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Building a Garage Laundry Nook

Posted by: on January 20th, 2015 | 3 Comments

A specially-built garage laundry nook

Jamie Dorobek , the mastermind of the blog C.R.A.F.T. (Creating Really Awesome Free Things), masterminded a way to make her laundry routine a lot better. She needed a way to stack her mismatched washer and dryer and bring a little order to her laundry space. She and her husband came up with this terrific garage laundry nook. 


Raise your hand if you love laundry! How about doing laundry in your cold garage with your washer and dryer seven feet apart from each other. My hand is not up. But, that’s how we did laundry in Casa de Dorobek for almost two years. Over the last few months (we have a new baby, so DIY takes a lot longer these days), we made our garage laundry room corner more useful, cute, and organized. Check it out above.

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Small Laundry Room Ideas: A Budget-Friendly Makeover

Posted by: on June 20th, 2014 | 4 Comments

Small Laundry Room Ideas: A Budget-Friendly Makeover

Life is sweet when you’re a talented designer, writer and entrepreneur… but you still have to do laundry. And sometimes your laundry room would be so much more pleasant and organized if you could give it a little makeover. 

This is a true story, and maybe you can sympathize.

Carrie Waller is our designer/writer/entrepreneur with the laundry room situation. But she’s the creative mind behind Dream Green DIY, so she’s bound to have some terrific small laundry room ideas. Not to spoil the ending of the story, her laundry space makeover turns out great!

Carrie agreed to show us how she upgraded her laundry closet– with some fresh paint, new storage solutions, and even some DIY art. These are simple, budget-friendly ideas that you can apply to your own true-life laundry room makeover. 


Although our townhouse will forever hold a special place in my heart since it was our first home together, it regrettably came brimming with builder grade fixtures and finishes. Of course, there’s nothing particularly wrong with that, but for an eclectic, antique-loving homeowner such as myself, it left quite a bit to be desired.

So we’ve been working our way through the house, one room at a time, changing out lighting, hardware and faucets to reflect our retro-meets-modern, collected style. One of the final rooms left on the to-do list was our laundry room, and with the help of The Home Depot we finally were able to cross that item off—with a flourish!

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Laundry Room Makeover That’s Easy and Inexpensive

Posted by: on February 11th, 2014 | 17 Comments

Easy and Inexpensive Laundry Room Makeover

There is no need to suffer with a disorganized laundry room. And who said the laundry space couldn’t have a little style, too?

Monica and Jess co-author the East Coast Creative Blog, where they dispense advice and ideas for do-it-yourself projects, home decorating and more.

Monica’s laundry room is more of a laundry closet– tiny, with no frills, but it’s functional. The problem was that it was chronically a mess. She needed to bring some order to the space, so it was time for a laundry room makeover. As you’ll see, with some paint and wooden crates, she created a laundry space that’s organized, stylish and a pleasure to work in.

She also has some clever tips on what to do with the solo socks and random change you find in the washing machine.

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DIY Laundry Room Storage Unit

Posted by: on February 5th, 2014 | 9 Comments

DIY Laundry Room Storage Unit


Given a bright, well-organized area with plenty of laundry room storage space, folding and sorting clothes can be a pleasure.

That’s what Jen Jones was thinking when she and her husband took on a project to create extra laundry room storage in their home. She ought to know a thing or two about storage and organization, too, considering she writes a popular blog called IHeart Organizing.  

Here, she shows us, step-by-step, how she designed and built her gorgeous laundry room storage area.

For years now, I have been dreaming up a laundry station where I can sort out delicate pieces and linens, quickly fold clothes for our boys, hang important blouses to dry and even do a little sewing. The Home Depot is always our one stop shop for home improvement projects, and they really came through for us in making this little dream of mine a reality.


DIY Laundry Room Storage Unit

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Inspired: Laundry Room Storage Ideas

Posted by: on January 20th, 2014 | One Comment

 Laundry Room Storage Ideas

It’s practically a universal rule of laundry rooms that this space will get dirty. It just goes with the territory. But we can’t help but see the irony in having a messy space that is essentially meant for cleaning! We did have a couple of thoughts for keeping things organized in this hardworking space, so here are a few of our laundry room storage ideas:


Plastic, woven, or fabric, no matter what’s your favorite variety, having plenty of extra baskets on hand will make your life easier. Whether you carry one around the house picking up dirty socks and dish towels, or you use them to help you distribute clean clothes once they’re folded. Have a couple of spare baskets around to help you tackle all the chores of laundry business.

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DIY Magnetic Message Board

Posted by: on January 17th, 2014 | 5 Comments

DIY Magnetic Message Board Tutorial


Taking notes and writing down reminders is certainly a good way to get organized. But it’s no good if all you have scraps of paper floating around the house. Here’s a solution to keep your notes and family announcements organized and easy to see. It’s a simple DIY magnetic message board you can make with just a few simple materials.

Hang it in an high traffic area, like the garage or kitchen, so you’ll always be reminded of what you need to remember. It’s fun to make, too. Just follow these step-by-step instructions.

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Places: The Well Organized Laundry Room

Posted by: on January 24th, 2013 | 2 Comments

The GE Adora High Efficiency Washer shown in a well organized laundry room


It does seem a bit ironic that the one room in the home dedicated cleaning is often the messiest place in the home. Usually crammed into a small utility room, closet, basement or worse, often the laundry room seems to defy all efforts at organization.

But a space used for utilitarian purposes doesn’t have to be junky or devoid of style. Here are just a few of the numerous examples we spotted of laundry rooms that are very definition of organized. With some relatively simple and inexpensive laundry storage options and a couple of clever ideas you can put a new spin on your wash day.

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Inspired: Lovelier Laundry Hampers

Posted by: on January 21st, 2013 | Make A Comment

An inspiration board of pretty laundry hampers


In a busy household, laundry can not only be a huge chore, but it can also create a lot of clutter! At any given time there could be dirty clothes on the bathroom floor, dirty dish towels in the kitchen, and socks in the living room. With all this laundry, it’s essential to have a designated spot for all of your dirty clothes. And since you need a designated spot for all the laundry to do, why not pick a pretty laundry hamper? We’ve rounded up some of our favorite laundry hampers for this inspiration board.

Which one is your favorite?

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Places: The Laundry Room Re-Imagined

Posted by: on June 6th, 2012 | 2 Comments
Image of A Bright and Cheery Laundry Room

Image via Renovate Place


Brightening up the laundry room won’t make the dirty clothes clean and fold themselves, but you might be surprised at how a little color, light and storage can make the laundry room a nice place spend time.

There are loads inexpensive of ways to give your laundry area a touch of personality and make it a more organized, efficient workspace. Just imagine walking into a laundry room like the one above we found on Renovate Place, with it’s warm, sunny feel, inviting decor and well-considered work and storage spaces. The thought doing laundry there is certainly more appealing than in the dank, lifeless garage or basement where many of us.


screen shot of a bright, cheery and space saving laundry room

Check out the space saving laundry room on The Home Depot's recent Spring Style Guide


And it doesn’t require a lot of space to create a bright, cheery and efficient laundry area. Our Spring Style Guide provides several laundry room tips, including how to choose the right sink, and why a patterned carpet runner can do more than just add color to the laundry space.

Take a look at more great examples of simple ideas you can use to re-imagine the space where you do laundry.

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Man Caves vs. Mom Caves? Not so much…

Posted by: on January 27th, 2011 | 8 Comments

So we’ve been talking about the “Man Cave” over the past week or so.  We have colors, accessories, etc., but what about the “Woman Cave”?

The concept of the man cave is to define that personal space somewhere in the house where guys can be guys and enjoy “guy” things.  So what about that “woman cave” or the trending “mom cave”?  First off, the name “woman cave” doesn’t fly to well at all and I’ll be honest, “cave” isn’t very appealing to me either plus not all women are moms.  How about we erase the gender-based taglines and just focus on calling these spaces in our homes, Personal Spaces. 

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