A Spice Storage Idea Using Chalkboard Paint

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A spice storage idea using chalkboard paint


Spice storage. It seems like a clutter problem for every household. There is an ever-growing, ever-rotating container of spices, always different amounts and different jars. And how on earth do you keep them organized so you can find the one spice you need without having to pull every other bottle out of the cabinet first?

Well, call me a braggart, but I think I’ve found a way!

Using some inexpensive hardware store supplies and two dozen mason jars, we’ll create chalkboard stickers that will make it easy for you to add new spices to your collection without disrupting your organization system. This will also ensure that no spray paint will contaminate the inside of your spice containers.


Supplies for a spice storage project

To tackle this spice storage project, you’ll need the following supplies:

Tape contact paper to drop cloth with painters tape


Begin by taping a bit of contact paper to a drop cloth. A 2- to 3-foot stretch of paper should be enough.


Spray contact paper with chalkboard spray paint in light, even coats


Then, lightly coat the contact paper in chalkboard paint. You’ll be applying several very lights coats to the paper to avoid drips, so don’t worry about getting the first coat perfectly even and opaque.


Spray contact paper with chalkboard spray paint in light, even coats


Continue to add layers of chalkboard paint, working in light even coats. You should be able to apply a new coat about every 30-45 minutes.


Once you have an even, opaque coat of chalkboard paint, let it dry fully


Once you have an even, opaque coat of chalkboard paint, let it dry fully.


Next, you'll need to prepare your chalkboard surface for chalk.


Next, you’ll need to prepare your chalkboard surface for chalk. Coat your surface with chalk dust using a bit of chalk.


Next, you'll need to prepare your chalkboard surface for chalk.


Next you’ll want to softly remove all of the chalk dust with a bit of paper towel. This will ensure that when you beginning writing on your chalkboard surface, nothing will leave a permanent mark. You’ll be able to write and erase easily this way.


Using a 2 inch hole punch, cut circles out of your contact paper


Using a 2-inch hole punch, cut circles from your chalkboard contact paper. These 2-inch stickers will perfectly fit on the inside of the top of your mason jar!


First attach the sticker to the jar, then label it


I found it easiest to apply the sticker to the top of the mason jar first, then label the jar, before adding the spice to it. This way you won’t forget which spice is in which jar!


Transfer spices to labeled mason jars


Now that your jars are labeled, you can begin transferring your spices from their original, mismatched jars into the neatly labeled mason jars. I used a piece of paper to create a funnel so my spices wouldn’t spill all over the counter.

Above, you can see how the chalkboard stickers fit perfectly onto the top of the mason jar. By creating stickers rather than spraying the jar itself, you keep the spray paint from contaminating the inside of the mason jar top.


Label mason jars with chalkboard stickers to create a neat organization system for your spices


You can also make extra stickers in case you decide to add to your collection. When you come home from the grocery, it’ll only take a few seconds to slap a label onto a fresh mason jar, write on it with a bit of chalk, and transfer your new spice into the jar!

We love an organization system that makes maintenance simple!

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  1. pat malone says:

    Think 4 ounce canning jars would be more practical, but the idea is great!

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  4. Megan H says:

    My husband has been complaining about the state of our spice racks for a long time – this may well be the solution I’ve been looking for!

  5. Kelly Comfortz says:

    Don’t know how far its going to be useful in regular day-to-day life-style. But, this will just work perfect during an zombie apocalypse. I might create 3 or 4 crates.