The Home Depot’s Commitment to Good Environmental Stewardship

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As we approach April 22, Earth Day for 2011, we have another opportunity to reflect on the benefits of being good stewards of our environment. The Home Depot has long recognized this, and this year marks the 21st straight year of our dedicated efforts to both focus on sustainability and offer the most green, energy-efficient products available to our customers.

This past year alone, we made some remarkable upgrades to our retail locations. First, we announced one of the single largest retailer host solar programs, installing solar panels on 62 of our North American store locations. These solar panels produce 21 megawatts annually. This was accompanied by a new goal of cutting energy use in our stores by another 5% by 2015, resulting in a total reduction of 20% since 2004 – a store usage savings of more than 8 billion kilowatt hours.

Additionally, we pledged to remove 20% of greenhouse gas emissions from our domestic supply chain by 2015. That’s equivalent to cutting 200 million distribution miles of travel – about 8,000 trips around the earth.

The Home Depot Recycles
Along with managing emissions and energy usage, The Home Depot is committed to recycling as much product as possible in our own operations. We acquire, whenever possible, recycled content for our shopping bags, signage, and office supplies. We recycle all of our corrugated cardboard and wood pallets. We have programs to keep drywall separators out of our landfills by recycling them into usable product.

Most importantly, we also want to make it simple for you to recycle in your community by offering rechargeable battery, CFL, and holiday light recycling events at our stores.

What You Can Do
The most wide-reaching and immediate way to make an impact is to shop our Eco Options products as much as possible, which offer both efficiency and big savings. The Home Depot introduced the Eco Options label to identify environmentally friendly product options for your home and home improvement needs. Every product with the Eco Options label has less of an impact on the environment than conventional products. In addition to saving you money at the cash register, our water saving products saved our customers over 8 billion gallons of water in 2010 and our energy saving products saved our customers over $800 million in monthly energy costs.

We’ll do everything we can to keep bringing you the best selection of environmentally friendly products at the best prices, and we hope you continue to take the time to shop consciously and work together to take care of this beautiful planet of ours.

Learn More
Learn more about The Home Depot’s continual pursuit of environmental excellence and how we focus on the environment with everything we do.


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    OH My I love this!!! wish i had this in my back yard….They took down all the trees when I thought they were going to keep them!!! Beautiful… Reminds me of home!~ Have you guys ever heard of a pool pond??? need info on it I can send a picture of what I thought was neat. wondered if anyone would know what it would cost to do ourselves?? Thank you


  3. Good to see that Home Depot as a company is committed to the environment.