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Fall Decorating Ideas in Black and White (With a Bit of Orange)

Posted by: on October 24th, 2014 | 4 Comments

Fall Decorating Ideas in Black and White (With a Bit of Orange)

It’s hard to believe that Joni Lay of Lay Baby Lay hasn’t done much fall decorating up until now. You certainly wouldn’t know that looking at the distinctive fall decorating ideas she shows off in her living room all dressed up for the season.

Joni is one of the style bloggers of note we invited to participate in our Halloween and Harvest Style Challenge. As with others of our Style Challenges, we sent mystery boxes of Home Depot fall decorations, and challenged the bloggers to come up with fresh ideas and DIY projects for fall, Halloween and Thanksgiving decorating.

We have seen Joni’s elegant, airy style on display in the spectacularly charming children’s play house she created for her little girls, and the backyard pergola she styled with a casual, natural vibe. You’ll see her love of natural elements and bright, clean spaces in play here with way she styled her bookshelves and fireplace mantel for autumn. And, as always, she offers us some very clever and simple DIY decorating elements, too! 

I’m really excited to be participating in this fall’s Style Challenge. I have never really done much for autumn decor, but I’m finding that with little people in the house, it becomes extra fun to decorate for the season and make it special. When it comes to fall, however, I’m not really super into the creepy Halloween stuff (love the dressing up!) and warm colors aren’t really my favorite in the house. Starting with this fall decor inspiration board, I tried to create a bright, simple tribute to this cozy season.

Fall Decorating Ideas in Black and White (With a Bit of Orange)

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Cozy, Folk Art-Style Fall Decorations for the Home and Garden

Posted by: on October 23rd, 2014 | One Comment

 Cozy, Folk Art-Style Fall Decorations for the Home


Melissa Valeriote is an artist and designer whose delightfully quirky folk-art style is immediately recognizable. She also has a wonderful obsession with holidays– the name of her blog makes that pretty clear: Melissa Valeriote’s Fantastical World of Holidays

She’s previously shown us how she used faux pumpkins to create a luminous Halloween garden. She’s back with more of her enchanting fall decorating ideas, this time focusing on the fireplace mantel, the entryway and again in her backyard.

This is Melissa’s contribution to our Halloween and Harvest Style Challenge series. We sent Melissa and several other notable design bloggers mystery boxes of Home Depot Halloween and fall decorations. The bloggers then performed their magic, generating Halloween and fall decor ideas we all can use in our holiday celebrations.

Melissa’s fall decorations create a warm, cozy and inviting atmosphere, capturing the spirit of autumn in a truly unique way. Read on to see how she created her fall decor, including a simple DIY for a flower planter that doubles as a support for café lights.

Harvest is a time for gathering. A time when food, family and friends are far more important than getting things done. Rich colors and spicy scents are in abundance. With a little help from Mother Nature, feathering your nest for the holidays is made easy as another growing season comes to an end. So head outside, gather up a selection of fallen foliage, in a mix of vibrant hues and textures and join me in my journey of creating an atmosphere of rustic style and comfort by co-mingling the found with the fabricated in small vignettes throughout home and garden.

The Halloween and Harvest Style Challenge Box Arrives

Cozy, Folk Art-Style Halloween Decorations for the Home


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Chic Halloween Decorations for Your Mantel (and a Fireplace Makeover)

Posted by: on October 22nd, 2014 | 4 Comments

Chic Halloween Decorations for Your Mantel



We love the new trend of glam Halloween decorations. We’d never want traditional orange-and-black Halloween to go away. (Don’t worry. It will always be the go-to theme for Halloween.) But shiny, sparkly white and gold Halloween can be so cool. Take for instance the chic Halloween decor Monica Benavidez created for her mantel and fireplace.

She’s the author of the blog Monica Wants It. Monica is one of the design and decor bloggers we invited to take part in our Halloween Style Challenge. We sent several bloggers mystery boxes of Home Depot Halloween and harvest decorations. The bloggers then used those items to create fresh new takes on fall and Halloween decorating for us to share with you.

Monica’s Halloween Style Challenge resulted in a glam Halloween mantel that’s very chic, but still fun. She shows us how she came up with some of her Halloween decorating ideas. But first, she needed to do something about her fireplace… 

When I got word that I’d been challenged to decorate my mantel in a Halloween/Harvest theme, I panicked. I love decorating my mantel, but for the past four years I’ve truly despised our fireplace area. I didn’t want to let you all down by having a boring fireplace, so I knew something had to be done stat!


Fireplace Makeover

My husband and I decided to take this challenge to the next level by not only decorating our mantel, but also by completely revamping the fireplace surround. We put the “all” in challenge, y’all! Here’s what the mantel and fireplace looked like before—the fireplace screen was gold, had several dents, and the firebox was super grimy. Add some beige brick and it was very much stuck in the 1990s.

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Halloween Decorating Ideas: A Not-Too-Creepy Halloween Party

Posted by: on October 20th, 2014 | 18 Comments

Halloween Decorating Ideas: A Not-Too-Creepy Halloween Party


Sometimes it’s hard to walk that thin line between creepy Halloween and cute Halloween. But we think Katrina Sullivan, author of Chic Little House, did it perfectly with her Halloween decorating ideas. 

She offers her Halloween ideas as part of our Halloween Style Challenge. We sent Katrina, and several other excellent decor bloggers, mystery boxes of Home Depot Halloween decorations and asked the bloggers to come up with clever and practical ideas to decorate for the holiday. 

Katrina shows how she created not-too-creepy decorations for a Halloween party. Along the way, she shares some super simple Halloween decorating ideas along with a couple of easy DIY projects you can use for your own Halloween decorating. 


Fall is one of my favorite times of the year, mainly because of my love of Halloween! I absolutely love dressing my home up in Halloween décor. For me Halloween is a time of magic and pretend, and pretty much anything goes from over-the-top scary, to cutesy Halloween décor. Personally, I land somewhere in the middle– I like a mix of creepy and pretty. I adore The Home Depot Style Challenges, and I’m thrilled to be asked to participate in the Halloween Style Challenge.

My Challenge space is dressing our dining room up in Halloween décor. The Home Depot, was generous enough to send me some goodies to help kick-off my pretty creepy Halloween décor. My sweet tooth cravings go into overdrive during Halloween, which made perfect sense to create a sweets table for the Style Challenge. I wanted to keep the main them in my Halloween décor white and black, showcasing hints of orange, gold and green in saturation.

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A Cute Halloween Party Snack Table

Posted by: on October 17th, 2014 | 3 Comments

Home Depot Style 1


This cute Halloween party snack table is the creation of Katie of Made to be a Momma. She styled the table for our Halloween Style Challenge– we send mystery boxes of Home Depot Halloween decorations to some of our favorite DIY and decor bloggers to see what terrific Halloween decorating ideas they can come up with. 

Katie really knocked it out of the park with her purple, orange and black Halloween streamer, fall mums and pumpkin displays. Read on for her colorful Halloween party ideas.

Fall is definitely my favorite season! I admire the colorful leaves, enjoy apple cider donuts and love sipping on a mug of hot cocoa! Every year we have a fun Halloween party with our friends and their kids.

I’m not big into the creepy side of Halloween though. I enjoy the friendly ghosts, spiders and the famous black, orange, and purple colors Halloween brings.

When I was contacted by the Home Depot Style Challenge team about being a part of their Halloween Style Challenge I could barely contain myself. I immediately started planning. We love to entertain, and I thought what more fun and fitting than an apple cider and caramel apple snack table. This table is fully decked out in Halloween type decor and some yummy harvest appropriate treats!

A Cute Halloween Party Snack Table


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Thanksgiving Entertaining Ideas: How to Throw a No Fuss Fall Dinner

Posted by: on October 16th, 2014 | 5 Comments

Thanksgiving Entertaining Ideas: How to Throw a No Fuss Fall Dinner

Fall and holiday entertaining is supposed to be fun. And it is! But being a great host can become overwhelming without a few tricks. Lindsay Jackman, author of The White Buffalo Trading Co., has some terrific Thanksgiving entertaining ideas for us in the form of a fall entertaining guide. She has the game plan for you, along with some great fall decorating ideas and a simple DIY candelabra. 

This is her contribution to our Halloween and Harvest Style Challenge. We’ve sent some of the best lifestyle bloggers on the web some Home Depot fall decorations and let the bloggers work their magic creating practical decorating ideas and projects.

Take a look at Lindsay’s entertaining tips, and you’ll be ready to throw a great dinner party with a minimum of fuss, leaving more time for you to actually enjoy yourself.

Fall is finally here! Pumpkins fill the stores, the air is finally crisp (if only at night in the south), and pumpkin baked goods are all I can think about! Everything feels festive and something about the season just makes me want to entertain.

I love throwing a dinner party and setting a beautiful table for friends to gather round. But so often, it becomes a huge production and I end up wishing I hadn’t thrown the party to begin with!

Follow my simple fall entertaining guide filled with the tips I’ve learned to make fall entertaining easy and fun not only for your guests, but for you!

Prepare in Advance

Fall Decorating Ideas

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How to Decorate for Halloween: A Dark, Spooky Forest in the Living Room

Posted by: on October 15th, 2014 | 18 Comments

How to Decorate for Halloween: Dark, Spooky Forest

Decorating your living room and fireplace mantel for Halloween can be tricky. You don’t want it to be too spooky, and you probably want to have a little fun with it, but it has to be a look you can live with for a several weeks. We think Jennifer Griffin nailed it. She says she has no formal design training, but she certainly knows how to decorate for Halloween. 

The fact is, Jennifer clearly knows how to decorate for any occasion. Take a look at her blog Dimples and Tangles, and you’ll see what we mean.

She is one of the terrific DIY and design bloggers we invited to take part in our Halloween Style Challenge. We sent each blogger a mystery shipment of Home Depot Halloween decorations, and then we stood back while they came up with fresh and inspiring Halloween decorating ideas. 

Jennifer came up with a Halloween mantel that’s warm and colorful with interesting textures and tons of wonderful detail. Read on as she takes us, section by section, through her creative process, including how she modified some of the items we sent her to give them her special look.   

I was so excited when my friends at The Home Depot invited me to be a part of this Style Challenge. I mean, doing a project for one of my favorite companies, in my favorite season, with some fun new products… what could be better?

After receiving the assignment of decorating my mantel, I wasn’t sure what direction I wanted to go until I received my boxes of mystery items from The Home Depot. One item in particular inspired the entire design. Keep reading to find out what it was, but because of it the idea was born to do a dark, spooky forest theme.

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Halloween Decorating Ideas for Those Who Don’t Have a Mantel (or Do)

Posted by: on October 13th, 2014 | One Comment

Halloween Decorating Ideas for Those Who Don't Have a Mantel (or Do)

These whimsical, cute Halloween decorating ideas would work great on a fireplace mantel. There’s no reason to feel deprived, though, if your home doesn’t have a fireplace. Natalie Dalpias, the crafty mind behind The Creative Mom, is here to show you how to create a Halloween display without a mantel. 

This is her contribution to our Halloween Style Challenge. We send mystery shipments of Home Depot Halloween decorations to some especially talented bloggers to see what sort of decorating ideas they can come up with.

Natalie has some very practical Halloween ideas with a few of her own special DIYs to make her mantel-that’s-not-a-mantel burst with fun Halloween spirit.

Halloween Decorating Ideas for Those Who Don't Have a Mantel (or Do)

I always love decorating for Halloween. I love that pretty much anything goes for this season and while things can be cute, you have more freedom to spook things up and add more fun touches than you usually can. With that being said, I will admit that I’m a HUGE wimp. I don’t really love scary things, and I didn’t want to scream with fright every time I walk into the room, so while I added some spooky things into my decor this year, I tried to keep it on the fun side… you know, for the kids *wink.

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Halloween Party Ideas: A Glam Purple, Green and Black Dining Room Decor

Posted by: on October 7th, 2014 | 17 Comments

Halloween Party Ideas: A Glam Purple, Green and Black Tablescape

Halloween parties usually get the spooky treatment or the cute treatment. But we love Carrie Waller’s totally glam, sparkly Halloween party ideas. We shouldn’t be surprised at her unique Halloween vision, though; she’s the creative mind behind Dream Green DIY, after all. 

She created this Halloween party tablescape for our Halloween Style Challenge– we sent mystery boxes of Home Depot fall and Halloween decorations to our favorite design and DIY bloggers. Then we stood back to let the bloggers create amazing Halloween and harvest decor and party ideas. 

This whole room is full of her clever DIY touches, but we’re especially impressed with how Carrie totally hacked a couple of Home Depot Halloween wreathes to serve as her glamorous table decorations. 

Read on for Carrie’s distinctive Halloween party ideas, so you can create his distinctive, sophisticated look for your own Halloween get together.   

Halloween in our house is one fun affair. Dishes inexplicably fill with candy (who can resist the clearance section at the grocery store?), glittery accessories seem to magically appear on nearly every surface and my husband and I indulge in goofy antics all throughout the month of October. And this year, with the help of the Home Depot, we went all out with a dinner party set for four and filled to the brim with spooky-yet-sophisticated style.

Halloween Party Ideas: A Glam Purple, Green and Black Tablescape

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Check Out the DIY Bookshelves in This Home Office Makeover

Posted by: on September 29th, 2014 | 9 Comments

DIY Bookshelves in a Home Office Makeover

Bookshelves generally play two roles– functional and aesthetic. In this home office makeover, the DIY bookshelves add some much needed shelf space, and they certainly make the previously bare room look warm, comfortable and sophisticated.  

These DIY bookshelves were created by Tracy Laverty and her husband Steve. Tracy is the author of the DIY and lifestyle blog Right Up My Alley, and this DIY bookshelf tutorial and home office makeover are part of our ongoing DIY Challenge series here on The Home Depot Blog. We pick a particular material– in this case, plywood — and challenge some of our favorite bloggers to come up with useful DIY projects or inspiration to share with our readers. 

We’re so impressed with Tracy and Steve’s woodworking skills, and as you’ll see in the photos, the home office makeover resulted in a bright, elegant and well-organized work space. 

Our home office has been in the same condition since the day the contractor finished building it; contractor grade walls, no curtains, essentially the storage room where we put things that have no other home. As you can see in the photo below, it was also unorganized and ready for a revamp.

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