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Places: Red Rooms

Posted by: on February 14th, 2013 | One Comment
Image of a living room decorated in a red theme

Image via Miles Redd


Red is the color of the heart, and has a long and storied association with themes of passion, seduction and romantic love. Ironically, when it comes down to the actual “birds and bees,” bees can’t see red at all. They leave red flowers to be pollinated by butterflies, birds and the capricious winds. Simply put, some just aren’t into red.

Red rooms rarely go unnoticed in the home, however, especially ones with tufted, crushed velvet crimson sofas set against walls painted in a compelling shade of pink. You can use the color red to communicate a broad range of ideas or moods, from confidence and good fortune to energy and creativity. But before you go and paint the town and everything in it red, we found some red rooms you might want to take a few cues from.

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