Water and Drought Tips

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Nothing protects your lawn from the blazing sun during the warm months like encouraging the growth of deep, drought-resistant roots now. It’s only through proper watering techniques that your grass and garden stands a chance to beat the heat and remain healthy all season long.

There are many ways to prevent drought and this video breaks them down for you. It gives a thorough rundown on watering tips that will help you stay one step ahead of those high temperatures. It’s important to consider things such as the amount of water your lawn needs, the best time to water it, tips on how to tell if it needs more water, and the consequences of allowing your grass to dry out. The video also offers helpful tips on how to properly take care of ornamental plants. For lawn and plant care supplies such as fertilizers and weed control, visit us at homedepot.com. You can also get lawn care advice from our expert associates on the How-To Community Forum.

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