The eggnog is chilling, Bing Crosby is crooning and Dad just finished stringing the Christmas lights on the tree. Only problem is, there’s no outlet nearby. The merriment is put on hold so Dad can jump in his car and drive to the nearest drug store. Avoid dampening everyone’s spirits and stock up on this list of essential decorating and utility doodads.

And do it soon! (Don’t you have enough on your holiday list to handle later?)

Here’s what you need to set up all your holiday decorations

Extension Cords
These reside at the top of the so-obvious-we-often-forget list of holiday must-haves. Whatever indoor or outdoor holiday lighting you’re grappling with, you’ll want to have a handy extension cord (or three) as backup. Just remember that extension cords are meant to be temporary power solutions and they continue to draw current from an outlet even when they’re not in use. Unplug it and store it neatly when you’re done to save yourself some money and frustration.

One might think this is a no-brainer, but as a parent of two young boys, I can tell you that we never seem to have enough on hand when their onslaught of presents from Mommy, Daddy, Nana, and Pop-Pop get opened on Christmas Day.

Stock up now on AA, AAA, C, D, and 9-volt batteries so that you don’t even have to think about it when you’re in the moment. Your children – and their giant transforming mutant scorpion crimefighter with 10 unique phrases and kung-fu action – will thank you.

Hooks Aplenty
Whether it’s a series of named stockings to stuff with goodies for the family or a photo frame to cement an awesome memory, we often find ourselves needing to mount stuff over the holidays. Nifty Command hooks let you do it with no fuss, nails, screws, or tacks. Grab a handful of these babies for all of your holiday decorating needs.

Step Ladders
Christmas trees, high shelves, and draped lights all have one thing in common: They usually require an NBA player sized physique to set up and decorate. For the rest of us, step ladders are an invaluable tool. Of course, we never think about them until the very second we need them, so get ahead of the game this year and grab one or two now.

Hand Tools
“But I already have a screwdriver … errr … I think?” you say. You may be right, but think about this: What kind of shape is your flashlight in? Do you have protective eyewear or gloves? Could you find all of your tape measures if you had to right now? Do you have tape measures?

These little things add up to make a big difference in how ready we are for holiday decorating, especially when working outdoors or in a dark area … or both!

A little bit of foresight and stocking up goes a long way toward making your holidays truly happy. The Home Depot has all of the “forget me nots” you’ll need to get your home hooked up for the holidays. And shop The Home Depot, too, for all your holiday decorations.


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