How to Create a Pathway with Pavers or Step Stones

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Pathways serve as an invitation to enjoy the outdoors while on a nice stroll through the garden. They can also provide a clear route to any other destination outside the home. No matter how you plan to use it, you can create a pathway with pavers or step stones in as little as one afternoon.

In this video, John from The Home Depot Community Forums outlines the easy-to-follow steps to create your own unique pathway. From staking out the area and preparing the ground to laying down a solid base and placing the pavers, he’ll have you ready to design and build your own pathway in just minutes.

If you need help choosing the right pavers or step stones for your pathway project, check out our pavers Buying Guide. You’ll also find plenty of tools to plant fragrant foliage, aromatic herbs or sweet grasses along your new pathway at your local Home Depot Garden Center.


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