Spring Cleaning Simplified: 10 Cleaning Tips

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Spring Cleaning Simplified: Cleaning Caddy


If you want to clean your home from top to bottom or just tackle a little bit at a time, you’ll love these tips to simplify your spring cleaning. These are from Becky Rapinchuk, who should know a thing or two about spring cleaning–she’s the author of the popular homemaking blog, Clean Mama


The key to simple and effective spring cleaning is having a plan and the right tools. It’s up to you: complete all of these spring cleaning tasks in a day or choose one at a time– regardless, you’ll be well on your way to a cleaner home.

Cleaning Tip 1

Save time and energy during your spring cleaning by putting your most-used spring cleaning tools in a container. Cleaners and tools can be placed in a handled container or tote to easily carry from room to room as you tackle your spring cleaning tasks. Stock your Large Ultra Caddy with the right tools:

Method cleaning products are a great addition to any cleaning caddy, you’ll love them in your spring cleaning bucket:

Spring Cleaning Simplified: Dryer Lint Brush

Cleaning Tip 2

The laundry room can be a lint magnet. Take the time to clean out the lint trap and the dryer vent with a dryer vent brush. Its long handle does a great job getting lint that’s trapped in the dryer. A great bonus feature is the plastic coated wire handle that prevents scratching the interior of your lint trap.

Spring Cleaning Simplified: Wipe Down Dryer with Disinfectant Wipe

Cleaning Tip 3

Vacuum the floor and the area around your washer and dryer to remove the excess lint and dust. Take a few minutes to wipe down your washer and dryer with disinfecting wipes.

Spring Cleaning Simplified: Baking Soda and Dish Soap to Clean Grout

Spring Cleaning Simplified: Baking Soda and Dish Soap to Clean Grout

Cleaning Tip 4

Dingy tiles and grout? Use baking soda and a squirt of your favorite dish soap on your grout. Mix into a paste with a little water and scrub with a tile and grout brush. Scrub, rinse, and repeat if necessary.

Clean the fronts of your machines and wipe out the detergent dispenser as well.

Spring Cleaning Simplified: Vinegar and Water to Clean Carpets

Cleaning Tip 5

Vinegar and water make a great carpet cleaning solution. You can put equal parts in your carpet cleaning machine and clean your carpets as you normally would. Alternatively, you can mix up a small batch to clean carpet spots. Pour a little bit of the vinegar and water solution (equal parts) on the stain. Let sit for fifteen minutes and use a white microfiber towel to soak up any stains and the excess solution. Repeat if necessary, allow to air dry completely, and vacuum area when dry.

Spring Cleaning Simplified: Telescoping Window Cleaning Kit

Cleaning Tip 6

The obligatory spring cleaning task of washing windows is easy with a telescoping window cleaning kit. Mix up a solution of a gallon of warm water and a teaspoon of powdered dishwasher detergent. Allow the mixture to dissolve, dip the squeegee in the solution, scrub your windows, and squeegee dry. Soak up any drips with microfiber towels.

Spring Cleaning Simplified: Cobweb Duster

Cleaning Tip 7

Use a cobweb duster and a 6-foot Handle Pole to access hard to reach spots around your home. Choose a sunny day and you’re sure to find some hidden cobwebs in the nooks and crannies throughout your home. The cobweb duster also can do double duty as a vent duster as well, just move it across the vent and watch the dust disappear.

Spring Cleaning Simplified: Mini Blind Duster

Cleaning Tip 8

Get ready to open those windows up and let all the fresh spring air in by cleaning your window blinds. A mini blind duster is all you need to quickly clean your blinds from top to bottom in one easy swipe. Start at the bottom of your blinds and work your way from left to right and top to bottom.

Spring Cleaning Simplified: Make Your Own Cleaning Wipes

Cleaning Tip 9

Did you know you can make your own cleaning wipes with paper towels and your favorite all-purpose cleaning solution? Mix up a small stash of your own cleaning wipes before a spring cleaning session. Simply stack up 6-12 paper towels, cut the stack of paper towels in half, roll up and place in a plastic zip top bag or a canning jar. Pour about a quarter of  a cup of Method All-Purpose Natural Surface Cleaner in the container, allow to soak up into the paper towels, pour off the excess, and use as you would use any cleaning wipe.

Spring Cleaning Simplified: Method All Purpose Cleaner for the Toilet

Cleaning Tip 10

Dirty toilets? Spray with Method All-Purpose Cleaner from top to bottom, let sit for 10 minutes and wipe clean with a microfiber towel. Remove the toilet seats to get the area under the toilet seat completely clean. Replace the toilet seat if necessary.

When it’s time to spring clean at your home, try these simple tips to get your home clean and tidy in no time. With a little time and the right tools you and your home will be ready to welcome spring.


Check out The Home Depot’s online Cleaning Supplies page for everything you need for your spring cleaning. And take a look at more spring cleaning tips here on The Home Depot Blog. 

Becky received a Home Depot gift card, but the ideas and opinions she expressed are her own.


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