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10 Simple Spring Cleaning Tips

Posted by: on March 28th, 2014 | One Comment

10 Simple Spring Cleaning Tips

Sometimes a few simple steps can make a major difference in sprucing up your home for spring. Melissa Michaels of The Inspired Room is an expert at offering simple ideas to make your home cleaner and more comfortable, so we asked her to share with us a few of her spring cleaning tips.

Here are her practical, and sometimes unexpected ways to make spring cleaning simple and effective– so you can start enjoying the season and your sparkling clean home.  

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Spring Cleaning Tips: 10 Tricks for a Clean, Fresh Home

Posted by: on March 20th, 2014 | 5 Comments

Spring Cleaning Tips: 10 Tricks for a Clean, Fresh Home

We all could use a few tips or tricks for keeping the house clean. We asked Sarah, author of Thrifty Decor Chick, some of her cleaning secrets. She offered up some spring cleaning tips that cover everything from the microwave and pet hair to de-gunking your iron and deodorizing plastic food containers.


This time of year has me wanting to open all the windows, organize everything and clean every surface until it glistens. I love the fresh feeling spring brings! Today I’m sharing a few of the ways I bring it into our home. 

Spring Cleaning Tips: DIY jewelry cleaner

Spring Cleaning Tip No. 1

DIY jewelry cleaner

I started using this DIY jewelry cleaner a couple years ago and it works incredibly well. The best part is you can make it with items you probably have on hand in your kitchen.

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Cleaning Tips: Clean Smarter, Not Harder this Spring!

Posted by: on March 18th, 2014 | 5 Comments

Cleaning Tips: Clean Smarter, Not Harder this Spring!

We have discovered there are some people who would prefer to get their spring cleaning done as quickly and easily as possible. This seems to be the case for most people we’ve talked to. 

It turns out that Dana White is among those who’d rather get the job done with as little fuss and elbow grease as possible. Our first clue was the name of her blog: A Slob Comes Clean. We asked her for her spring cleaning tips, knowing they would have particular resonance with those among us who don’t necessarily cherish their time spent cleaning.

If you’d rather start enjoying your freshly cleaned house as quickly as possible, these spring cleaning tips are for you.

The sun shining through my windows in the spring makes me suddenly see things that need to be cleaned. Even though I successfully ignore those grimy places all winter, Spring Cleaning Fever takes over and I just can’t ignore them any longer. If you’re catching the fever too, use these cleaning tips and tricks to help you clean smarter, not harder!

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10 Cleaning Ideas for Parents of Young Kids

Posted by: on March 13th, 2014 | Make A Comment
10 Cleaning Ideas for Parents of Young Kids


Children are a joy. But they come with their own set of cleaning challenges– wall smudges, toys that are in the mouth as much as the hands, that sort of thing. 

Cassity Kmetzsch writes the popular DIY blog Remodelaholic with her husband. She is also a mother of two little ones. We asked her to share some of her cleaning ideas. She came up with terrific cleaning tips that focus on a typical kid’s room. She also offers some ideas on cleaning tasks that will get the kids happily involved in helping with the spring cleaning.  


As a mother of two small girls, my house is not always perfectly clean, but it is important to me to teach my children how to clean. So, during this year’s spring cleaning, I am asking my girls to help me get some good cleaning done in their rooms… and who knows, maybe they will catch on and help with the rest of the house!

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10 Must-Try Kitchen Cleaning Tips

Posted by: on March 7th, 2014 | 4 Comments

10 Clever and Unexpected Kitchen Cleaning Tips

What do lemons, uncooked rice and a chopstick have to do with spring cleaning? You might say it’s the kind of stuff you find under your refrigerator when you do some large scale kitchen cleaning. And in your case, that might be exactly the case. But here, those are three rather unexpected tools that Kate Riley recommends for getting the kitchen spic and span. Kate writes the popular design and decorating blog, Centsational Girl, so we were thrilled when she agreed to share with us her top ten kitchen cleaning tips.


The kitchen is the heart of the home, and like most families we spend many hours together in ours. With so much daily use, it’s a space that gets dirty quickly, so I use a combination of natural solutions and retail products to clean our kitchen so it’s both sparkling and sanitary.

To follow are ten of my little tricks for keeping my kitchen clean!

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Spring Cleaning Simplified: 10 Cleaning Tips

Posted by: on March 5th, 2014 | 7 Comments

Spring Cleaning Simplified: Cleaning Caddy


If you want to clean your home from top to bottom or just tackle a little bit at a time, you’ll love these tips to simplify your spring cleaning. These are from Becky Rapinchuk, who should know a thing or two about spring cleaning–she’s the author of the popular homemaking blog, Clean Mama


The key to simple and effective spring cleaning is having a plan and the right tools. It’s up to you: complete all of these spring cleaning tasks in a day or choose one at a time– regardless, you’ll be well on your way to a cleaner home.

Cleaning Tip 1

Save time and energy during your spring cleaning by putting your most-used spring cleaning tools in a container. Cleaners and tools can be placed in a handled container or tote to easily carry from room to room as you tackle your spring cleaning tasks. Stock your Large Ultra Caddy with the right tools:

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10 Kid-Friendly Spring Cleaning Tasks

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10 Kid-Friendly Spring Cleaning Tasks

When it comes to spring cleaning, make it a family affair! Amy Bell, who writes the homemaking blog Positively Splendid, shares her list of 10 kid-friendly spring cleaning tasks. These are safe, productive tasks that children can complete to contribute to the your household spring cleaning.


Kid-Friendly Task 1 – Dusting

10 Kid-Friendly Spring Cleaning Tasks: Dusting

Finally, a way to use lone socks that have lost their mate! Have your children slip their hands into old socks to use as handy dusting “mitts” to clean the surfaces in their bedrooms. Make sure to move any items from dressers, nightstands and the like to ensure every spot gets a thorough cleaning. We love to use Pledge Multi-Surface Everyday Cleaner, as it can be used on just about any surface in any room: glass, wood, stainless steel, granite and more.

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10 Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks from 7th House on the Left

Posted by: on February 21st, 2014 | 6 Comments

10 Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Sure, the calendar says the new year begins on January 1, but in fact, it’s spring cleaning time that marks the true renewal we all look for each year. 

Ashley Brown, who writes the 7th House From the Left blog loves the annual spring cleaning ritual in her home. She looks forward to is just as a kid looks forward to the Tooth Fairy, she says. She and her husband Greg actually spend a couple of days getting the house cleaned, polished, cleared out and repaired. 

We asked her to share with us her top ten spring cleaning tips and tricks. 

10 Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks: Hang a squeegee in the shower

Spring Cleaning Tip No. 1

Let’s face it, keeping the shower glass spick-and-span can be a real pain. Over the past year, the Mister and I have learned that with two easy steps and an extra 55 seconds before getting out of the shower (yes, I actually timed it), you can cut down on an hour or more of scrubbing later.

The first thing we do is use a shower and bath squeegee to remove the water from the glass shower door– yep, after every shower. Doing this will drastically cut down on water spots and water deposit build up, keeping the glass looking extra sparkly, fresh and clean. After some quick squeegee action, we spray down the tile with Method Daily Shower Cleaner. It dissolves mildew stains and prevents soap scum build-up like a champ.

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Spring Cleaning Tips: The 6 Spots You Might Be Missing

Posted by: on February 21st, 2014 | Make A Comment

Spring Cleaning Tips: The 6 Spots You Might Be Missing


There’s something about emerging from winter hibernation that flips the Spring Cleaning switch in a lot of us. There’s almost a genetic desire to air out, wipe, scrub and scrape everything in sight. But we all miss something in this annual spring cleaning exercise. That’s why we came up with spring cleaning tips focused on the spots–unseen, or just maybe not so obvious–that you might be missing.

Let’s start at the top, and work our way down.

1. Top of the ceiling fan blades

It’s probably a good thing that you can’t see the top of your ceiling fan blades. But you know what’s up there, don’t you? And though the gunk on your fan blades is out of sight, all that dust and dirt is being flung around the room every time you turn the fan on.

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5 Clever and Affordable Storage Ideas

Posted by: on January 14th, 2014 | 11 Comments

5 Clever and Affordable Storage Ideas: Mason Jars and Clamps




Everything’s easier when you’re organized. And we’re here to help you. We have some clever, and oh so simple storage ideas here that make life just a little bit simpler. These five storage solutions are very affordable, too.


How much stuff do you have cluttering the counters in your bathroom? Makeup products, cotton swabs, toothpaste, moisturizer… seems like bathroom counters are always collecting lots little things. Reclaim counter space in your bathroom with this clever storage idea:  Attach hose clamps to a wooden board and bolt that to the wall. Clamp mason jars to the board for a unique bathroom organization solution.

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