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Bathroom Renovation: A Custom Upgrade on a Budget

Posted by: on July 7th, 2014 | 10 Comments

Bathroom Renovation: A Custom Upgrade on a Budget

Bathroom renovation is a very popular home improvement. And a little can go a long way when it comes to upgrading your bathroom.

Gwen Hefner knows all about home renovation. She writes about decor and home renovation on her blog The Makerista

Here she shows us how she and her husband made her bathroom look fantastic, and did it without spending a lot. 

Like many couples, in our home improvement efforts we somehow put the master bedroom and bathroom at the end of the to-do list. In the last five years we’ve renovated every other room in our home, and it was finally time to tackle our personal space. I’m sorry we didn’t do it sooner.

When brainstorming this space, we had a few things to consider. As far as functionality, the layout works for us and we didn’t see a need to move anything around. We never use the corner hot tub, but for resale purposes we decided to keep it in–it seems like something no one uses but everyone thinks they want.

The room has wonderful, natural light and I wanted to play off of that, keeping things bright and clean. I also knew we wanted to try and think outside the box to create something with items anyone can get, but make them feel custom.

That’s where the flooring came in. With a budget of $2,000, we dove in to create a classic space that still packs a lot of personality.

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Front Porch Decorating Ideas: A Flower Wall and a Turquoise Chandelier

Posted by: on July 4th, 2014 | 4 Comments

Front Porch Decorating Ideas: A Turquoise Chandelier and a Flower Wall

Grace Mitchell has one of the most wonderful front porches we’ve ever seen. She shared some exceptional front porch decorating ideas when she took part in our Patio Style Challenge. We were interested to see if she had made any changes to her porch since then.

It should be no surprise that the creative mind behind A Storied Style  would have made a number of tweaks, big and small, to freshen up the look of her front porch. What we didn’t expect was that her front porch refresh would include a fun day of summer activities for her children.


Our front porch sees a lot of activity, especially in the warmer months (which are many, thanks to the fact that we live in Texas), and we have spent countless hours in this space the past year. Since we live in an area full of old homes, the porch is central to the culture and community of our neighborhood. I love the fact that we know our neighbors, and our neighbors know us, and we can chat and walk back and forth between each other’s porches. It’s really quite nice.

When we finished our porch makeover last year, it felt like gaining an extra room, and we have enjoyed it through all seasons. I am happy to say our Woodbury dining set literally still looks as beautiful as the day we got it, and it can survive lots of little hands and meals and projects with ease.

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Small Patio Ideas: From One Patio to Another

Posted by: on July 3rd, 2014 | 3 Comments

Small Patio Ideas: From One Patio to Another

When we last saw Jewel Hazelton’s patio furniture, it was on someone else’s deck. And a mighty fine-looking deck it was.

Jewel is the lifestyle blogger behind Eat.Drink.Shop.Love, and she took part in our Patio Style Challenge series a while back. But she was knee deep in moving boxes, getting settled in a new condo at the time, so she styled her friend Sonya’s small deck with the furniture. Lucky Sonya! But the furniture is now in its rightful place, and we get a chance to see Jewel’s expert small patio ideas in not one, but two places. 

As you’ll see, Jewel makes full use of her condo balcony, creating a comfortable and colorful space that’s great for relaxing (and growing a few herbs).

My inspiration behind this space was to make an outdoor living area feel like an indoor space. I wanted my patio to serve as a functional area that was perfect for winding down after a long day’s work or for entertaining friends on the weekends.

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Patio Decorating Ideas: A Modern Chic Patio Refresh

Posted by: on July 2nd, 2014 | One Comment

Patio Decorating Ideas: A Modern Chic Patio Refresh

It’s amazing what just a few new cushions, an outdoor rug, and some rearranging can do to make a patio look new again.

We loved the casual, eclectic patio designer Tobe Reed created for our Patio Style Challenge series. Tobe writes about the continuing improvements to her beautiful home on Because It’s Awesome, and we wanted to see what she might do to give her patio a bit of a refresh.

Her patio decorating ideas are so simple, but, as you’ll see, they are so very effective.  


I had a great time putting our outdoor space together last spring, and welcomed the opportunity to give it a refresh with this year’s Patio Redux. We’ve been fortunate to have expanded our family since the last time I was here so a bit of simplifying and baby-proofing was definitely in order.

I initially felt like we didn’t change much about our space, but looking back on last year’s patio, it really has evolved quite a bit! We needed to relocate the fire pit and simplify the seating situation in the lounge area. To do this, I opted to break the sectional up into a sofa and chair combination. I love that the chair backs keep a low profile so you can look out into the yard no matter where you sit.

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A Bohemian Bungalow Patio Makeover

Posted by: on July 2nd, 2014 | 2 Comments

A Bohemian Bungalow Patio Makeover

Sometimes decorating decisions we make in one home don’t work so well when we move to a new place. That’s what happened with the bright aqua patio set Hannah Maple used to style her courtyard a while back in our Patio Style Challenge series. The color was great originally, but it wasn’t going to work in her new backyard. 

Hannah’s the creative mind behind the design blog Maple + Shade, and she knew exactly what to do to make her old patio set work in a new setting– spray paint. As you’ll see, she also brought in some new elements in her mini patio makeover including some simple landscaping.

Take a look. You’re likely to pick up a few outdoor decorating ideas for your own backyard.

Interior decorating may be my trade (and my passion), but when I’m not working on a client’s home…or my own…I pretty much live for the outdoors! Landscape design has always been a fascination of mine, not to mention a huge priority when it came to revamping the homes I’ve owned.

I couldn’t believe my luck last spring when the amazing Home Depot team asked me to participate in the Patio Style Challenge. Remember that ramshackle city space my husband and I brought back to life with a makeover of the courtyard? It needed some major love, and thanks to Home Depot, that’s just what we gave her!

Well, believe it or not, we’ve moved again! You see, Hubby and I are expecting our first baby in September. Our downtown cottage was a gem to live in, but it was tiny, and we were both longing for something a little more quiet and family-friendly, so we found a quaint little bungalow in a charming downtown neighborhood to house our growing family.

So now we have an actual backyard!! And let me tell you…it’s glorious. Well, okay…it needs some work…but the potential is definitely glorious!

Here’s a little glimpse:

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Small Patio Ideas: A Patio Makeover Revisited

Posted by: on July 1st, 2014 | One Comment

Small Patio Ideas: Friends gather round a fire pit to roast marshmallows

It’s been a year or so since Brittany of brittanyMakes turned her small patio into a wonderful place for outdoor entertaining. The gorgeous painted floor was a big hit, and the patio has been the site of many a get-together with friends. 

Brittany has a report on how the painted concrete floor is holding. She also describes some of the tweaks she’s made along the to make her patio even better. Check out the new photos of her now s’mores-ready patio, and read on for small patio ideas you can apply to your own outdoor space.

I’m not gonna lie, my family, friends and I– we’ll take any excuse for a good hang out sesh. From BBQs to s’more parties, we like to have a good time!

Last year, The Home Depot encouraged us to spruce up our patio spaces, and you may recall our bold yet elegant BBQ soiree, which was the patio transformation of a life time if you ask me.

Small Patio Ideas: A new umbrella means more comfort on sunny days

So, how our patio has fared over the last year? Some of you may be curious how the stenciled concrete has held up, or how we protected our patio set from the elements, or whether or not we actually made any improvements at all?

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Patio Decorating Ideas: A Chic and Colorful Patio Refresh

Posted by: on June 30th, 2014 | 2 Comments
Patio Decorating Ideas: A Chic and Colorful Patio Refresh

What’s the point of having a backyard pool if you can’t see it? That was one of the questions Cassie Freeman of the Hi Sugarplum! blog was asking herself after spending time on her newly styled patio. Her patio makeover was part of our Patio Style Challenge series, in which the best design bloggers on the Internet create gorgeous outdoor spaces using a Home Depot patio set as a starting point. We just love the patio decorating ideas they come up with. 

Sometimes though, after living with the new patio, some of these talented bloggers discover a few tweaks were in order, or they just want to freshen up their patios a bit for the new summer. In Cassie’s example, getting a better view of the pool was the goal, among other small changes she wanted to make. 

Here’s Cassie’s refresh of her (already very nice) poolside patio decor. You’re likely to pick up a few simple ideas for renewing your own outdoor space.  


Whether or not to participate in last year’s Patio Style Challenge was a no-brainer, especially since we started with a barren, blank slate of a back patio. Granted, we have a pool, so it wasn’t completely awful, but we had no ambiance or place to actually enjoy it! Thanks to the beautiful Home Depot Woodbury Seating Set, and some colorful accessories, we were able to transform the space, and have enjoyed it ever since.

But after living with it for a year, we realized a few simple changes and additions would make it a true outdoor living room, in essence, giving our home more usable square-footage, and fully utilizing the pool area. So of course I jumped at the chance to participate in the new challenge!

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Outdoor Decorating Ideas: Vertical Gardens and Hanging Gardens

Posted by: on June 23rd, 2014 | 2 Comments

Outdoor Decorating Ideas: Vertical Gardens and Hanging Gardens

Including vertical gardens into the patio decor is a trend we noticed, along with hanging gardens, in the recent additions to our Patio Style Challenge series. The design and DIY bloggers who took part in the Style Challenge came up with some very clever and attractive ways to incorporate vertical gardens into their outdoor spaces. Here’s a round up of these terrific outdoor decorating ideas.

Above, Atlanta-based blogger, Stephanie, of Glitter & Goat Cheese repurposed a large picture frame under her new pergola. Stephanie used the frame to hang five terra cotta pots, planted with bright vines and ferns. Plus, the ombre pots make it a two-trends-in-one project!

Outdoor Decorating Ideas: Vertical Gardens and Hanging Gardens

Interior designer and blogger, Kristin, of The Hunted Interior, took a more rounded approach (pun intended!) to her hanging garden design. Kristin used a chunky twine to hang these boxwood balls from tree branches above her gorgeous DIY floating deck. We’re loving the combination of bright green with black and white stripes!

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Small Laundry Room Ideas: A Budget-Friendly Makeover

Posted by: on June 20th, 2014 | 4 Comments

Small Laundry Room Ideas: A Budget-Friendly Makeover

Life is sweet when you’re a talented designer, writer and entrepreneur… but you still have to do laundry. And sometimes your laundry room would be so much more pleasant and organized if you could give it a little makeover. 

This is a true story, and maybe you can sympathize.

Carrie Waller is our designer/writer/entrepreneur with the laundry room situation. But she’s the creative mind behind Dream Green DIY, so she’s bound to have some terrific small laundry room ideas. Not to spoil the ending of the story, her laundry space makeover turns out great!

Carrie agreed to show us how she upgraded her laundry closet– with some fresh paint, new storage solutions, and even some DIY art. These are simple, budget-friendly ideas that you can apply to your own true-life laundry room makeover. 


Although our townhouse will forever hold a special place in my heart since it was our first home together, it regrettably came brimming with builder grade fixtures and finishes. Of course, there’s nothing particularly wrong with that, but for an eclectic, antique-loving homeowner such as myself, it left quite a bit to be desired.

So we’ve been working our way through the house, one room at a time, changing out lighting, hardware and faucets to reflect our retro-meets-modern, collected style. One of the final rooms left on the to-do list was our laundry room, and with the help of The Home Depot we finally were able to cross that item off—with a flourish!

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Simple Patio Decorating Ideas Coming in Patio Style Challenge

Posted by: on June 18th, 2014 | Make A Comment

Simple Patio Decorating Ideas Coming in Patio Style Challenge



Sometimes a patio needs a complete makeover. Sometimes it just needs a few tweaks to freshen it up. We’ve seen some outstanding patio decorating ideas in the several full-on backyard makeovers featured in our ongoing Patio Style Challenge series. But let’s see what some of our favorite design and DIY bloggers can do to spruce up their their outdoor spaces without a total redo. It’ll be a Summer Patio Refresh, if you will.   

Six very talented bloggers who took part in previous Style Challenges agreed to revisit their patios, decks and backyards with a eye toward simple, small and inexpensive tweaks that will make their outdoor spaces look new again. We should see the results of their patio revamps soon here on The Home Depot Blog, and we are eagerly anticipating their new outdoor decorating ideas.

Here’s who is taking part in this summer patio refresh Patio Style Challenge: 

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