We Have 7 Out of the Top 10 Lawn Mowers

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Yard yahoos, unite: The Home Depot carries seven out of 10 top-rated walk-behind mowers on the market, as rated by an independent testing lab. And we are the exclusive carrier of three of the top brands among large retailers.

What’s so great about our lawn mowers? In addition to hitting the high notes in the ratings, our customers have rave reviews. Here are three of the top-rated lawn mowers, all exclusively at The Home Depot—and why they rock.



This Home Depot-exclusive Honda lawn mower, which made the top 10, got high marks because of its blade technology, which results in better mulching, increased bag capacity and tiny grass clippings that add nutrients to the lawn, and for its Nexite Deck Design. And the mower mavens in the trenches are definitely impressed.







“I bought a new mower because my previous one was not equipped with a mulching blade. This new model gives me all of the options of bagging, partially bagging or mulching. Also gives me more speed adjustments than my previous model. Fabulous.”

–bls1025 on homedepot.com


“After doing a lot of research, this is the best mower you can buy. It is very simple to operate and I even like the longer reach for getting under several juniper trees. The speed selection, ease of changing between bagging and mulching and excellent leaf removal make this mower a great value.”

–Frohicky on homedepot.com


This Toro lawn mower is a hit in the ratings because it leaves fewer clippings on top of the grass when mulching and has a larger bag size—and customers love the ease of use.











“The old mower was unbalanced, heavy and difficult to use. Almost too heavy for its own self-propel system. The Toro is much easier to use and feels light when mowing. The ‘Personal Pace’ feature is unique and only requires you to push forward on the handle. No levers to pull.”–NativeTexan on homedepot.com


“The self-propulsion feature of this mower is revolutionary in that it goes at your pace. The mower starts easily on either the first or second pull and there are no operator engine controls to worry with i.e. throttle, choke, etc.”

–JimT on homedepot.com



This Lawn Boy mower, another Home Depot exclusive, topped out in the ratings, chosen because it takes less effort to start and turn. Customers praise the quality for the price, too.












“Over the past 22 years, I have owned two Lawn Boy mowers and they have always performed exceptionally well. After months of research, I debated between another top seller that was much higher priced than Lawn Boy. I read review after review of both and dollar for dollar, Lawn Boy is the best value for your money.”

–Jayhawk on homedepot.com



“Very nice mower. Came all together, extremely easy to set up and use. Almost pushes itself. Highly recommended. And you can’t beat the price.”

–Tami on homedepot.com


Here are the 7/10 Best Rated Mowers Available at The Home Depot:

1. Honda 21 in. Smart Drive Variable Speed Self-Propelled Deck Mower GCV190

2. Honda 21 in. Steel Deck Blade Stop System Smart Drive Gas Mower GCV160

3. Honda 21 in. Nexite Deck Blade Stop System Cruise Control Gas Mower GCV190

4. Honda 21 in. Steel Deck Smart Drive Variable Speed Self-Propelled Gas Mower

5. Toro 22 in. Personal Pace with Blade Stop System Self-Propelled Mower

6. Toro 22 in. Personal Pace Recycler Variable Speed Self-Propelled Gas Mower

7. Lawn-Boy 20 in. Self Propelled Rear Wheel Drive Mower with Kohler Engine

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  1. R Carfter says:

    If you want to bag DO NOT BUY A LAWN BOY. My old mower gave up and I had to get a new one. Unemployed – buy the icon of US mowers, no prob Right? NO..ABSOLUTELY NOT! Mine does not mulch – just cuts once and clogs the mower, does not bag – don’t expect more than 1/4 bag full – before, I used the clipping for my organic garden. NOW…I have to buy mulch for $4 a bag to replace the bagged clippings. THANKS LAWN BOY…avoid this BRAND…ALL ADVERTS ARE LIES!!!

  2. [...] Those are questions posed by Apron blog reader MaryAnne, who was reading up on the top lawn mower models we carry at The Home Depot. [...]

  3. Mary Anne says:

    Which is better rear wheel or front wheel drive? Also what does “low wheel variable speed” mean? I know it has variable speed, but what does low wheel indicate?


    • Craig Allen says:

      MaryAnne, we can tell you all about mowers here at The Home Depot. I posted your questions on our online Community Forums for an answer from our in-house experts.

      Home Depot associate CoachDave provided the answer. He says a front wheel drive system is great if your yard is mostly flat. That’s because when you’re going up hill, you might need to lift the front wheels off the ground slightly. A front wheel drive is also particularly effective on lawns which require a lot of turning.

      Rear wheel drive mowers are good for both flat and uneven surfaces, and are the best choice for any yard that has slopes. They are a little harder to turn than a front wheel drive, though.

      As for “low wheel variable” vs “high wheel variable”, this refers to the size of the rear wheels. Mowers with large wheels on the back are best for lawns with lots of hills. The large wheel helps prevent scalping the grass too low on a hill. If your lawn is pretty flat and even, a mower in which the rear wheels are the same size as the front wheels will be fine.

      I summarized CoachDave’s answer. I hope you’ll take a look at his full answer to you on the Community Forums.

      The Community Forums are a great place to get expert answers on all sorts of lawn care and home improvement questions. It’s free to register.

      Thanks for your question, MaryAnne.

      -Craig, from The Home Depot

  4. Ted Bennett says:

    does Home Depot carry lawn mowers that run on electric? If not where can I look on one?

    • Craig Allen says:

      Hi, Ted. We absolutely do carry electric lawn mowers. Click here to see all our push mowers. Some are gasoline powered, some are electric. You can read the short description of each mower to find out which are the electric mowers.

      You can also visit a Home Depot store to see all our electric lawn mowers for yourself.

      -Craig, from The Home Depot

  5. James says:

    So which 3 don’t they carry, and how did they rank?

    • Craig Allen says:

      They shall remain unnammed. They ranked rather well, obviously. But that’s not important.

      What is important is that The Home Depot has SEVEN OF TOP TEN!!!! Woo-hoo!

      Thank you for your question, James.

      -Craig from the Apron Blog

  6. Radford says:

    The “Top Rated” Honda is the mower I am having to replace becuase mine broke a valve spring. I spent extra dollars to get a “good” one and it has not lasted as long as the cheap ones did. In fact, I am back to using the older BobCat that I was using before I bought the Honda. At least it still runs ….. Needless to say I won’t be replacing it with a Honda.

    BTW the quadra-cut system doesn’t really work all that well anyway. It still catches the cut grass in the vent cloging the pat into the bag preventing it from filling up very well. It means that there are 4 blades to sharpen / replace. And it is more mass in the blade so it uses more fuel.

  7. Ellen says:

    Have Toro Selp propelled electric start mower which is great only it is very hard to push. Does any one have any suggestion
    Love to here from you

    • Toro User says:

      I have a Toro self-propelled – I don’t have to push it – it’s self propelled!! Do you mean it is hard to push it when the engine is not running. Maybe the mechanism to engage the self-propel feature is not engaged?

  8. susan says:

    how much are they , why can’t you put the price along side each lawn mower????

    • Craig Allen says:

      Susan, the prices might change and sometimes there are special sales on our lawn mowers. That’s why we link you to place on homedepot.com where we sell those mowers. That’s where you’ll see the most up-to-date price and delivery information, etc.

  9. Rick says:

    What’s the price, and which are the other four mowers?


  10. Margaret says:

    where are all 7? This page only shows 3