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Home Depot’s Christmas Light Trade-In Event 2014

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Home Depot Christmas Light Trade In


The 2014 Christmas Light Trade-In Has Ended 

Thanks for participating!




It’s time to switch to LED Christmas lights, and The Home Depot wants to make that easy to do. That’s why The Home Depot is holding its 2014 Christmas Light Trade-In Event!

Starting November 6, 2014 take your old incandescent Christmas light strings to The Home Depot for recycling. You’ll receive a $3, $4 or $5 discount toward the purchase of ENERGY STAR qualified LED Christmas lights. You’ll get a coupon for each string of old lights you give us. (Limit 5 redemptions per customer.)

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First Look: Gas and Electric Snow Blowers

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When a blizzard hits and dumps tons of white powder everywhere, skiers rejoice and homeowners cringe. When you’re faced with the task of removing snow from your driveway and walkways you can go old-school and break out the snow shovel, or move into the 21st century and fire up the snow blower.

Using a snow blower will shorten the amount of time you spend outside in the cold removing snow, and save you from some muscle-aching manual labor. We carry powerful gas and electric snow blowers from the leading brands, Toro, Sno-Tek and Ariens.

Home Depot associate Tim Seymour highlights our available snow blowers and details snow blower terminology, including single and two stage removal technology, in this week’s First Look video.

Our First Look series gives Apron Blog readers an inside look by highlighting some of the videos our store associates watch to learn about the new products and services available at The Home Depot.

In the Wild: Christmas Shopping at The Home Depot

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Shopping for Christmas must-haves in the aisles of The Home Depot

The aisles of The Home Depot are busy this time of year with folks shopping for Christmas trees, looking for gifts for the beloved DIY-er in their life, or picking up a gingerbread kit (a Black Friday special!). Check out these photos people have posted publicly to Instagram while doing some Christmas shopping at The Home Depot, or preparing for Christmas shoppers.

Above: By tamarajhair on Instagram

A Home Depot associate hangs snowflakes at a Home Depot store

By laurindennings on Instagram That’s in Florida, so the snowflakes aren’t real.

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In the Wild: Goofing Off In The Aisles

Posted by: on October 15th, 2012 | 2 Comments

Goofing off in The Home Depot aisles


It’s just too temping for our customers: Something about being in a Home Depot store makes them want to act a little crazy. And we like it! Check out these photos of people goofing off in the aisles, tagged with our name and posted publicly on Instagram and around the web.

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Home Depot In The Wild: Cool Details in Instagram Photos

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The Home Depot is a no-frills type of place. And we like it that way. But if you look a little closer, it’s easy to find snippets of the pretty and the cool in the details. Check out these photos, which were tagged with our name and posted publicly on Instagram and around the web, which showcase the artistic things that our customers and associates find in the stores when they zoom in a little bit.

Above: From hurley3062 on Instagram.

Photo by stephouellette on Instagram

“I finally found something to do at Home Depot [while] Chad shops,” says stephouellette on Instagram.

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Happy Labor Day From The Home Depot

Posted by: on September 3rd, 2012 | 2 Comments

Image of a picnic table with food


We hope you have big plans for Labor Day. Maybe you’re taking off to the lake or to the beach for one last long weekend of fun. Perhaps you’re attending a festival, or just throwing a few things on the grill for family and friends. Even if you’re using the time off to relax around the house and plan your fall garden – enjoy it, you’ve earned it.

Whatever your plans, The Home Depot would like to wish you and you loved ones the safest, happiest Labor Day ever. We also want to pay tribute to the American worker whose contributions and achievements have helped make this such a great nation.

And hey, even though summer’s over, the kids are back in school and it’s time to stop wearing white, there are still so many things to look forward to. Just think of how beautiful it will be when all the leaves begin to turn, and how delicious s’mores taste when toasted over an open firepit. But best of all, rejoice because it’s finally almost time for some football!


Real Stories, Real Doing: Amazing Wedding Photos Shot in a Home Depot Store

Posted by: on August 17th, 2012 | 9 Comments


When Jessica Olds, then Jessica Elder, was getting ready for her wedding in Cocoa Beach, Florida, she did what any bride would do this time of year: Check the weather. A lot.

After the ceremony at Riverside Presbyterian Church, the plan called for the wedding party to walk across the street to the beach to have portraits taken. But there was an 80 percent chance of rain on June 23. That’s when the big day became the big, orange day.

Jessica said the idea to do the photos indoors in a surprising location just came to her. She ran the idea by Nathan Olds, her soon-to-be husband: They would gather the bride and groom’s parties together at the nearby Merritt Island Home Depot, store #234, after the wedding to take pictures. He was totally into it, she said.

She rang the store about a week in advance, and they were also on board. On the wedding day, Home Depot associates even helped gather props together for the various shots. As the bride and groom finished posing and headed to their reception, a voice came over the PA system announcing the new couple. Customers cheered, whistled and clapped as they made their way out the door and into their new life together.

Jessica said she gives all the creative credit to photographer Curtiss Bryant, who came up with all of the clever poses. The shots definitely have the mark of the photographer, who said it was probably the most original set of portraits he’s ever shot.

Check out these amazing wedding photo ideas, all shot inside a Home Depot store:

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Home Depot In the Wild: Strange Places in Home Depot Stores

Posted by: on August 6th, 2012 | One Comment

A Home Depot employee in a strange location

In the Wild is a collection of shots we found posted publicly and tagged with The Home Depot name. Check out this round-up of people in oh-so-odd places in Home Depot stores.

Above:  nivek909 on Instagram: “I go hard in the paint!!!”

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First Look: Home Decorators Collection Stack & Store Products

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It’s truly amazing how much stuff we accumulate over time. If you’ve recently moved or helped a friend move, then you know first-hand how rapidly our possessions can grow. So with all that stuff, you need places and containers to store and organize it all. Luckily, our Home Decorators Collection includes a line of stack & store products for just such an occasion.

Home Depot associate Christian Jessel highlights our Home Decorators Collection stack & store cabinets that are fully assembled and can be floor or wall mounted in an open, drawer or double-door design that are perfect for displaying or housing collectibles and antiques. See this great line of storage and organizational products here in this video:

Our First Look series gives Apron Blog readers an inside look by highlighting some of the videos our store associates watch to learn about the new products and services available at The Home Depot.

Real Stories, Real Doing: A Log Cabin School Project Made from Cork

Posted by: on July 23rd, 2012 | 5 Comments

A miniature log cabin made from cork as a school project


We love to hear stories about how The Home Depot helps people do more. It might be about a fellow running his own business custom building beds, how a good price on pumpkins inspired a Halloween display, or a family’s fond memories of our Kids’ Workshops. We have another such story, this time about a clever use of materials for a girl’s school project.

Tabatha Cassell, who lives in southern Arkansas, left a comment on a blog post here on the Apron about the many uses of cork. She was proud of her 14-year-old daughter Sydnee for coming up with the brilliant idea of using cork to build a miniature log cabin.

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