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Check Out the DIY Bookshelves in This Home Office Makeover

Posted by: on September 29th, 2014 | 5 Comments

DIY Bookshelves in a Home Office Makeover

Bookshelves generally play two roles– functional and aesthetic. In this home office makeover, the DIY bookshelves add some much needed shelf space, and they certainly make the previously bare room look warm, comfortable and sophisticated.  

These DIY bookshelves were created by Tracy Laverty and her husband Steve. Tracy is the author of the DIY and lifestyle blog Right Up My Alley, and this DIY bookshelf tutorial and home office makeover are part of our ongoing DIY Challenge series here on The Home Depot Blog. We pick a particular material– in this case, plywood — and challenge some of our favorite bloggers to come up with useful DIY projects or inspiration to share with our readers. 

We’re so impressed with Tracy and Steve’s woodworking skills, and as you’ll see in the photos, the home office makeover resulted in a bright, elegant and well-organized work space. 

Our home office has been in the same condition since the day the contractor finished building it; contractor grade walls, no curtains, essentially the storage room where we put things that have no other home. As you can see in the photo below, it was also unorganized and ready for a revamp.

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Creating Custom Built-in Cabinets

Posted by: on September 18th, 2014 | 7 Comments

Creating Custom Built-in Cabinets


Custom built-in cabinets can be a big enhancement to a dining room, living room, or just about any room in your home. We were interested to see how DIY blogger Tania Griffis approached the design and creation of built-in cabinets in her dining room. You should see the amazing work she’s done on her home, as seen on her blog Run to Radiance.  

Her custom built-in cabinets are part of our DIY Challenge series here on The Home Depot Blog. We’ve invited several of our favorite decor and DIY bloggers to create projects all starting with a particular material– in this case, plywood

Take a look at how Tania and her husband thought through the process of designing and building the cabinets, and how they completed the project… with a couple of clever twists. 

My husband Scott and I have been remodeling our home for over two years now—time flies when you are having fun! One of the first rooms we tackled was our dining room. When we designed the floor plan for our dining room, we added a wide nook with the intention of adding a custom built-in cabinet. As things go, however, time went by, and as we took on remodeling the majority of the rooms in our house, our cabinet idea fell lower on our to-do list. You can see below that we found a way to make the nook useful, but neither of us felt it was a long-term solution, and we have always intended to go back and create something fabulous.

When I was invited to participate in the Home Depot DIY Challenge, and found out the only stipulation was I would have to use plywood to create something, I knew our cabinet project could finally happen.

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DIY Industrial Lamp: Cool Desk Lamp Made From Pipe

Posted by: on August 7th, 2014 | 13 Comments

DIY Industrial Lamp: Cool Desk Lamp Made From Pipe


This easy-to-make DIY industrial lamp will create a trendy industrial look for your desk or table. This cool desk lamp is made from lengths of steel pipe and fittings, a light kit and a light bulb– all readily available at your local Home Depot store.

Just follow the step-by-step tutorial, and you’ll have your new pipe lamp completed in no time. 

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How to Macrame a Room Divider

Posted by: on May 30th, 2014 | 4 Comments

How to Macrame a Room Divider by Moorea Seal

Interest in macrame seems to be enjoying a revival these days with more and more people learning how to macrame decorations for their homes. You’ll also see examples of the centuries-old craft showing up in the decor of hip boutiques across the country– including the Seattle shop of jewelry maker Moorea Seal.

Here, she shows us how to macrame a beautiful room divider similar to one that hangs in her store. She says she took inspiration from the ever crafty ladies at A Beautiful Mess. But Moorea added some shine to the design with small pieces of copper pipe, which picks up on the theme of the DIY copper pipe jewelry displays in her store.  

Just follow the steps, and you’ll have your own macrame room divider. 

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Outdoor Decorating Ideas: A Lush, Eclectic, Bohemian LA Patio

Posted by: on April 15th, 2014 | 15 Comments

Outdoor Decorating Ideas: A Lush, Eclectic, Bohemian LA Patio

Outdoor decor should be bold, bright and fun. At least that’s what Justina Blakeney says. 

Justina is a designer and stylist in Los Angeles who has created a one-of-kind patio for her vintage bungalow that proves you can pull out all the stops when you’re decorating your outdoor space.

Justina writes about her eclectic, international design sensibilities on her blog simply called Justina Blakeney. We were thrilled she agreed to take us up on our Patio Style Challenge– we sent her a Home Depot patio set, and she styled a gorgeous patio around it. 

It’s a tour de force of bohemian style, with delicious color, dazzling patterns, lush greenery and easy comfort. Take a look at the photos, and read on for her distinctive outdoor decorating ideas. 

A patio overhaul at my Los Angeles 1920s bungalow (jungalow!) rental was LONG overdue. Ever since I had my baby girl eighteen months ago the plants in our container garden were dunzo–only the kale survived the drought.

Trees were overgrown–and not in a ‘rustic’ way–in a neglected way. The hodgepodge of furniture that I had more-or-less dumped out there was looking, well, dumpy, and as the spring rapidly approached I knew something had to give.

Enter the Home Depot Style Challenge (and the help of Sara Bauer from Immaculate Space) to give it the makeover it so desperately needed.

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Patio Decor Ideas: Dining Al Fresco Inspiration from the Patio Style Challenge

Posted by: on April 2nd, 2014 | One Comment

As we get ready for the 2014 Patio Style Challenge, we thought we’d share some of our favorite patio decor ideas from past editions.

When you’re ready to get your outdoor space into tip top shape, we can help! Read on for plenty of great ideas and patio trends to watch.

Patio Decor Ideas: String lights, bold color mixed with a pastel, and a few graphic patterns

Easy and elegant aren’t two words often used together, but in this flawless outdoor entertaining space, Brittany of brittanyMakes shows us that elegant actually can be easy. All you need to achieve this look is a few key elements: string lights, bold color mixed with a pastel, and a few graphic patterns.

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Color Schemes: A Yellow-Teal Inspired Palette

Posted by: on March 19th, 2014 | 3 Comments

Color Schemes: A Yellow-Teal Inspired Palette - The Home Depot

Yellow is a color of many meanings, and with a lot of variation comes a lot of different choices, and it’s prominent in many lovely color schemes. If you’re not sure how to select a yellow that’s right for you, find an object in the room that you love. It can a beloved accent pillow, your favorite piece of artwork or even some fresh flowers. Use this object as a reference point to help you figure out where to begin decorating the space. Yellow is a versatile color, but only if it compliments your room in the right shade.

If your home features warm tones in wood floors or furniture, look for a tint with a bit of blue-green in it. Glidden’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a great example of a bold, distinctive yellow that has just a hint of green. Softer yellows, such as Behr’s Honey Locustwork well as dominant colors against dark wood finishes, too.

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Inspired: Home Office Organization Ideas

Posted by: on February 26th, 2014 | 3 Comments

Home Office Organization Ideas

If there’s one room in the house you really have to keep orderly, it might be your home office. Whatever area you’ve designated as a home office is where school projects are kept and important documents are stored, not to mention magazines, recipes, and little notes. It’s essential to keep your home office in working order! And even better–make it an attractive and comfortable space to pay bills, file away important papers or write a term paper. Here are a few home office organization ideas to get your work space in tip-top shape.

Mail & Magazine Rack

If piles of paper, stacks of magazines, and endless junk mail are giving you a run for your money, try a wall organizer with different compartments for all your paper-wrangling needs. You’ll instantly have more space on your desk and the mail clutter will be easily tamed. We love the Nathan Wall Organizer from Home Decorators Collection.

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Color Schemes: An Orchid-Inspired Palette

Posted by: on February 12th, 2014 | 4 Comments

Color Schemes: An Orchid-Inspired Palette

There’s always one room at home that needs a little extra love. Whether it’s the guest bedroom or the bathroom downstairs, you know it’s time for an upgrade when that space has left you feeling underwhelmed.

But even if you love paint as much as we do, deciding between color schemes can leave you puzzled. If you long for colorful rooms but don’t know where to begin, bring color into your home with this orchid-inspired palette. This purple color scheme is guaranteed to enliven any room in your home.

While adding color can give your home the boost it needs, bold hues aren’t the easiest to incorporate in décor. But not to fear, we’re here to help inspire you with the perfect palette for your room.

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DIY Project: Metallic Painted Ceiling

Posted by: on January 15th, 2014 | 6 Comments

DIY Project: Metallic Painted Ceiling


This ceiling treatment is an easy DIY project that adds drama and elegance to any room. We have the step-by-step instructions for the metallic painted ceiling project that you can download and print.

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