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How to Choose Outdoor Grills

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Outdoor grilling, once just a seasonal pastime, has become a year-round activity for those who love the taste of food cooked over an open fire. And whether you’re cooking for a large group or just throwing something on the grill for yourself, outdoor grills now come in an array of styles, sizes and fuel types to meet the demands of every outdoor chef.

If you’re considering a new grill, we’d like to help you choose the right one for your outdoor cooking needs. This short video will show you the features and benefits of some of the latest in portable electric, gas and charcoal grills.

Portable outdoor grills are perfect for small outdoor spaces at home or for grilling a few burgers and hot dogs at a tailgate or picnic. You’ll also see the wide selection of full-sized propane and natural gas outdoor grills. Many of them are equipped with side burners, rotisseries and other innovative grill accessories that make cooking and enjoying meals outdoors more enjoyable. You can even explore ideas for building your own customized outdoor kitchen.

After reviewing your options — see all of them in our Grills Department — you’ll be ready to fire up the grill and prepare a delicious meal anytime, anywhere.


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Grill It: Grill Accessories for a Newbie

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grill accessories

Q: I’m getting a new grill! What tools do I really need to get the job done? 

A: Grill accessories are where it’s at! Clear a drawer in the kitchen or grab a new plastic tote because you are about to get accessorized. The essential grilling tool that you can’t live without is a wide spatula. Let its width be generous, so it can take on monster burgers, big slabs of veggies and much more.

Another grill accessory to consider is grill tongs, which are great for those items that just love to roll off or escape the flat spatula, like hot dogs, shrimp or scallops. Depending on the scale of your soon-to-be grilling tasks, you could also pick up a meat fork. Please note: These forks should not be used to turn smaller everyday items like burgers or steaks because they puncture the meat and will drain it of its juices. They’re ideal for moving meat around when you are carving it and also for moving larger items, like roasted chicken breast, to a plater or to the table.

Other items that you’ll want to have at arm’s reach: a grill brush, some flame-resistant grill mitts and a good meat thermometer. Now, the (grilling) world is yours!

Grilling Tips is for all you grill fanatics out there. Whether you swear by propane, charcoal or gas, our BBQ tips have you covered. If you’re in need of an upgrade – shop Grills at

Grill It: What’s the Best Way to Light Charcoal?

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Hot charcoal on a grill

Q: What’s the best way to light charcoal?

A: First thing’s first: never use gasoline to start a grill and never put lighter fluid on already-lit coals.

Struggling to get the charcoal going while a pack of hungry people look on is simply no fun. First, build a mount of briquettes that looks like a pyramid. Soak the charcoal in lighter fluid, then—here’s the key—wait for about five minutes. Apply a second coat, then wait a few more minutes before bringing on the flames. Once the briquettes become gray, spread them out a bit.

Another way to get the process going is using a cylinder chimney starter. These metal containers pile the coals up for you. Converts swear that it produces perfectly glowing nuggets every time—and that it produces them faster. These cylinders are also advantageous because you might not need to use lighter fluid with them.

We’ve Got Dad Covered

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Father’s Day is fast approaching and if you’re thinking of getting Dad a new grill The Home Depot is your one stop shop. We have a variety of options for you to choose from. Visit us here for grills from Aussie, Brinkmann, Char-Broil, Weber and more! The Home Depot has the largest selection of top-rated grills that are in stock, fully assembled and ready to cook on!

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