Top 10 Creative Uses For Wallpaper

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Wallpaper has gone in and out of fashion over the years. It started out as a must-have in any stylish interior, it later morphed into an old-fashioned throwback to the past, and lately it’s been making a comeback with its new modern and edgy designs.

Take the wallpaper evolution a step further by trying one (or all!) of these unconventional uses for this versatile decorative element:

1. In The Closet

Shouldn’t your fashionable clothes be kept in a place that’s just as stylish as they are? Have a little more fun getting dressed in the morning by wallpapering the inside of your closet.

2. Create Artwork

Frame a section of wallpaper, hang it up on your wall and voila! You have an instant customized piece of art. And with the endless wallpaper options out there, you can tailor it to fit into any space. Tip: group a few framed pieces together to create a cool mini-art gallery effect.

3. Off The Wall

Take the wall out of wallpaper and put it on your bedroom ceiling instead. Whether you want your room to be bright and cheerful or dark and cozy, there’s a pattern out there for you. The bonus is that you’ll have something beautiful to look at every night as you drift off to sleep.

4. Wrap It Up

Do your kids need book covers for school but you’re looking for an upgrade from boring brown paper bags? Then look no further than leftover pieces of wallpaper! Let their imagination run wild by letting them pick out a pattern that best suits their personality. Tip: wrap your own books in matching, or complementary, patterns and arrange on a bookshelf for an artful display.

5. Beauty on the Inside

Line the inside of your drawers and cabinets with wallpaper for an unexpected flash of color and design with every pull. Tip: attach with an adhesive, such as double-sided tape, so the wallpaper doesn’t shift during use.

6. Light It Up

Breathe new life into an old lamp by covering the lampshade in wallpaper. Choose a pattern that best complements your space, and if you decide to move the lamp into another room, it’s easy to switch out the wallpaper to create another quick and easy customized lamp.

7. Dinnertime!

Protect your dining room table in style by using wallpaper for custom-made table settings. Create coasters by buying glass squares and gluing wallpaper to the bottom of each coaster. Tip: use clear-drying decoupage glue. Make your own placemats by laminating together two pieces of wallpaper. Tip: create different sets of coasters and placemats for different occasions such as a child’s birthday party or Thanksgiving dinner.

8. Get To Work

Cheer up your home office with crazy, creative or subtle, sophisticated wallpaper patterns by wrapping up common office supplies like clipboards or bulletin boards. Tip: you can also introduce items from other parts of the house, like a tin can wrapped in wallpaper used as desktop storage of pens, paper clips, rubber bands, etc.

9. Sweet Dreams

Traditional headboards can be an expensive and predictable addition to your bedroom, so why not mix things up by creating your own headboard out of wallpaper? Simply pick out your favorite pattern, cut out a silhouette that’s pleasing to you and apply it to the wall behind your bed.

10. Time to Celebrate

Use wallpaper in original ways to make those holidays and special occasions even more special. Make a unique gift box by covering an old shoe box in wallpaper scraps. Create handmade greeting cards by covering construction paper with wallpaper. Use wallpaper as gift wrapping paper.

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  1. Please be aware that some pre-pasted wallpaper has a mildewcide added to the dry paste on the back. Handlling the dry paper rubs off the paste and it could get onto the fingers of youngsters.

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    Very helpful! I like it a lot!