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Inspired: Patio Ideas for Outdoor Entertaining

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Since warmer weather is approaching, it’s time to get your patio ready for outdoor living and entertaining. After spending the cooler months cooped up inside, it’s a nice reprieve for many to spend time outdoors with family and friends. Backyard entertaining will be in full swing before we know it, so you’ll want to have your patio prepared for guests and spending sunny days lounging. We have some patio ideas that will make your backyard ready for outdoor entertaining.



The first step to creating an outdoor oasis is selecting a patio set that’s right for your needs. Start by looking for a dining table. You can even add chairs to create a lounge area if you have enough space. The Brown Jordan Greystone dining table and patio chairs is one of our favorites and will last you long throughout this season and the next. This patio furniture looks so good you might consider bringing it indoors! Think classic design mixed with luxurious comfort.

Since you’ll most likely get a lot of use out a of a good patio set, plan ahead for cooler summer nights by adding a fire pit. Not only does it make a great centerpiece for lounge chairs, but it also encourages relaxation and conversation. The UniFlame bronze fire pit is a stylish option that comes with lava rocks and variable flame settings. But if you’re looking to enhance this look even more, add luster to your fire pit by switching out the lava rocks for glass FireCrystals.

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Inspired: 4 Patio Layout Ideas

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Inspired: 4 Patio Layout Ideas

Whether you call it a layout, blueprint, design, or even feng shui, we hear a lot of advice about the “flow” of a room. From the size, the lighting, the objective of the space – Are you watching TV? Relaxing around an outdoor firepit? Dining with friends? – the same details and principles of design that dictate your indoor space, apply to outdoor spaces, as well. Here are four easy patio layout ideas that make your outdoor space comfortable and functional.

Casual Chat

Get the group together or pull a chair away to flip through your favorite magazine. The Lynnfield Chat Set is great for a group dynamic. Create symmetry by placing two chairs opposite each other or round everybody up in a circle. The choice is yours!

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Inspired: Patio Decorating Ideas

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No matter the size of your space, you can set up a great outdoor lounging or entertaining area with just a few accents. Here are a few patio decorating ideas to inspire you to get outside!

Adirondack Chairs

If you’re sprucing up a smaller space, Adirondack chairs are a great solution for a relaxed and laid back vibe. Where space is limited, grab a couple of these loungers and add a small table for a drink, a snack and a good book. Mandy Pellegrin, of Fabric Paper Glue, shows us how in this small urban setting.

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Inspired: Colorful Patio Ideas

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Colorful Patio Ideas

Make updating your outdoor living area one of the first items on your to-do list. It’s a great project if you love enjoying sunny weather or entertaining friends and family. Adding color is an easy way to create an atmosphere that’s cheerful and inviting. Here are a few patio ideas that will help you get your home ready for spring faster than you can say, “Spring Equinox.”



Since there are (most likely) no walls in your outdoor space to paint, choosing a patio set is the next best thing to adding a large splash of color outdoors. We love the soft blue cushions in this Hampton Bay Fenton patio set. The wicker creates a cozy atmosphere for your space while cushions and pillows add comfort.

Create visual interest to your patio with plants and flowers. Update your garden with flowerbeds. Or if you’re a novice gardener looking for something low maintenance, try planting drought-tolerant succulents and cacti in multi-colored planters. For an easy way to achieve this look, you can also make your own by spray painting terra-cotta pots.

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Inspired: Home Office Organization Ideas

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Home Office Organization Ideas

If there’s one room in the house you really have to keep orderly, it might be your home office. Whatever area you’ve designated as a home office is where school projects are kept and important documents are stored, not to mention magazines, recipes, and little notes. It’s essential to keep your home office in working order! And even better–make it an attractive and comfortable space to pay bills, file away important papers or write a term paper. Here are a few home office organization ideas to get your work space in tip-top shape.

Mail & Magazine Rack

If piles of paper, stacks of magazines, and endless junk mail are giving you a run for your money, try a wall organizer with different compartments for all your paper-wrangling needs. You’ll instantly have more space on your desk and the mail clutter will be easily tamed. We love the Nathan Wall Organizer from Home Decorators Collection.

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Inspired: Kitchen Storage Ideas

Posted by: on February 19th, 2014 | 2 Comments

Kitchen Storage Ideas: Six Ways to Organize Your Kitchen

Keeping a tidy kitchen can not only make cooking meals at home just a little bit easier, but also a lot more pleasant. Get your kitchen organized, with plenty of good storage space, you might find yourself spending less money on eating out. Here are six kitchen storage ideas that will cut the clutter and create a well-organized kitchen where cooking is a pleasure.



Keeping pots, pans and lids together is one of the biggest obstacles to organizing your kitchen. Our solution is the two-tiered Rev-A-Shelf X-Large Cookware Organizer. It helps you store pots and pans while maximizing the most out of your cabinet space. Say goodbye to reorganizing pots, pans or lids every time you take one off the shelf.

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Inspired: Laundry Room Storage Ideas

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 Laundry Room Storage Ideas

It’s practically a universal rule of laundry rooms that this space will get dirty. It just goes with the territory. But we can’t help but see the irony in having a messy space that is essentially meant for cleaning! We did have a couple of thoughts for keeping things organized in this hardworking space, so here are a few of our laundry room storage ideas:


Plastic, woven, or fabric, no matter what’s your favorite variety, having plenty of extra baskets on hand will make your life easier. Whether you carry one around the house picking up dirty socks and dish towels, or you use them to help you distribute clean clothes once they’re folded. Have a couple of spare baskets around to help you tackle all the chores of laundry business.

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4 Staples of Modern Kitchen Decor

Posted by: on September 30th, 2013 | 2 Comments

Must haves for a modern kitchen design


When you tackle a kitchen renovation, you have to consider the kinds of finishes and fixtures you’ll use. Elsewhere in our Inspired series, we showed you some style staples of a cottage kitchen. Here we’re focusing on what goes into a modern kitchen decor.

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Kitchen Design: 4 Staples of Traditional Kitchens

Posted by: on September 11th, 2013 | 8 Comments

Design elements of traditional kitchens


Traditional elements, functional workspaces, and top-notch appliances are a guaranteed recipe for success in a kitchen renovation project, and that’s why we rounded up a few classic wins in kitchen design. When you’re planning a kitchen remodel and looking to inject traditional charm into your kitchen, here are top four favorite ways to do it. These are four staples of traditional kitchens.

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4 Staples of Cottage Kitchens

Posted by: on September 2nd, 2013 | 4 Comments

Four Staples of Cottage Kitchens


If you’re planning a kitchen renovation in the coming months, then you’ve probably been researching styles and various decorative elements that you could put into your new space. In today’s installment of Inspired, we pulled together a few of our favorite kitchen design elements for cottage kitchens, one of the more popular styles for this hardworking space.

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