Use Glass Containers to Store Small Items

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Day 27 of 31 Days, 31 Ways to Get Organized: One thing you may have noticed throughout this entire series is the use of glass (or clear plastic) containers to store small items. Glass vases, canisters, mason jars, and clear boxes are all essential storage tools.

Store items together in glass containers

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Glass containers allow you to keep like items together (like paper clips), and they’re clear which means you’ll always know where something is. By keeping all of the pens, paperclips and the other little office items together, they look neat. Everything has its own place — you don’t have a crazy, cluttered ‘junk drawer.’ Rather, everything has a home, and it’s easy to figure out where that home is.

[Editor's Note: 31 Days, 31 Ways to Get Organized is a series featuring clever storage and organization tips that will help you clean house in the new year]

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  1. Jood says:

    I use clear plastic which is safer. Most of the containers were from recycling. Love your ideas!