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DIY Jewelry: Repurposing Brass Hinges

Posted by: on April 6th, 2012 | One Comment

The hard working aisles of plumbing materials and lumber at The Home Depot may seem worlds away from the the dainty filigree and shiny surfaces of a jewelry store, but we have a DIY jewelry idea that turns a common piece of hardware into something beautiful to wear.

The very crafty Grace Atwood masterfully combines girly aesthetic with the down-to-business hardware supplies. We posted a few weeks ago about Grace’s DIY jewelry project, using valve handles to make a statement necklace. She’s back with a DIY bracelet made from shiny, new brass hinges! Check out the full step-by-step on her blog, Stripes + Sequins.

DIY jewelry: a bracelet from brass hinges

In total, the project cost Grace $10 and 10 minutes! A pretty awesome investment for a beautiful bracelet!

Thanks for letting us share, Grace!

Editor’s Note: Repurposed is a series dedicated to showcasing clever, new ways to use products we all know and love.

Napkin Rings for Your Next Dinner Party

Posted by: on March 27th, 2012 | Make A Comment

We love the idea of taking a very common material and using it in a very uncommon way. Which brings us to today’s installment of Repurposed: copper pipe fittings.

Copper is such a gorgeous metal. Not only does it have a rich, warm color when new, but this metal ages beautifully.

Next time you are in the plumbing aisle browsing for interesting entertaining ideas, how about picking up some simple $3.74 napkin rings?

Repurpose a copper pipe fitting as a napkin ring

Simply roll your napkins up tightly, and slip them through the pipe coupling. Voila! a beautiful metallic napkin ring.

Repurpose a copper pipe fitting as a napkin ring

You can use these napkin rings to add a little shine to your everyday place settings, or to inspire an entire copper color palette at your next dinner party. If you’re interested in giving the copper a nice patina before using them, use a combination of vinegar, ammonia, and salt to give the copper a green powdery finish using this faux aging method.

How do you feel about copper? Do you like it’s shiny, warm finish? Or the green patina it has as it ages? Would you use these copper fittings as a napkin ring?

[Editor's Note: Repurposed is a series dedicated to showcasing clever, new ways to use products we all know and love.] 

Repurposed: PVC Pipe in the Kitchen

Posted by: on February 24th, 2012 | 7 Comments

The Home Depot is a creative person’s dream — aisles and aisles of raw materials just waiting to be put to use in a DIY project or craft. In fact, many of our customers find interesting and unexpected ways to use these raw materials. Floor tiles as a pizza stone, pegboard as a vase for flowers, and even a copper pipe coupling as a napkin ring? The possibilities are endless for repurposed crafts when you have thousands of square feet of lumber, metal and paint to work with.

Here’s another way to repurpose a common item found at The Home Depot — PVC pipe.

Repurposing PVC pipe as a biscuit cutter

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Clever New Use for Pegboard

Posted by: on January 18th, 2012 | 14 Comments

At The Home Depot, we love when people take ordinary products and turn them into the extraordinary. Here on The Apron Blog, we’d like to celebrate bloggers and creative types all over the web for their ingenuity. We loved being reminded of the amazing things you can create when you challenge yourself to think outside of the box!

Repurposed pegboard as a flower vase

Photography by Jasmine Star for Style Me Pretty

The blog Style Me Pretty recently featured a wedding inspiration shoot where pegboard of all things was used to create a truly incredible and elegant table centerpiece. The blooms gracefully float over the table, and small votive candles are integrated flawlessly into the arrangement.

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