Testing Behr Ultra’s Stain Blocking Paint Technology

Posted by: on July 26th, 2012 | 4 Comments
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Testing Behr Ultra formula with stainblocking

Sometimes, a product comes along that makes a promise that just seems too good to be true. One such product that recently made the Apron blog team think was Behr’s new Premium Plus Ultra formula with stain blocking. It promises to cover better, dry faster, and get this, resist stains! A paint that keeps your kids’ footprints off the wall and makes splashes, squirts, and doodles wipeable? Impossible!

We wanted to see for ourselves if this stain blocking paint really works.

As you can probably tell from the image above, we were delighted to find that yes, Behr Ultra’s new stain-blocking formula does in fact cover better, dry faster, and resist stains. Let us walk you through our extremely scientific testing processes.


Behr Premium Plus Ultra testing grid


First we started with a plain piece of 2 x 2 foot dry wall. We blocked off 6 different testing zones with painter’s tape, and labeled each testing zone to see how well Behr Ultra’s new formula would both cover up existing stains on your wall and make new stains easier to clean up.


Behr Ultra paint testing


For the three sections where we wanted to test how wipeable the paint would be, we began by adding two thin coats of Behr Ultra to our drywall. I used Behr Ultra’s Light Mint (480C-1). In these photos, it actually looks white, but it’s a very, very light shade of green. I wanted to try a shade of paint that would easily show bleeding and stains, rather than something dark, which might camouflage them. I also used a flat paint because it’s typically the least wipeable paint finish.


Behr Ultra stainblocking test


So let’s get started! With colored pencils and permanent marker, I made some scribbles on my drywall. Again, very scientific, no?


Behr Ultra stainblocking test


Then I added a few splashes of coffee to the mix!


Behr Ultra stainblocking test


Next up, a dirty shoe grinding mud into the surface!


Behr Ultra stainblocking test


With just one thin coat of Behr Ultra, the stains are covered almost completely. The coffee and mud stains were no problem at all!


Behr Ultra stainblocking test


The only section that could use a bit more coverage was the permanent marker and colored pencil section. While the stain was mostly covered, you could still see a bit of the marker showing through, but with a second coat, it was completely covered!

We answered the question of whether Behr Ultra covers better (it did) and dries quicker (it does!), but the question remains, are stains easier to clean when you’ve painted with Behr Premium Plus Ultra?


Behr Ultra stainblocking test


First we took a few colored pencils for a test drive over our lovely coat of Light Mint.


Behr Ultra stainblocking test


Guess what, it cleaned up like a charm! With just a few squirts of some all-purpose cleaner, the colored pencil came off easily! Not even the slightest imperfection in the paint color, and no weird darkness left over from the cleaning spray.


Behr Ultra stainblocking test


Here it is totally clean. Pretty awesome, right?


Behr Ultra stainblocking test


Well, sadly, the permanent marker didn’t come off as easily as the colored pencil. This is the one thing we tried that wouldn’t budge. But, it is permanent marker after all!


Behr Ultra stainblocking test


How about some coffee stains? Will those come off better than the permanent marker?


Behr Ultra stainblocking test


Yep, looks like it!


Behr Ultra stainblocking test


How about mud ground into the paint finish?


Behr Ultra stainblocking test


Cleanup was no problem!


Behr Ultra stainblocking test


Which leads us to our final conclusion. Yes, Behr Premium Plus Ultra with new stain-blocking technology does cover in fewer coats. It does dry faster, and it does make cleanup easier. The only chink in the paint’s armor was the permanent marker, but in every other case, Behr Ultra does what we promised it would do. And even if your kids take to the walls with a magic marker or two, at least you’ll know that with just two light coats of Behr Premium Plus Ultra, those doodle markers will be gone for good!

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  1. C.J. O'NEILL says:

    I don’t know where Paul Cohen bought his paint but I have used Behr paints for over 20 years and it is, in my opinion, the best paint for any surface. I have never had to use a second coat.

  2. Paul Cohen says:

    The worst paint I have ever used. I have used hundreds if not thousands of gallons of different paints. I tried this paint on my own house. I would not recommend this garbage to a blind man. If you think maybe I just got a bad gallon. Not possible I bought 12 gallons with different finishes and colors. they are all useless.

  3. That’s an extremely impressive test, and will certainly have a lot of other paint manufacturers sitting up, and taking note. Sadly, as far as I know, Behr paint is not available in the UK, so I won’t be able to give it a go myself. At present, we still go down the traditional stain blocking method with a product like Zinnser, before applying finishing paints. Therefore if Behr looked towards the UK, I’m sure they’d be very successful indeed.

    • Paul Cohen says:

      Be glad they don’t sell this garbage over there. the test is a lie. the paint needs 3 or 4 coats to look even