Thomasville Cabinetry at The Home Depot

Outdated cabinets will age a kitchen quicker than being President. Home Depot-exclusive Thomasville is rolling out a whole slew of offerings that can give your kitchen the fresh face you want. Head into your local Home Depot to get a look at the line–and don’t forget about our Kitchen Planner, an interactive online tool to help you visualize your new kitchen.

5 Things to Know About the Expanded Thomasville Offerings

1. Lots of New Options for Pulls, Handles and Other Decorative Hardware

Changing out the bling on your cabinets is a do-it-yourself (really!) way to transform your kitchen instantly. Thomasville Cabinetry is offering 26 new pieces of decorative hardware with the rollout, the biggest upgrade in three or four years. Trading out a Tuscany pull for a sleek, modern Craftsman is like trading in your pleated khakis for skinny jeans.

2. Fully Integrated “Quiet Close” Hinges Mean It’s Impossible to Slam Drawers

The upgrade will include quiet close hinges integrated into every line. When the drawer gets about an inch or so away from the cabinet, a mechanism kicks in and closes the cabinet for you (which means that your significant other/teenager can no longer bang a drawer closed to “make a point”).  Pretty nifty.

3. New Organizational Options Mean You Can Upgrade Your “Stupid Cabinets”

Everybody has that one cabinet that just isn’t functional. Thomasville looked at the best in functional organizing cabinets and integrated these features across the board. Turn your toekick into a narrow bottom drawer to store lids and sheet pans. Put a wood tray divider in a tall cabinet above the stove to maximize the space. There you have it: a not-so-smart cabinet just gained some IQ points.

4. Get More Colors and Finishes

The versatile Barrel finish will be available in six wood options, and the cool Carrera, which is similar in color to an Amaretto Crème or Toasted Almond, is now available with almost every door style. The white color palette has also been expanded and will be offered on more door styles, so you can freshen up your kitchen with bright whites.

5. Updated, Unique Cabinet Options Now on Offer

The new Corina line is an adaption of the distinctive Raleigh line, which was developed to mimic the feel of Thomasville furniture. This updated version is more modern, or as some would say, “transitional.” The Linden Cabbott and Manteo lines will be available in more wood species as well.

Take a look at all our Thomasville Cabinets online. 


“People think of the hardware as jewelry for the kitchen… A straightforward update is changing the decorative hardware. We’ve really revamped our program with 26 new pieces.”

–David Weales, Senior Director of Channel Management for Thomasville


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  1. Kristine Ganes says:

    Buyer Beware you get what you pay for.

    The corners cut on these cabinets is deplorable, The vanity drawers which measure 10″ on the facing are only 5 3/4 ” deep for useable space. Which means any standard toiletries like nail polish remover or an eight oz bottle of mouthwash won’t fit. So be prepared to buy all your toiletries in travel size. In comparison my other vanity with the exact same size drawer facing has drawers that are almost 8″ in depth which means a bottle of alcohol or peroxide or hand cream will fit. Your hair dryer “may fit” on an angle–mine won’t. My new Thomasville vanity is totally useless as a functioning cabinet. The price difference between this and buying from a cabinet shop wasn’t that much and considering that this 6 drawer cabinet cost over $1500.00 I expected standard vanity drawer depth on at least 4 of the drawers especially when they had 10″ drawer fronts. It’s like a fake movie set. I also paid for a tilt down drawer front but the bins provided are too big. I am very disappointed.

  2. Nancy says:

    I don’t know what walking the aisles means, I thought I could actually flip through the samples online but i’m clicking all over the place and no able to walk any aisle. The samle I saw in the store thomasville moneta cabinet style is not on their website or catalog.