St. Paul Bath Suites Simplify an Upgrade

Posted by: on July 20th, 2012 | 2 Comments
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A St. Paul Suite in Espresso


If you’ve ever backed up the line at Baskin-Robbins, you know it’s true: Sometimes making decisions is no fun. Especially when there are hundreds of options (which means thousands of combinations!) to choose from.

Decision paralysis is certainly not limited to the ice cream shop. If you are looking to renovate your home, especially in the kitchen or bathroom, you’ll have lots of decisions to make—and often one decision leads to other questions.

Enter our new  St. Paul Bath Suites, available at These bundled items take the guesswork out of a bathroom upgrade—and also save you cold hard cash in the process. There are 22 unique combos in the line. Here’s why they are pretty sweet. 

They Make Life Easier

The suites include items like a linen tower, OJ (over-the-toilet storage) and wall-mount mirror, in addition to the actual vanity with vanity top. These bundles take out the guesswork, which often results in multiple, multiple trips to your local Home Depot store.

They’re Quality, Trendy Pieces

There are some really nice options in this line that reflect an overall trend in bathroom and kitchen design: They look much like the furniture in the rest of your home. The arched toe-kick and paneled cabinet faces of many of the St. Paul suites in this line give them that furniture feel. Kitchen and bathroom designers in the aisles say these “upgraded” looks are getting more and more popular.

Selecting the Vanity Top Can Be Difficult

Vanity tops are often the biggest expense in a bath renovation. Finding the perfect tone of granite or marble gets tricky, too. With a darker cherry, do you opt for a warm stone? With white cabinets, do you try to match or go darker? A kitchen and bath planner is happy to walk you through all of these decisions—or you could just let someone else make them for you.

They Save Marriages

Not all marriages, but check out this scenario from a kitchen and bath planner, which she says happens all too often: A couple comes in. She’s decided on the look she wants, concentrating on design styles and color schemes. He wants to make sure it actually fits, so he shows up with a piece of paper with dimensions on it. In that case, the planner can recommend a bath suite that satisfies that lady’s aesthetic dreams and her husband’s practical needs. Fewer decisions will need to be made. Having the suite already available means there’s less chance for disagreement. Just sayin’.

(Kitchen and bathroom planners recommend bringing at least the dimensions of the room, the dimensions of the current vanity and the location of your plumbing under the sink—the “p-trap” measurement. Consulting with a kitchen and bathroom designer in the store is a great idea–even if you plan to buy a suite online.)

And take a look at our online Bath Department for everything you need to remodel of upgrade your bathroom.

Special thanks to Kitchen Designer Susan Ruiz at Home Depot store #6547 in San Antonio, Texas for help with this article. 
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  1. Tanya Manning says:

    Will removing a tub from the Bathroom, replacing with a floor to ceiling shower with Jets, Marble backsplash be considered an upgrade? or will I lose the selling feature of a full bath?

    • Craig Allen says:

      That’s a good question, Tanya.

      I’d say it depends on a lot of factors. For instance, consider where you live and who is the target market for your property. Families with kids will probably want at least one bathtub, but if it’s perhaps a smaller home, and one that would mostly attract young couples or singles, the awesome shower you’re describing might be a bonus. I’d say, too, that if you have multiple bathrooms, and at least one has a tub, the awesome shower becomes even more attractive.

      Also, if you plan on staying in your home long term, you can make the home what you want it to be, and not be quite so concerned with resale value. Whatever you’d eventually lose in resale value will be balanced with your enjoyment of your home.

      Of course, this is a home improvement blog, not a real estate blog. But that’s the consensus around here.

      Thanks for the question.

      -Craig, from The Home Depot