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Top Grilling Recipes on Our Grilling Board on Pinterest

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Top Grilling Recipes: A California Burger with guacamole mayonaise

California Burger with Guacamole Mayonnaise


The grilling recipes are the most popular part of The Home Depot’s Grills & Outdoor Cooking board on Pinterest. It’s no wonder; one of the joys of grilling is dazzling your family and guests with amazing feats of outdoor cooking prowess. Always having a new, awesome recipe up your sleeve is one way to keep the compliments coming.

Many of our grilling recipe pins might be a bit unusual or have an intriguing and unexpected ingredient — e.g. the guava jelly in the Caribbean Baby Back Ribs with Guava Glaze.

But what are the most popular recipe pins on the Grills & Outdoor Cooking Pinterest board?

This isn’t a scientific survey, but based merely on the number of repins and likes, it appears that a grilling recipe doesn’t have to be exotic to catch the eye of Pinterest surfers.

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Inspired: Grilling Accessories for Every Grill Master

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Grilling accessories inspiration board


Heat up your next grill session with one of these grilling accessories.

Want to make sweet treats over the flame? Serve your family some gooey s’mores with this S’more Maker. Stack your ingredients into the handy basket, place it on your grill, and you’ll have dessert ready in a couple of minutes.

Do you or your favorite grill master love to take your flame to a tailgate or a public park? The Mr. Bar-B-Q 30-Piece Stainless Steel Tool Set has all the accessories you need, from the basting brush to the knives. Pack it up in a sleek case and tote it wherever your next grilling adventure takes you.

If you lose sleep thinking about that perfectly cooked steak hot off the grill, you need a good thermometer. The Mr. Bar-B-Q Remote Digital Thermometer Gauge gets high marks from our customers, and the remote gauge travels up to 100 feet.

Love grilling but don’t love the stuck-on grime that it leaves on your grate? The Grill Daddy BBQ Brush Cleaner uses steam to clean the grates of your favorite barbecue grill, leaving you with a clean surface for all of your culinary creations.


Inspired is an editorial curation of products from and our sister site, Home Decorators Collection – along with irresistible finds from around the web.

Trick Out Your Tailgating Cooler With Wheels

Posted by: on September 30th, 2012 | 5 Comments

Tailgating Cooler with Wheels

When it comes to tailgating gear, aside from a good spot in the stadium parking lot, there aren’t many things more important than your cooler. When you need to carry your cooler any distance, though, you are quickly reminded of the sheer genius behind the invention of the wheel. So, let’s add some wheels to a cooler. And while we’re at it, let’s add a Lazy Susan steering system, and trick the cooler out to be a thing of tailgating beauty.

Here’s how to trick out your tailgating cooler. 

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Grill It: Appetizers for the Grill

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Pizza on the grill

Q: What are some cool finger foods to toss on the grill?

A: Maybe you’re having a grill party, but don’t have enough chairs to make it a regular sit-down meal. Or maybe you just want something nice for your guests to munch on from the grill before the eating gets serious. So it’s good to have some grilled appetizers in your grilling repertoire.

Some jalapeño poppers or stuffed peppers make a great treat, though they take a little handiwork before the party. Grilled pizzas are easy to slice and share (think: pesto-mozzarella-tomato or marinara with sausage, peppers and onions). Just brush the grill with plenty of olive oil before throwing the pizzas on.

Shrimp or chicken on a skewer is a great base for a casual appetizer grill party, and especially delightful with a generous brush of sweet lime-chili sauce. And don’t forget the obvious: smoky, spicy chicken wings on the grill.

If you are serving up several savory bites, a small dessert will excite the crowd. Try halving slightly less-than-ripe peaches and throwing them on face down. Toss on a dollop of ricotta or goat cheese and top with honey or a balsamic reduction for a tasty three-bite treat.

Grilling Tips is for all you grill fanatics out there. Whether you swear by propane, charcoal or gas, our BBQ tips have you covered. If you’re in need of an upgrade – shop Grills at

How to Build a Slide-Out Tailgate Table

Posted by: on September 28th, 2012 | One Comment

DIY Tailgating Table

When The Apron blog team decided to put together a tailgating series, we began to brainstorm around items that would make your tailgating life a little bit easer. Let’s simplify the storage process with a customized storage tote. Let’s make it easier for friends and family to find us (or you!) with an easy-to-make PVC flagpole. Then we thought about the tailgating food spread, arguably the most important aspect of the tailgate! We wanted to come up with a way to build a tailgating table that slides out of the back of a pickup truck.

So we brought in the DIY experts over on the The Home Depot How-To Community Forums to help us out. Our thought was that you could easily extend your truck’s tailgate, and give it the look of a wooden dining table by adding some legs to a table top. This way, you could leave your table in your truck bed, pack supplies on top, and pull it out when you’re ready for the party. Of course, this tailgate table works equally well for picnics during the off season.

ChrisFixIt came up with our game plan (sketched out below), and showed us how to build a sturdy tailgate table that could be customized for any truck bed.

Here are your step-by-step instructions.

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DIY Decor: How to Make a String of Bunting Flags

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DIY Bunting Banner for your Tailgating Party

Bunting flags have been all the rage in the blog world the last few months. Stringing up pennants is a great way to decorate birthday parties, wedding and baby showers and picnics… and, of course, tailgating parties. We have an easy way for you to make your own flag bunting. This is an easy afternoon DIY project that costs under $20!

Just follow these step-by-step instructions to create your own string of bunting flags.


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From the Forums, Tailgating Edition: How to Build a Tailgate Game Table

Posted by: on September 28th, 2012 | 5 Comments


Our How-To Community associate ChrisFixit has designed some very DIY clever projects that you can find on our online How-To Community Forums. But for this special tailgating edition of our From the Forums series, we’re showcasing this tailgating table he put together especially for The Home Depot’s College Gameday Facebook App. It’s suitable for serving food, and once the eating is down, it becomes a football-field-themed game table.

You can download these instructions in printable form at the Home Depot Facebook page. And while you’re at College Gameday Facebook App, check out the instructions for building the deluxe version of this tailgate game table. 

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10 Things Every Tailgating All-Star Needs

Posted by: on September 26th, 2012 | One Comment

An all-star tailgating set-up

If tailgating were an Olympic sport — and, really, why isn’t it? — then the Tailgating All-Star is definitely taking home the gold. This pro is lounging in his outdoor couch, mister on in the summer months and portable heater kicking in the winter. The All-Star doesn’t just come with a grill, he comes with a five-star menu that includes rotisserie chicken and multiple sides. This is the guy who you definitely want to make friends with.

Here’s what the Tailgating All-Star is pulling in his trailer:

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How to Make a Chalkboard Paint A-Frame Sign for Tailgating

Posted by: on September 25th, 2012 |

A chalkboard paint sign at tailgating


If you need to keep tabs on wins and losses, shout out a major victory or just let everyone know the “daily specials” that will be rotating on the grill, the sandwich board sign with chalkboard paint is a simple DIY solution that great for a tailgating get-together. Follow these step-by-step instructions for a hardworking, versatile board that you’ll use time and again.

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10 Tailgating Essentials for the Varsity Tailgater

Posted by: on September 24th, 2012 | One Comment

10 Things Every Varsity Tailgater Needs

We’ve covered all the tailgating essentials you need if you’re a Rookie Tailgater. Here we offer up the tailgating must-haves for the seasoned tailgater looking to upgrade his or her gear. These are our top picks for the enthusiast looking to join the Varsity Tailgating team:

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