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New Patio Furniture Collections for 2013

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It’s the outdoor season again and The Home Depot has an exciting lineup of new patio furniture collections designed to bring more comfort and style to your outdoor living space. So, if you’ve been thinking about replacing an old or worn patio set, or you’re considering a new one, now is the time.

In this short video, Home Depot associates Stacey and Jennifer will show you some of the features and innovations of our new patio collections for 2013. This year’s collection includes a diverse and stylish array of dining sets and seating sets, ranging from the traditional look of the Fall River, Edington and Westbury collections, to the BarnsleyWoodbury and Madison sets that have a more contemporary appeal.

Each of the collections is available in multiple configurations, allowing you to combine dining and seating sets with chaise lounges, accent tables, ottomans, umbrellasfirepits and more to create a coordinated look tailored to your outdoor lifestyle.

After you’ve finished watching the video, you can shop these collections and all of our patio furniture — and find everything you need for outdoors – online and at your local Home Depot store.


We have more videos here on the Home Depot blog and on The Home Depot’s YouTube channel.


A Casual, Eclectic Patio Makeover by Tobe of Because It’s Awesome

Posted by: on April 30th, 2013 | 7 Comments

In our Style Challenge series, we ask some of our favorite bloggers from around the web to surprise us with their ideas for creating a stylish and functional space using Home Depot products as a starting point.

Graphic designer Tobe Reed of Because It’s Awesome has great taste and an eye for design, so we knew she would make a fantastic addition to our Patio Style Challenge. She started her patio makeover with a pair of simple stained Adirondack chairs and created a beautiful new outdoor space with a casual, relaxed vibe. Tobe explains how just a few, small changes made all the difference in her patio makeover.

Winter weather has certainly lingered this year in Kansas City! Now that the cold seems to (finally) be on its way out, I am eager to spend lazy mornings and warm evenings on our patio. Having moved from a loft in the city center in late 2011, we had a long way to go when it came to furnishing the house…including a pretty neglected outdoor space. Here’s where we were last year:


A backyard deck before its patio makeover


Yikes. Showing this pic is painful. Even though we’d amassed some unique pieces and had the casual vibe we were looking for, our outdoor living area had a long way to go. We kept things mostly to the deck and weren’t taking full advantage of our sizable lower patio at all. So when our friends at The Home Depot called, we were up for a patio overhaul!


Patio with large outdoor sofa, Adirondack chairs, and a firepit


Keeping a casual, eclectic feel was important to us from the start because we love to entertain. While I thought I might go with a simple color scheme, I quickly realized that the color addict in me would have no such thing! A natural palette across the furnishings and a bevvy of worn, earthy terra cotta pots let plants and a few decorative elements do most of the heavy lifting in this space.

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How To Choose Patio Furniture for Your Outdoor Living Space

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As the weather turns warmer, many of you may be thinking about outdoor spaces in need of completely new or updated patio furniture.

If you have already been actively shopping, you know there are many things to consider. Color, style and comfort are the things most of us tend to focus on immediately. But what about the amount of exposure to the elements your patio furniture will endure year after year? Or, how will you actually use your outdoor furnishings? And what about the size of your outdoor living space? Will that 5-piece seating set you covet really work on your apartment balcony?

For help with these questions and others you may not have considered, we asked Home Depot associate Mike for his advice. This short video covers everything from the different types of material used in making patio furniture to the many ways you can tailor your outdoor space to suit your personal style.

You’ll also see the latest in full outdoor dining and seating sets, smaller bistro sets, chaise lounges, outdoor chairs and tables and more. Plus, there are plenty of tips for enhancing the look and functionality of your outdoor living areas with accessories like outdoor cushions and pillows, umbrellas, and deck boxes for storage.

Whether your goal is to create a space for a quiet retreat or to design an outdoor room for dining and entertaining, after this video you’ll feel better informed and ready to live a better life outdoors.


We have more DIY, home improvement and gardening videos here on the Home Depot blog and on The Home Depot’s YouTube channel.

How To Paint and Restore Metal Patio Furniture

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Mary from Idaho posted a question on the Home Depot Community Forums asking how to repaint her weathered and rusting outdoor patio set. You might have older metal patio furniture, too, that’s in need of a fresh coat of paint to restore its former luster. So we’re sharing the advice we gave Mary.

In response to Mary’s inquiry, Pat, one of our knowledgeable Forums associates, created this short video. It shows you how to refinish a metal patio set ravaged by time and the elements.

Follow along and Pat will walk you through the aisles to help you find everything you’ll need to complete this project, from wire brushes and sandpaper to primer and spray paint.

When you’re finished with the video, you’ll be ready to give your outdoor living space a new look and fresh feel with lovingly restored patio furniture.

For more inspiration, take a look at this vintage metal patio furniture set restored and styled by Caroline from The Apron blog. You can check out her step-by-step makeover here on the blog.


Image of patio set restored from rusty to deep green with spray paint


We have more DIY, home improvement and gardening videos here on the Home Depot blog and on The Home Depot’s YouTube channel.


Meet The Material: Wicker Or Rattan?

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Phoenix Rattan Roadster Concept Car image

Image: photos courtesy of Kenneth Cobonpue via Gizmag


In 1844, Cyrus Wakefield noticed a pile of discarded rattan on Constitution Warf in Boston. Used as packing material for product shipped from China to the U.S., Wakefield wondered what this flexible cane material might be used to make … furniture, perhaps? Not long after taking a pile of it home, Wakefield quit his job as a grocer, formed the Wakefield Rattan Company, and by the 1860s cornered the market on the wicker furniture business.

Henry Ford is lucky ol’ Cyrus Wakefield didn’t decide to build a rattan roadster like the one above that product designers Kenneth Cobonpue and Albrecht Birkner dreamed up. The auto industry might be very different today.

What is wicker? Wicker, which is made from a variety of materials including bamboo, rattan, reed, willow, plastic or resin, is not so much a material as it is an ancient weaving technique passed from Egypt to Rome and then throughout Europe.

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