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Places: The Kitchen Banquette

Posted by: on August 2nd, 2012 | Make A Comment
Built-in Dining Banquette from Lonny Magazine

via Lonny Magazine


A kitchen banquette is a great way to bring a cozy and casual vibe into your home, whether you’re willing to tackle a booth-like space (like in the photo above) or a simple table and bench in the corner of the room.

Tear your eyes away from the two adorable little twins in the photo above, and instead focus on the seating setup we have in this space. Rather than try to squeeze a cramped table and chairs into this niche, interior designer Lulu de Kwiatkowski outfits her kitchen nook with a warm, weathered farm table, two built-in benches wrapped in beaded board, and some comfy green cushions. By building the benches into the wall, you’re actually saving space, making room for a larger table.

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Inspired: Small Bedroom Ideas

Posted by: on July 9th, 2012 | One Comment

Small space bedroom ideas


When pulling together a bedroom in a small space, it can be intimidating to start ticking off the different items you’ll need: a bed obviously, two nightstands, a dresser, a few lamps, maybe a chair… But where will all of these things go in a short-on-square-footage bedroom?

That’s what this inspiration board is about– small bedroom ideas.

One easy way to maximize your space is to limit the number of feet on the ground. Remember to use your walls to your advantage. Rather than nightstands, opt for two floating shelves on either side of the bed, and instead of table lamps, try swing arm wall sconces. You’ll still have a place for an alarm clock and your cell phone, and proper reading light, but you won’t have to worry about squeezing so many pieces of furniture into the room.


To create a creamy, warm backdrop for this bedroom, we used Behr Ultra’s Jasper Cane, a subtle tan with a hint of peach.

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Places: Bathtubs in Bedrooms

Posted by: on July 5th, 2012 | One Comment
Freestanding bathtub in white bedroom

via Interiorholic


It’s no secret that residential design has come a long way in the last 200 years. Building materials have changed, closets are bigger, and kitchen appliances are now smarter than their owners… But lately we’ve been circling back in a wave of nostalgia. In recent years we’ve seen the resurgence of vintage kitchen and bath fixtures, the growing popularity of reclaimed wood, and other trends that celebrate furniture and building pieces that remind us of the past.

One such trend rooted in the past is adding a bathtub to the bedroom. While it might seem like a preposterous idea, many of the first bathtubs were installed in the bedroom, as few homes in the 19th century had whole rooms designated for bathing. The first bathtubs were claw foot tubs made of cast iron and porcelain, and these expensive fixtures were strictly reserved for the upper class. Today, a free standing bathtub still evokes a luxurious bathing experience for homeowners that it once had hundreds of years ago, only today that bathtub feels timeworn and charming.

We’ve collected images of some wonderful bath-in-bedroom ideas.

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Outdoor Decorating Ideas for Your Covered Porch or Patio

Posted by: on May 9th, 2012 | 13 Comments

Colorful covered patio, design by Kelly of Fabulous K

In our Style Challenge series, we challenge some of our favorite bloggers from around the web to surprise us with their ideas for creating a stylish and functional space using a single Home Depot product as a starting point. Kelly, who blogs and designs under the name Fabulous K.

She chose the Hampton Bay Clifton Patio Chat Set as her starting point for a cozy covered porch. She came up some excellent outdoor decorating ideas, and the results, true to her name, are fabulous.

Lounging outdoors on the patio has long been a spring and summer tradition in my family. By March, we start looking forward to the time we’ll spend outdoors. From coffee in the morning, to cocktails at night, the covered patio is definitely a favorite place to relax.

Morning breakfast spot on a covered patio


I most often use this space in the morning, while having coffee and catching up on my favorite blogs. When I started thinking about decorating the space, I knew I wanted to create a stylish, comfortable, and functional area where my family and friends could gather.

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Places: Ceilings

Posted by: on May 3rd, 2012 | Make A Comment
Image of ceiling being painted

Image via Cap Murals


What was the first person to paint or decorate a ceiling thinking? For all we know, cavemen began painting the ceilings just because they ran out of wall space. It’s almost certain, however, that once they were done they realized – “hey, that looks pretty cool, it really changes the entire feel of the space.”

That’s our story on how ceilings came to be known as the “fifth wall” of the home and we’re sticking to it. Ceilings are also the dimension of interior design, the oft unexplored space in the home that begs discovery. We love the fantasy cherry blossom theme painted by Cap Murals in the photo above.

But it doesn’t require an original mural to make your ceiling work harder for the decor and take your ceiling to a place where no home has gone before.

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Inspired: The Balstrade Console Table

Posted by: on May 1st, 2012 | Make A Comment

Balstrade Console Table Inspiration Board

An entryway is one spot in your house that shouldn’t be left untouched, as it’s the first place anyone will see when they visit your home. Besides serving as an eye-catching spot for guests, it serves as a useful place to drop keys and mail when you’re rushing through the door.

If you’re not sure what to put in this narrow space, consider an easy formula, shown in our entryway inspiration board: a console table, paired with a lamp, a small seat, an oversize piece of art, and a little tray for catching odds and ends. That’s really all you need to finish your front entry.

This inspiration board began with the Balstrade Console Table, with its rustic wooden finish and dramatic turned wood legs. We chose several accessories that matched the distressed finish of the table–the mirrored tray–and some with finishes that contrasted it–the glossy, cream lamp. In a space that has fairly neutral colors, it’s important to combine varying textures to keep the vignette interesting.


The French Side Chair in Antique White has a very feminine silhouette, which complements the strong shape of the Balstrade Console Table. By pairing a chair that’s visually lighter than the console table, the two furniture pieces balance each other out.

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5 Essentials for a Cozy Outdoor Cabana

Posted by: on April 23rd, 2012 | 8 Comments

Cozy Outdoor Cabana Area from Centsational Girl

In celebration of all things patio, Kate Riley from the DIY and home improvement blog Centsational Girl shares her tips for building an outdoor space that feels comfortable and inviting for you and your guests. 

We live in Northern California’s Wine Country and grow our own grapes in the backyard. When we spied the Home Depot cabana we knew it was the perfect structure to provide shade on the hot summer days, but still take in the view of the landscaping all around.

Here are my five essentials for creating a cozy yet stylish cabana.

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Fresh Table Setting Ideas from Katie of Modern Eve

Posted by: on April 17th, 2012 | 4 Comments

Outdoor Table Setting Ideas with Katie of Modern Eve

The Apron Blog is thrilled to introduce a new series, Style Challenge, featuring some of our favorite bloggers from around the web. We challenge our guest bloggers to surprise us with their ideas for creating a stylish and functional space using a single Home Depot product as a starting point.  

To kick off spring, Katie Anderson of Modern Eve shares her ideas  for preparing a gorgeous outdoor table setting using the Thomasville Palmetto Estates 7-Piece Patio Dining Set as her foundation. 

Colorful table setting with the Thomasville Palmetto Estates Dining Set

Longer days and rising temperatures remind me to get outside and enjoy my patio. I love dining alfresco, whether for a Saturday brunch, a quick weeknight dinner, or Friday night steaks on the grill. When we landscaped our backyard a couple of years ago, it was important for me to plan a space for outdoor entertaining, including a well-defined dining space. We poured large concrete pavers (which will soon be filled in with green moss) and have been looking for the perfect dining set to complete our space. We were very excited to receive our new patio table and chairs, the Thomasville Palmetto Estates 7-Piece Patio Dining Set, from The Home Depot. It’s modern and neutral, which allows me to dress it up depending on the occasion.

Today I’m sharing an outdoor brunch table setting idea, inspired by my favorite colors of the season, coral and mint. The color palette is refreshing, like a cold glass of lemonade, but also warm and inviting. I started with a mint colored pitcher and bread basket, which I already had, along with a glass pitcher and summer drink glasses. I paired these with some coral placemats and accent plates. My talented friend Angie from Posh Floral put together three gorgeous floral arrangements which included peonies, pincushions, and succulents. I have to say, I love how it turned out.

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Turn Your Garden Problem Spots Into Rock Gardens

Posted by: on April 16th, 2012 | 17 Comments

Detail of a rock garden, via I Can Stop Tomorrow


Not all soil is ideal for all types of gardening. Trying to make a stubborn patch something it isn’t can be an exercise in frustration. If sections of your yard or garden aren’t living up to expectation, converting them into rock gardens may be just the solution you’ve been seeking. By planting with drainage in mind, you can transform the frustration of loose soil into gratification.

Start by building up the garden problem spots. The plan is to bring in plants that grow well in spaces where water disperses quickly, so you don’t want to plant them in depressions where water might pool. Studding it with bricks or rocks bolsters your garden against the occasional downpour. Judiciously employed, they can also add an attractive austerity to your garden, as in the picture above. (Check out the Tumblr I Can Stop Tomorrow for more ideas on how to beautify your rock garden with succulents.)

Once you’ve prepared the area, select tenacious plants that grow well without the benefits of rich soil. April is your opportunity to plant perennial herbs and flowers that thrive in a sandy or rocky base.

Pinks in bloom, via Linda N.


Try a dianthus, sometimes called a carnation or a pink, though their coloration varies. The Firewitch Garden Pink is a low-maintenance and attractive variety. These long-blooming flowers burst out in a vibrant purplish hue against silver-blue foliage. Their clustered tufts make them ideal for narrow spaces in direct sunlight, like the bare edges of your garden or walkway, and they blossom in a scented bloom that butterflies love. And because dianthus grows well with minimal care, your rock garden will mean less toil, moil, fuss and scurry for you.

For more ideas and advice on plants appropriate for a rock garden, check out the Garden Club, and be sure to take a look at The Home Depot’s online selection of perennials.

Places: A Tree House In The Backyard

Posted by: on April 16th, 2012 | One Comment
Image of Harads glass tree house

Image via Tham & Videgard Hansson Arkitekter

If you were lucky enough as a kid to have a tree house in the backyard, you probably spent hours there, pretending it was a fort, a magic castle, a spaceship, or anything else you wanted it to be. The magic of a tree house remains with us as adults. The very sight of a tree house that can instantly transport us back to childhood memories of long summers spent at play.

Well, it’s a good thing some of us never grow up, and haven’t stopped imagining all the different ways you could enjoy spending time in a tree house. Would you have ever dreamed up a glass tree house with a 360° view of surrounding woods? Didn’t think so – nor would we, but architects at the Swedish firm Tham & Videgård Arkitekter came up with the brilliant idea to build one that looks so spectacular it hardly seems real.

That tree house, seen above, looks nothing like one you’d might find in a typical backyard. It’s the Harad’s Tree Hotel in northern Sweden, close to the Arctic Circle. It’s suspended in air, supported primarily by a tree that is an integral part of it’s structure, and it requires minimal ground support. That meets our minimum definition for a proper tree house, plus it’s ridiculously cool.

Take a minute to think about what fun you could have in your own backyard tree house as you scroll through the rest of the images we found.

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