Walking the Aisles: GE Adora Washer and Dryer

Posted by: on May 3rd, 2012 | 5 Comments
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The GE Adora Washer and Dryer arrived in stores in April, and we’re happy to alert you to the new features you can expect from this pair of appliances that’s exclusive to The Home Depot.


1. This Washer is Quiet and Easy on Your Clothes

The Adora washer has a special agitator– the HyrdoWave® Quiet Agitator, they call it. It moves the clothes around in the water in a long, slow arc. That avoids the bumping noises that might annoy you with your current washer. It’s also a lot easier on the clothes. The bottom line is the Adora agitates your clothes without agitating you.

2. PreciseFill and SensorDry Features Use Technology to Your Advantage

With PreciseFill, the washer automatically measures the weight of the load and automatically fills the drum with the precise amount of water needed– not too little, not too much. You’ll conserve water, and potentially some timem too.  SensorDry has similar energy-saving benefits, as sensors in the Adora dryer will measure the amount of moisture in your clothes and adjust the dry time accordingly. There’s no point in running the dryer when the clothes are already dry, right? This saves power, and it’s better for your clothes, too. Tumbling your favorite shirt in a hot dryer longer than necessary just wears it out faster. Your shirt will appreciate this feature.

3. They Feature a More Durable Stainless Steel Wash Basket and Dryer Drum

Stainless steel resists rust, and it won’t chip or peel. Imagine how you’d feel if that shirt of yours snagged on an inferior drum. You can stop imagining that as soon as you get the Adora washer/dryer set.

4. EnergyStar Certification Means More Dollars in Your Pocket

It’s not secret that an EnergyStar symbol on your new appliance means that you’ll see greater savings in the long run. The Adora washer and dryer comes with an EnergyStar certification, which brings energy-saving options into a very affordable price point.

5. They Feature LED Electronic Controls

The LED electronic control panel counts down the minutes left in your wash or dry cycle, so you know exactly when to check in on your clothes. It looks kind of cool, too.


“When people think stainless steel, they think clean and sanitary. That’s not a bad association. Personally, I wouldn’t want to be cut open with a plastic scalpel!”
-Larry, Home Depot Associate

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  1. Lori Villanueva says:

    I heard that the ge adora washers and dryers need a cable in order to be able to “talk” to each other. Is that true? If it is what is the cable called and where may I purchase this cable?

    • Craig Allen says:


      There is no special data stream between Adora washers and dryers, so there’s no special cable you would need. They are quite advanced in terms of water saving and convenience of use, but there are no functions of that nature in the Adora line.

      -Craig, from The Home Depot

  2. Amanda says:

    Thanks!! That is very helpful and we,re having a great time in Fort Morgan!!! DO , Mada and Angel

  3. Amanda says:

    Think it should be “happy to alert” oops