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Image of A Bright and Cheery Laundry Room

Image via Renovate Place


Brightening up the laundry room won’t make the dirty clothes clean and fold themselves, but you might be surprised at how a little color, light and storage can make the laundry room a nice place spend time.

There are loads inexpensive of ways to give your laundry area a touch of personality and make it a more organized, efficient workspace. Just imagine walking into a laundry room like the one above we found on Renovate Place, with it’s warm, sunny feel, inviting decor and well-considered work and storage spaces. The thought doing laundry there is certainly more appealing than in the dank, lifeless garage or basement where many of us.


screen shot of a bright, cheery and space saving laundry room

Check out the space saving laundry room on The Home Depot's recent Spring Style Guide


And it doesn’t require a lot of space to create a bright, cheery and efficient laundry area. Our Spring Style Guide provides several laundry room tips, including how to choose the right sink, and why a patterned carpet runner can do more than just add color to the laundry space.

Take a look at more great examples of simple ideas you can use to re-imagine the space where you do laundry.

Image of a Compact Laundry Room

Image via Home Designs | Furniture Interior


Stackable washers and dryers can free up space for other much needed features in a laundry room such as attractive hampers, hanging space for garments and flat screen TVs.


Image of a Closeted Laundry Room

Image via Decor Pad


You might not normally show off the laundry room to guest, but you’d be tempted to if it looked as posh as this little space from Decor Pad. Even if your laundry room is no bigger than a closet, some stunning wall tile and complimentary storage cabinets will make it feel more like a part of your home.


Image of a spa blue laundry room featuring a chandelier

Image via Cameras and Chaos


Here’s what a $50 laundry room makeover looks like. With just paint, wood, a few decorative accessories and repurposed materials she had around the house, Cindy from the Cameras and Chaos blog transformed her “dark”, “depressing” laundry room into this serene space where she now love to do laundry. She posted some great before and after photos of her laundry room makeover.


Image of a Zen Inspired Laundry Room

Image via Wallpaper


And finally … here’s your moment of Zen. This laundry room system was a nominee for Wallpaper magazine’s 2012 Design Awards. And according to the information provided by their site, “as the Oscar’s are to cinema, or the Nobel Prize is to peace, so the Wallpaper Design Awards are to, well …” designy stuff. All hyperbole aside, using natural woodgrains and soft, earth tone colors to give your laundry space a calming presence is a winning idea.

See more inspiration and ideas in our Places series here on the Apron Blog.

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  1. I love this idea for re-imagining your laundry area in the basement. My only suggestion would be to make sure your foundation doesn’t have any cracks before you put these new things down there. That’s all, otherwise very cool idea!

  2. Lois says:

    You show all these fabulous pictures with “ideas” but when I click on particular parts of the larger pictures, i.e., the table over or next to the washer/dryer combo that will give me the work and folding space I’m looking for, there is nothing! Same with just starting out on Home You showed a great picture of someone’s loft in LA and all I wanted to find was a chrome shelving unit in their kitchen. I clicked the little “hand,” and it took me to a page that said “Oops! That page no longer exists!” What’s worse, you wrote “this unit is on sale!” I cannot find that unit for my life. How is this helpful and how much time am I supposed to spend here? It’s too frustrating. I will take my chances in the store.