Lighting Facts


Light that is emitted from the light source is measured in lumens. The higher the number, the brighter the source will be.

Estimated Yearly Energy Cost

This indicates the amount of energy used per year.


The efficiency of the bulb is indicated with a 3 hour daily usage. The higher the number the more efficient the light source.

Light Apperance

This indicates the hue and quality of the color emitted within the light spectrum in ranging from 2700 to 6500 Kelvin.

Energy Used

Watts is a measurement of energy that is required to illuminate the light source. The lower the wattage, the less energy used.

Contains Mercury

Additional bulb materials are disclosed to consumers to advise on proper handling and disposal.

This lighting facts label will exist on all light bulb packaging as of 2011.
About the lighting facts label

As you purchase your next light bulb, look for the lighting facts label and read it carefully. The United States Department of Energy and the Next Generation Lighting Industry Alliance wants to keep you informed about your bulb and how they will perform in your home. Similar to the nutrition facts label found on manufactured foods, the lighting facts label appears on over 90 light bulb manufacturers.

Lighting manufacturers that display this label on their products agree to meet government regulated criteria in the following areas- lumens, efficacy, watts, correlated color temperature (CCT), and color rendering index (CRI).

Light bulbs are measured by industry standards and must meet all applicable legislation before the product can be placed in stores.

Go green with energy-efficient light bulbs. Enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping the environment. Besides, you can reduce your annual energy costs by using less energy to light your space. Make the switch from incandescent bulbs to LEDs, CFLs and halogen light bulbs today. Its easy to go green with The Home Depot.

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