Unclogging a Kitchen Sink: Could It be the Garbage Disposal?

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Could it be the garbage disposal?

Kitchen sink clogged for no reason? Have you tried to unclog your kitchen sink with a plunger, pipe snake or drain solutions? If baking soda, liquid pipe snake or a plunger aren’t working, the culprit may be your garbage disposal.

Home Depot community member Leandrohailey brought such a problem to The Home Depot’s online Forums in his thread, “How do you get kitchen sink to drain without always having to turn on the garbage disposal?“ This community member recently installed a new garbage disposal and now the kitchen sink won’t drain without the garbage disposal being turned on. The dishwasher then overflows into the kitchen sink.

“I don’t feel like standing at the sink anymore and turning on the disposal every time we need to wash dishes,” Leandrohailey writes.

Forums associate HDAnswerman felt Leandrohailey’s pain and chimed in with a few possible solutions to this problem unclogging a kitchen sink.

First, make sure the drain line from the disposal is clear and free running. Is the sink on the opposite side flowing okay? If not, the drain line needs to be cleared with a snake. If it flows okay, check the drain line from the disposal for a clog or restricted flow.

If you see a whirlpool in the water when you turn the disposer on there is a restriction in the disposer drain. If the drains are free and clear, the issue may be with the disposer itself. There could be an internal problem causing a restricted flow. If you suspect this is the problem, take the disposal back to the store where you purchased it and exchange it for a new one.

Have you ever repaired a kitchen sink clog that was related to a garbage disposal installation? If so, please share your DIY tips and tricks.

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