holding its 2014 Christmas Light Trade-In Event!

Starting November 6, 2014 take your old incandescent Christmas light strings to The Home Depot for recycling. You’ll receive a $3, $4 or $5 discount toward the purchase of ENERGY STAR qualified LED Christmas lights. You’ll get a coupon for each string of old lights you give us. (Limit 5 redemptions per customer.)

The coupons for your Christmas light trade-in


Switching to LED Christmas lights helps the environment and lowers your energy bill. LED holiday lights are 80 percent more energy efficient than incandescent lights. They last approximately 20 years, which is seven times longer than incandescent holiday light strings. They don’t heat up, and they’re extremely durable, too, making LED lights a safer option for Christmas decorating.

And LED technology is quite advanced. The LED Christmas lights include types that have the same warm colors you’d expect from old incandescent lights.

So gather up your old strings of incandescent Christmas lights–whether or not they still work– and head to your nearest Home Depot store to trade them in. Dump them in the Christmas light recycling box, and pick up your coupon for money off the purchase of new, energy efficient LED Christmas lights.

Check out The Home Depot’s Holiday Decorations Department for everything you need to decorate for Christmas.

Get tons of Christmas decorating ideas for your new LED Christmas lights here on The Home Depot Blog in our Holiday Style Challenge articles. Some of the most talented designers and stylists decorate their homes for the holidays and share their Christmas decorating tips and DIY projects. 


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