The Home Depot’s new iPhone and Android apps let you save more and do more when you’re on the go.

So whether you’re inside a Home Depot store or far from one, you’ll get an enhanced shopping experience. “The Home Depot iPhone and Android apps give our customers great new ways to discover, research, or buy products for their home and garden,” said Christopher Tidball, a Home Depot mobile applications product manager.

These innovative new apps now let you:

-Research and purchase over 350,000 home improvement products from your smartphone
-Check store inventory and aisle location
-Scan QR and UPC codes to get more information about products
-Buy Now. Pick Up In Store

A new augmented reality feature allows you to take select products and see how they look in your home. So let’s say you’re in the market for an accent table, and you find some on the app that have the View This In Your Home feature (look for the special icon). Just turn your smartphone to its side, which will automatically activate the camera. Point the camera toward the area of the room where you plan to put the table, and voila! You get an image of how the table would look in your home–without doing any heavy lifting or rearranging of furniture. Once you’ve taken the picture, share it with your friends via Facebook or email.

Take a look at the short video above to see this new augmented reality feature, and others, in action.


Screen shot of the Home Depot augmented reality smartphone app


Set your preferred store the first time you open the app to see local pricing and inventory as you browse. And with the Buy Now, Pick Up In Store feature, place an order and then receive a text message when it’s ready to pick up.

These apps offer improved search capabilities to make it easy to narrow down what you’re seeking. When you’re in a Home Depot store, access detailed product information and read user reviews just by scanning an item’s QR or UPC code. Sign up for a Home Depot account to use the handy Order History feature. If there is something you’ve bought in the past that you want to purchase again, you can do so easily.

Also with a Home Depot account, you’ll love the Save to My List feature. Perhaps you’re in a Home Depot store scouting materials for an upcoming home improvement project. Scan the code to save the item on a personalized list. You can also email the item– to yourself, your contractor or anyone else involved in the project. You can even post the item on your Facebook page or tweet it to your Twitter followers. Just tap the SCAN icon – located near the search box on your smartphone display– point the device at the code and hold until a tone and vibration confirm your scan.


screen shot of email interface on Home Depot smartphone app



Also with a Home Depot account, the Order History feature can save you a lot of time and hassle. If there is something you’ve bought in the past that you want to purchase again, you can do so easily.

You can also communicate with The Home Depot. Send us your comments, questions or concerns simply by using the Contact Us feature.

These apps make life easy when you need a last minute gift idea for birthdays, holidays, and special events like Father’s Day or Mother’s Day. Use the iPhone app to purchase an eGift card and have it delivered right to someone’s inbox.

If you’re in an unfamiliar area, these apps use your phone’s GPS to easily locate your closest Home Depot store, complete with directions, store phone number and hours of operation. Once you’re in the store, head directly to what you’re looking for by checking an in-store map that shows the location and aisle of each department.

The Home Depot is also about giving you the know-how to tackle any DIY, gardening or lawn care project you have in mind. That’s why our new iPhone and Android apps put you in contact with hundreds of our DIY project guides and how-to videos with just a touch.

Download the newest Home Depot iPhone or Android app today, so you can save more and do more, wherever you go.


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  1. CurtCharlesPDX says:

    So bummed that the iPhone version has cool features that aren’t present on the Android version. The “find the size of a nut” feature would be very useful, but alas it’s not available on Android. The list of hardware is, well, odd. Where would I find lumber (2×4′s) and sheet stock (plywood)? Great start, but it’s uninstalled until it’s improved a bit.

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  3. Bill Byrd says:

    Let’s face it. We live in an age of help-yourself. It seems
    that it would be so easy to write an app so that shoppers could type in
    “sixteen penny nails” and be given an isle number. The idea could be expanded so that a SKU number would do the same thing.

    The app would even be helpful to associates who may not
    happen to know where the Ditra is displayed (or even what it is). All
    stores should do this.

    I can never find the extra thick Italian mustard in the grocery store. It’s equally hard to find someone to help me. There’s no reason today why customers should have to wander around trying to find products.

    • Craig Allen says:

      Hi, Bill. The good news is that the app pretty much does just what you said it should do. It should send you to the correct aisle when you query a particular product (I can’t say for sure it works for a SKU number, though).

      Thanks for mentioning it.

      -Craig, from The Home Depot