This weekend signals the beginning of daylight saving time in much of the U.S. Here’s a friendly reminder about a few things you’ll want to do beyond just setting all the clocks forward one hour…

1. Check all batteries in your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors

Make sure all detectors in your home have sufficient battery power. Twice a year, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors need their batteries tested. So this weekend, push the test button on your detectors. If they respond with a loud siren or flashing light, they’re good to go. If not, replace with fresh batteries and retest. Or just go ahead and replace them to be extra sure.

2. Adjust the time forward one hour on your programmable thermostats, appliances and clocks

It’s important to adjust the time on these household products to ensure energy savings. If you don’t adjust the time on your thermostat, your heater will kick on one hour late. If you forget this step, you may wake up to a cold house. Likewise, adjust the timer on your kitchen appliances and clocks to make sure your alarms and programmable cooking timers are correct.

3. Adjust the time forward one hour on your sprinklers and security lights

Don’t forget your outdoor timers!  Make sure your security lights turn on at dusk, which arrives an hour later this Sunday. Also, adjust your irrigation sprinklers to ensure they turn on at the correct time of day.

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