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From the Forums: How to Choose a Bathroom Faucet

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A display of the common types of faucets to help understand how to choose a bathroom faucet



“I need to replace the sink faucet in the bathroom. When I measure it, it looks like 6 inches, but stock all says 4 inches. How do I measure so I know I have the right replacement faucet?”

That was the question that took MizViki to The Home Depot’s Community Forums for an answer. It turns out that knowing how to choose a bathroom faucet is a tricky issue for a lot of people looking to upgrade their bathrooms.

Home Depot associate Christine Sharry (SheCanDoIt22) was there with a clear explanation of the different types of faucets, their measurements and how to know which kind you need for your bathroom remodel.

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Top Water Saving Devices at The Home Depot

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Molly and Bob

Saving water is important for the planet and it’s good for your pocketbook. The Home Depot carries a whole array of water saving devices and products that carry the EPA’s WaterSense® label. It doesn’t take a huge investment, or even exceptional plumbing skills to start saving a considerable amount of water in your home.

We asked guest contributor Molly Mollner to give us her top picks for water saving products available in the aisles of her local Home Depot store. She writes blog posts for H2Oscore, a start up company focused on water conservation. 

I recently visited the North Shore Milwaukee Home Depot (store #4912) to find water conserving products that would substantially lower my water bill, and if at all possible … require the installation skills of a fifth grader.

I met Home Depot associate Bob in the plumbing department. He escorted me right to some of Home Depot’s top water saving products.

Researching water efficiency (at H2Oscore, our go-to resource is the Alliance for Water Efficiency’s Home Water Works Calculator) taught me that the first place to look for water savings is in your yard. In fact, an American Water Works Association (AWWA) study in twelve U.S. cities found that nearly 59% of all residential water use occurs outdoors.


Graph showing average daily water use per capita

Image by The Home Depot with information from Alliance for Water Efficiency


Luckily, my yard doesn’t require much watering, but if it did, you would find me tossing in an inexpensive rain sensor that automatically prevents me from overwatering.

The AWWA graph above clearly tells me that if I want to reduce my indoor water use I’d better focus on making sure my toilet, showerheads, and faucets are as efficient as possible (a new clothes washer is a bit out of my college student budget right now – plus, isn’t laundry supposed to be done at your parent’s place anyways!).

Here’s the wisdom I can pass on:

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How to Choose the Right Kitchen Faucet

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An infographic showing how to choose the right kitchen faucet



There’s really no space in your home more utilitarian than the kitchen sink, but with the right faucet, this supremely practical spot could be a beautiful focal point.

Replacing your kitchen faucet is a fairly simple update, and it can make a world of difference in an outdated kitchen. Knowing how to choose a kitchen faucet to fit your sink or countertop goes beyond the styling, but it isn’t difficult.

How to Choose a Kitchen Faucet

To get started, first determine how many holes exist in your sink (or your countertop if you have an undermount sink) with your current fixtures. This will determine what type of replacement faucet can fit into your old faucet’s place.

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