5 Clever and Affordable Storage Ideas

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5 Clever and Affordable Storage Ideas: Mason Jars and Clamps




Everything’s easier when you’re organized. And we’re here to help you. We have some clever, and oh so simple storage ideas here that make life just a little bit simpler. These five storage solutions are very affordable, too.


How much stuff do you have cluttering the counters in your bathroom? Makeup products, cotton swabs, toothpaste, moisturizer… seems like bathroom counters are always collecting lots little things. Reclaim counter space in your bathroom with this clever storage idea:  Attach hose clamps to a wooden board and bolt that to the wall. Clamp mason jars to the board for a unique bathroom organization solution.



5 Clever and Affordable Storage Ideas: Curtain Rod Under the Sink



There’s no reason to be afraid to open the cabinet under your kitchen sink. It’s actually quite easy to keep all your cleaning supplies easy to see and within reach with this DIY kitchen sink storage. Just install a closet rod, and extra space suddenly appears under the sink.


5 Clever and Affordable Storage Ideas: PVC Pipe to Organize Cords and Other Items



The garage is another part of the house that gets more than its fair share of twisty, tangly and fiddly things, and there are always sets of items with several pieces and no place to live. Organize cords and other miscellaneous items by tucking them away in a stack of PVC pipes. They’re out of the way and under control. You’re suddenly enjoying spending time at the workbench again.



5 Clever and Affordable Storage Ideas: Line Hardware Container with Wrapping Paper


Storage solutions can complement your decor, too. We turned a hardware container into a mini-storage center with a bit of style. We lined the drawers with wrapping paper for a visual appeal.


5 Clever and Affordable Storage Ideas: Use Plastic Cups and Cardboard in Plastic Tote for Christmas Ornaments


Christmas ornaments can be a bit of a problem when it’s time to take down the tree. They’re delicate, and they can be a bit of a space hog in the attic during the off season. Here’s what to do: line a storage tote with plastic cups and cardboard layers. This keeps your ornaments safe and sound, and you can stack the totes out of the way till next year.

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  1. Sidney says:

    Luv the hints!

  2. Beth says:

    that bottle thing is a super awesome idea. Im gonna try it out

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  4. Melanie says:

    Will the store cut PVC when purchased? Thanks!

    • Craig Allen says:

      Melanie, it varies from store to store. Ask an associate if this is something you can do.

      –Craig, from The Home Depot

  5. Robin says:

    The storage for the Q-tips and make-up brushes is a Fantastic idea! I love it!!!

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  8. Barbara says:

    These are very interesting tips. How do you secure the pvc pipes together to keep them from rolling around?

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  10. Ashley says:

    Hi HomeDepot,
    I appreciate your tips for some space saving tips for bathrooms! I’m looking to revamp my bathroom soon and was curious how much these little projects range from? $20-$30? Just trying to get a little insight into these costs. Thanks!

    • Craig Allen says:

      I think you could incorporate any of these ideas for no more than $30, except maybe if you used more than a couple of totes for the Christmas ornament storage idea. That would depend on exactly what tote you used, and how many.

      –Craig, from The Home Depot