Small Space Storage Solutions That Work

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Whether you currently reside in a house, an apartment or a dorm room, keeping your living space uncluttered is essential to maintaining an efficient, organized household. A small room can really go a long way if you know how to make the most of the space you have to work with.  Below are some simple storage ideas to help you keep your home neat and orderly:

Creating a Clutter-Free Kitchen
Smaller-sized kitchens are warm and cozy but also require some strategy to be properly functional. If your existing kitchen space doesn’t have a traditional pantry, use a kitchen cabinet (or multiple cabinets) to store dry goods.

Organize pantry staples into categories – dry food items, canned food, cereals, and baking ingredients. Small wire baskets are great for grouping items together by category, and attaching wire organizers to the backs of your cabinet doors will nearly double your overall cabinet storage capability. Consider adding vertical dividers to lower cabinets for storing cookie sheets, cutting boards and pizza pans.

Organize your refrigerator and freezer the same way as kitchen cabinets – stack plastic storage containers vertically, grouping food items together for easier identification. When placing items in the freezer, store in freezer bags and date the outside using a permanent marker. This will make it easy to determine whether or not foods have exceeded their freezer life.

To create even more kitchen storage space, designate a drawer (or two) for miscellaneous items such as paperwork, calendars, bills and mail…or save even more space by putting up a bulletin board above the countertop. You’ll free up your drawers and have important documents visible and easily accessible.

Tips For A Tidy Living Room
To maximize your living room area, select furniture with built-in storage space. A storage console is the perfect place to store electronic equipment, CDs and board games. Place photo albums, out-of-season décor and other items you don’t need on a daily basis in decorative, fabric-covered drawers on top of the console. A side table with built-in drawers is the perfect place to keep coasters, magazines and remote controls.

Another convenient storage option is to place stackable open shelves against a wall. If your living room is already filled with several furniture pieces, consider adding floating shelves for additional storage space. Vertical shelves that go up a wall also provide a sturdy and functional way to display items.

Bedroom and Bathroom Storage Strategies
Make the most of the space underneath your bed by utilizing under-the-bed storage boxes. The extra-long containers provide an excellent means for storing everything from photo albums to out-of-season clothing. A cedar chest at the foot of the bed is an ideal way to store blankets and other linens, and will also protect your wool sweaters from moths during the warmer months!

Get your closet under control by doubling your hanging space. If your budget allows, consider installing a closet organizer to create more room for dresses, suits and handbags. Stackable shelves and plastic storage bins placed within closets also provide convenient access to scarves, belts and other accessories.

When it comes to creating storage space in a small bathroom, one of most effective options is to install a vanity with built-in storage drawers. A vanity is perfect for storing extra soap, shampoos and various toiletries. If a new vanity isn’t in your budget, a medicine cabinet is an easy, coast-effective way to store toothbrushes and smaller grooming items, while installing a wall cabinet with towel hooks is practical and space-efficient for hanging towels and bathrobes.

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  1. MikeG @ HD 808 says:

    Heather, you really only have two choices:

    You could re-plumb the sink by running the pipes up through the wall, replace the straight shut-off valves with angled ones and shorten the supply lines accordingly.
    Or, you could drill the holes through the vanity. It all really depends on what type of material the plumbing consists of and your ability/knowledge of plumbing, flooring and sheetrock repair that you have as to which one you really want to do.

  2. Heather Masters says:

    I want to update my bathroom. The problem that i am having is the plumbing for the sink comes thru the floor. I want to add a really nice vanity with a cabinet for storage. How can i do this without cutting holes in a brand new vanity.