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In The Wild: Last Minute Projects

Posted by: on December 22nd, 2012 | One Comment

Completing a project just before the holidays, photo submitted by Instagram user bretteddy

While browsing through the photos that our readers shared with us (using the #homedepot hashtag), we were surprised to find that many of you are still tackling last-minute projects before the all-consuming festivities of the holidays. Good for you! In this week’s installment of our In The Wild series, we rounded up photos that capture the last-minute rush to shop for project supplies, whether that project is making homemade holiday gifts or completing around-the-house updates before guests arrive.

Above: bretteddy to Instagram

Last minute craft project from instagram user msslloyd

By msslloyd on Instagram


Instagram user msslloyd writes, “The beginning of several craft projects. My inspiration, shopping! #inspired #art #crafts #wood #HomeDepot”

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10 Home Improvement Tips

Posted by: on April 24th, 2012 | Make A Comment

Sometimes the smallest things can make the biggest impact. This is especially true around the house where minor tweaks can drastically improve the quality of your home life. So do yourself a favor and watch these 10 home improvement Quick Tips for simple ways to spruce up your home, all featuring the velvety smooth and reassuring voice of Ed Harris:

  • Natural ways to rid your backyard of pesky flies
  • Fill cracks in your driveway or garage
  • Free up space in your garage and basement (and get extra seating at the same time!)
  • Reduce your home’s energy consumption
  • Detect crack or worn seal on refrigerator door
  • Get a healthier lawn by sharpening mower blade
  • Protect plant roots from drying and overheating
  • Clean up dingy patio chairs
  • Select healthiest plants for your garden
  • Save time and money doing laundry

Don’t forget to check out for all of your home improvement needs including, garden supplies, energy-saving and storage solutions. Also, our expert associates on The Home Depot How-To Community Forum can offer lots more home improvement tips and tricks.

Check out more DIY and home improvement videos here on the Home Depot blog and on The Home Depot’s YouTube channel.

Patio Ideas: Update with Accessories

Posted by: on March 21st, 2012 | 6 Comments

Update Your Patio with Accessories | Process

If your outdoor space isn’t ready for warm sunny days and crisp spring mornings, we have ideas to help you create the perfect outdoor oasis for your space. These patio ideas will make your outdoor space cozy and comfortable. Furniture is clearly an important part of making your outdoor room livable, but patio accessories are an important part of creating an inviting lounge area. Pillows, throw blankets, and rugs are the best way to make your outdoor room feel like the perfect spot to relax with a book and a cup of coffee. We’ll show you how to finish your space with a few key accessories.

We began by selecting a color palette. For this porch swing area, we pulled our color palette from the Coral Breeze Layla Trellis Pillow which combines a soft aqua with a vibrant coral. We then selected the Pisa Blue 22 inch Pillow which complements the aqua in the color pillow and has a similar geometric shape.

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Get the Faux Bois Trend

Posted by: on March 7th, 2012 | Make A Comment

Wood grain tiles

Contemporary interiors are associated with a sleek, muted aesthetic – think crisp whites, sleek fixtures and appliances, and a much more minimalistic approach to accessories. It’s because of this clean look that the faux bois trend has become so popular. Among the melamine and the stainless steel and the glass and the edited furniture, you need some natural elements like wood. Faux bois does you one better though by giving a space a hint of quirk – is it real or isn’t it? The cheeky pattern feels fresh and fun, but it still evokes the natural feel of real wood.

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Man Caves: Famous Men And Their Spaces

Posted by: on March 5th, 2012 | 3 Comments
Hemingway's writing studio image

Image of Hemingway’s Studio via The Art of Manliness

It’s been at least 10,000 years since men purportedly lived in caves, and no man should live that way today. But the idea of having a man cave – a place to escape when you want to think, play, work, create, hangout or do whatever – is one that many of us still crave.

Sam Martin, the author of ManSpace: A Primal Guide To Marking Your Territory, believes the true beauty of a manspace is that it is yours to define, control and inhabit as you like (though, in certain real-life situations, getting two-out-of-three of these should be considered a win). And, whether you have full run of the entire house, share a space with family or others, or only have control of one corner, he highly recommends men find a space, one that reflects what they love and who they are, and get into it.

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Make Storage Solutions Pretty

Posted by: on January 31st, 2012 | 2 Comments

Day 31 of 31 Days, 31 Ways to Get Organized: My final organizing tip of the month is not clever, just important. When you’re organizing, make storage solutions look pretty! When you’re organizing your linen closet or kitchen pantry, keep the style of the rest of your home in mind and do your best to make sure that function and frills work together. 

Pretty closet

Image from Houzz

[Editor's Note: 31 Days, 31 Ways to Get Organized is a series featuring clever storage and organization tips that will help you clean house in the new year]

Create a Built-in for your TV

Posted by: on January 30th, 2012 | Make A Comment

Day 30 of 31 Days, 31 Ways to Get Organized: If you’re looking for a better way to store your TV and television components, consider having a built-in space specifically designed for your electronics. This home takes the useless space from a staircase and turns it into a hard-working media cabinet!

Built-in media cabinet

Image from MyHomeIdeas

[Editor's Note: 31 Days, 31 Ways to Get Organized is a series featuring clever storage and organization tips that will help you clean house in the new year]

Use Glass Containers to Store Small Items

Posted by: on January 27th, 2012 | One Comment

Day 27 of 31 Days, 31 Ways to Get Organized: One thing you may have noticed throughout this entire series is the use of glass (or clear plastic) containers to store small items. Glass vases, canisters, mason jars, and clear boxes are all essential storage tools.

Store items together in glass containers

Image from MyHomeIdeas

Glass containers allow you to keep like items together (like paper clips), and they’re clear which means you’ll always know where something is. By keeping all of the pens, paperclips and the other little office items together, they look neat. Everything has its own place — you don’t have a crazy, cluttered ‘junk drawer.’ Rather, everything has a home, and it’s easy to figure out where that home is.

[Editor's Note: 31 Days, 31 Ways to Get Organized is a series featuring clever storage and organization tips that will help you clean house in the new year]

How to Organize Shoes on Your Wall

Posted by: on January 22nd, 2012 | 2 Comments

Day 22 of 31 Days, 31 Ways to Get Organized: Our friends at Martha Stewart came up with this genius solution for organizing shoes — use picture rail moulding to store shoes on your wall. Not only is it supremely functional, but it turns favorite pumps into wall art.

Storage & Organization TIps: Store shoes on your wall

Image from Martha Stewart

Not only does this project wrap up in just a few hours, but pre-primed picture moulding comes in at only $1.09 per linear foot. Not bad!

For instructions on creating these shoe hangers, visit this slideshow.

[Editor's Note: 31 Days, 31 Ways to Get Organized is a series featuring clever storage and organization tips that will help you clean house in the new year]

Clever New Use for Pegboard

Posted by: on January 18th, 2012 | 14 Comments

At The Home Depot, we love when people take ordinary products and turn them into the extraordinary. Here on The Apron Blog, we’d like to celebrate bloggers and creative types all over the web for their ingenuity. We loved being reminded of the amazing things you can create when you challenge yourself to think outside of the box!

Repurposed pegboard as a flower vase

Photography by Jasmine Star for Style Me Pretty

The blog Style Me Pretty recently featured a wedding inspiration shoot where pegboard of all things was used to create a truly incredible and elegant table centerpiece. The blooms gracefully float over the table, and small votive candles are integrated flawlessly into the arrangement.

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